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Zygmunt Zygmuntovich and Evgeniy Loskutov. Interview
Zygmunt Zygmuntovich and Evgeniy Loskutov. Interview
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– Guess who is here? One of the four founders of Finiko, Zygmunt. – Hi, everyone.

– Zygmunt, you are getting more popular, entering the media. Tell us about yourself. How did you end up in Finiko? And what had you been doing before that?

– I have always been a person who did not know what to do, but I always needed money, since I grew up in a poor family. Therefore, I was doing anything that could bring me money. When I was eleven, my sister told me about the existence of the Aliexpress website, just for fun. She said that products in stores are more expensive than on the website. The first investment that I begged from my sister was $50. She did it all. We bought cases, chargers, films, and other accessories for Apple gadgets. I started reselling it. I gave the first money I earned to my mother because it was necessary to eat something. I felt responsible for the family.

– How old were you?

– I was fourteen. I mean, I got the first entrepreneurial experience when you were fourteen. Then everything scaled and grew into an online shop, an Instagram shop. Later, I moved to Kazan and realized that everything I had been doing in Nizhnekamsk cannot even be compared to Kazan. In Kazan, the market is full, and the competition is crazy. I began trying different things on Instagram. After that, I was working in different spheres, trying to find the money. I was combining the online shop with a car washer job. With the salary, I paid for my college education in Kazan. When I was eighteen, I started working as a sales manager, designing a sales system. Then I realized that sales are the area that will always feed you. If you know how to sell, you will always be able to earn money, no matter what the product is.

– Who did teach you how to sell? – Books and lack of money.
– What books?

– Most of all I enjoyed books, uncovering the topics of customer service and management. The name of the book is “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” by Joe Girard. It was written by a man who has sold over a thousand cars in his lifetime. I read it in three days. This book, combined with practice, helped me understand the sales field. Then, I began to realize that some entrepreneurs do not have their sales systems set up. Thus, they all rely on key employees. If an employee is responsible, knows the stages of sales, and knows how to work with objections, then everything is good. If that employee quits, it is necessary to look for a new one. That requires a system. People are important and necessary, but they must become an element of the system so that the system feels good.
I started building sales departments for different companies. And, at some point, I was hired for the commercial director position in a furniture factory. As soon as they accepted me, I met Kirill. It feels like the whole path of me becoming an entrepreneur led me to the Finiko

river. I was filling up like a small stream and entered that river two years ago. Life has been preparing me for this big project.

I had met Kirill two or three years before Finiko was started. At that moment, I was searching for ideas and decided to participate in the entrepreneurship factory. There I met Kirill Doronin. He was the supervisor of our project. I also was working with strawberries for some time. We had a field in Bogaty Sabi. We were doing that business with four entrepreneurs. The guys were growing strawberries, and we were selling it. As a result, we met Kirill, and he became our mentor. Now I realize that it was the best mentorship. We had two meetings. In the first meeting, he was eating seven eggs at 7 a.m. in the HlebVino restaurant. Four of us came there, set down, and were waiting to hear something from Kirill… He asked, why had we come. We were trying to ask him questions about development and sales growth. But as a reply, he repeated the same question. We did not have a plan. We knew that in a week, our strawberries would grow, we would sell it online, and that was our plan. Kirill sent us to write a plan.

The second meeting was before the final. Kirill asked us about the results. We said that we are number one in terms of revenue. He praised us and said that we needed a plan.

Indeed, he was right. We had made the plan and followed it. To my mind, that was the most valuable advice.

That is how we met. We had finished the strawberry project and became the winners of the factory.

– What was the profit?
– $25,000 for four of us. That was the first impressive amount of money I earned.

Then I went my own way, and Kirill continued to do his anti-collector business. I was trying to find another source of income. Approximately in two years, Kirill sent me a message on Instagram. At that time, I was working in business automation and had some cases. I had already worked with Aydar Rafisovich. I love and respect that man. He developed certain competencies in us. We had made a project for him. We also had worked with Oleg Kobeltsin. Special thanks to him for what he had taught us.

And then Kirill just sent me a message “Hello, can we chat?”. And I had already been filled with love for his speeches and respect for him. I replied: “Yes, of course, let’s meet”. Although, I had already been working in the commercial director position of the furniture factory. I agreed to the meeting because the scale of his thoughts always amazed me.

We met. He said that there is a project. The idea was to create a concept of “entrepreneur-intermediary-investor”. It did not have any name, he said that we will think of it. He offered me to participate. I said that I was busy with other work. He replied that if the project is profitable, I will have an interest. We made a deal.

Although I was a person interested mainly in money, something inside me responded. I already had a better financial situation: I was driving a car and always had something to eat. But his honest approach touched my soul. He said that he does not know what will happen,

but there is such an idea. He said that we will start with a traditional business, and then we will see what happens.

Next, I quit the commercial director job being twenty years old. My mom and friends were negative about such an action. No one could understand.

– You chose adventurism instead of stability?

– Yes. Probably, I was not thinking not with my head back then, but with my heart. I was relying more on love and respect for this person and his results. I am not sure if it is a proper way of making decisions, but I was lucky. I was led by my feelings. Later, when I started developing the project, I understood that it can grow into something large-scale. That is how we got to know each other.

– Why do you think you were the person Kirill offered this project?

– You know, he does not tell it, of course, but he wrote to many people. He is a man of probability. And he thought as follows: “Who is young, more or less systemic here, I will write to him and them and look at the feedback.” Everyone thinks differently. If he messaged only me, the probability of a positive answer would be fifty percent. I suppose that he messaged several people and collected feedback.

I was on that list because he could see the results of my work on Instagram. I was showing how I had made automation, set up a CRM system, according to regulations, according to scripts. I suppose that was the reason.

– Perhaps, he saw you as a systematic person he needed?
– Well, yes. In terms of functions, yes, because I was showing my work from the inside.

– What is your role in the company?

– It is hard to name one role. I have already talked about Marat Sabirov many times. We call him “crypto-Napoleon”. He is our “crypto-treasurer” who is in charge of Bitcoin’s transaction mechanisms. Another person in our team, Edward Sabirov, is responsible for generating money. Thus, he is in charge of the trading department and he has sub-managers. Now he is responsible for the direction of money regeneration, not only in trading. He is looking for other marginal products in traditional business, for example. That is inside information. We have now become the owners of a brick factory and dental clinics and laboratories. Because the prime cost is sold for 300 rubles, but it costs 3000. The same is for bricks.

– I think you can also consider candles. The church is the most marginal. – I think they will not let us inside.

He is responsible for that block and he is doing well. The confirmation of this is a couple of trades, you can see the record. Kirill is the captain of the ship. Thus, he chooses the course of the company, the direction. He works a lot on the scale of our personalities. For example,

with the mindset that I had two years ago, I would have stopped at a certain amount of the company capitalization. He always sees us as people who are a little more powerful than we are at the moment. Special thanks to him for that. It can be compared to a closed door or a wall that you open, and there is another world inside. Roughly speaking, you open a small house and see a different reality. He sees us like that. There are so much energy and competence concentrated inside us, which we just need to free. He works a lot on that. I think that Marat Sabirov and Edward Sabirov are also very grateful.

My role is to make everything work. The competence of those people is excellent. Kirill is the router of the company. Edward Sabirov is responsible for money regeneration. Marat Sabirov is our mini transactional treasurer. And I am the person who connects them. I am sure that someone would cope with my role. I just treat them with great love, each of our fantastic four. I translate all their actions into the language of the client. In other words, I collect information, automate everything, and provide it to the client. On any medium, I am the transmitter.

– So, are you the system that connects the competencies of people? – Yes, exactly.
– So, are you like a ring that connects a diamond?
– Yes, a copper ring that you cannot bend and three small diamonds. – So, you four have created an ingenious pyramid, right?

-Well, yes, but what is a pyramid? If we talk about the form, then yes, an absolute pyramid. If you draw an MLM, it will look like a pyramid. Many people joke that the pyramid is the most stable figure, and you can’t even move it. I think that pyramids are created by those people who do not have a source of money generation. For example, a year ago we were talking with our clients like this: “Listen, if you don’t believe, there is a door, no one is holding you”. But we understood that we communicate the words of people who have nothing to make money on. And then we realized that we need to show that we make a profit. We started to show public accounts and told clients to open personal accounts. This way, a client can make his conclusion whether we are professionals or not. And based on that, he decides to continue working with us or not. During live streams, we open and show terminals.

– You demonstrate accounts with relatively small deposits of twenty to thirty thousand. Why don’t you show the company’s large capital deposits?

– We strive to turn a small deposit into a large one. That is the number one goal. The second goal is to convince entrepreneurs of our competence by opening a $100,000 account. People are asking to prove that we are not a pyramid. And many start demonstrating and playing that game. We will not dance to the tune of our clients. Thus, we open and show everything we can. We cannot demonstrate a million dollars account, as we do not have one. But we have smaller accounts.

– Do traders possess many accounts?

– Yes, one trader may have three to four trading accounts.

– Tell us about the company’s programs. What programs already exist, and what are you planning to implement next? I mean, we or the partners will see it in a year or ten years.

– It seems that we will have to refine the personal account dashboard. Currently, it is possible to buy real estate for 35%, a car for 35%, and to repay a loan for 35%. We will add Finiko.Life and Finiko.Product there too, and that will require a new menu. We launched the central product, Index CTI, in May 2019. It was meant to be public for a client. The concept of the product is that, let’s say, $1,000 works with twenty-four tools. Then we assign $1,000 to each product and trade it on four exchanges. Those are Forex, MOEX, BitMEX, and the Chicago Stock Exchange. The goal of each trader is to generate 3-5% a day. They do not always succeed. Someone may finish with -1,5%, someone with zero, and someone with +2%. Therefore, an average daily profit is paid to the Index holder. Based on the experience, I can say that we steadily make 0,8-1,2% for an investor.

Therefore, the company and the trading department receive the same interest. In other words, a part goes to the manager, trader, i.e. a part is distributed between the trading department. The profit is distributed as follows: 30% goes to the Index holder, 30% to the trading department, 30% to the company, and 10% to the reserve. So, the products are Index CTI and the programs for solving financial problems for 35%: buy a car for 35%, real estate for 35%, repay a loan for 35%. The names of the programs describe how it works.

Let’s assume that you want to buy a car for $13,000. You make a deal with the company for $4,500 and wait for four months. The company pays you an extra $8,500 from trading profits. In other words, your deposit of $4,500 works in the company for four months. You do not take the deposit back during that period, as it is generating $13,000 for you. After that, you have to pay tax on $13,000 for the purchase of a car.

– What is coming next?

– This month, we will launch two more products: Finiko.Life and Finiko.Product. Finiko.Life will support all the life processes of a client. It will be possible to choose to receive payments weekly, monthly, once a quarter, or once a year. Finiko.Product will allow you to buy anything for 30%, 40%, or 50% of the cost. That is 30%/6 months, 40%/4 months, 50%/3 months to buy the desired product. That is very convenient.

– What else are you planning to do?

– We are planning to launch the cashback service. This week, we will do modifications, and the service will start working. I can’t wait for the final integration. Step by step, we are starting to send the cashback cards to our clients.

– I have heard that it will be possible to go to a shop, scan a receipt, and pay with the card.

– That is from the category of what is planned. Finiko wants to create a free cashback service. It is not guaranteed that some companies will stay with us and that we will be on

good terms with them. So, we want to rely on freedom of action. For example, Belarus and Ukraine cannot work with the cashback service. For example, if you do not want to switch to another card, you can pay with your own, scan a receipt, upload it to the application, and the cashback will be returned to you through the app. Our card will provide 25% cashback.

We are building conveyor packaging and sending two hundred cards per day.

We are also developing the cashback exchanger, which pays extra from an exchange. The cashback exchanger will be the point of reducing payments and high risks. For us, that is a decrease in payments for deposit holders on exchangers. The cashback exchange is also on our to-do list.

Each trader will receive cashback for each order.
You will be able to log into the Finiko messenger and send cryptocurrency to a crypto-wallet. – I have seen Finikoshop clothes on your Instagram Stories.

– Yes. We have visited our local manufacturer in Kazan to choose the logos and the fabric for hoodies and t-shirts. That is entertainment for our audience. Something minimalistic. We have selected good materials and manufacturers.

Besides, we are currently developing a logistics company. We will rely on existing logistics networks. We want to try a drone delivery service. We are looking toward traditional business too.

We are also going to buy commercial real estate. For example, buy a building and divide it into shares. Each will receive interest and rental income in accordance with their share. Partners will legally own their shares. This will provide an opportunity to save your capital in commercial real estate.

– Why was the Finiko company created?

– For money. Not just for having money, but for money as a tool. For example, we have a global goal – the Startup city. All our current products are designed to benefit us. To achieve the benefits, you need to be good for everyone. Each partner must earn the required amount, thereby making a profit for both of us. We increase capitalization. There are many small objects around us earning more than us. And we, in our turn, are earning something on each of them.

We will not buy technology, we will develop it because it is much cheaper.

– Very ambitious projects. What do you think are the horizons of Finiko if you look twenty years ahead?

– We do not look that far. Speaking about the service company Finiko, I do not know what it will grow into. One year ago we had just one product, and now there are about ten. We do

not know where we will go. We have a rough objective – biotechnology and medicine. That is the goal, we need to strive for with the help of financial achievements.

I always make plans for a year. For instance, the cashback service for people to use, the exchanger, to release it to the market, to launch the tokens on listing and exchanges. I look at the goals that are hanging on a cloud. The city of Startups is the main goal.

– Will the company be so famous that every second Russian person will know about Finiko?

– It depends on the leading partners of the company and on the moment at which they realize that everything is fine and stop. When top leaders set goals so that every second Russian knows about it. We are not looking for popularity. We do not go into the media space, we try to develop products and money regeneration points for ourselves. It will be more preferable for us if every fiftieth person in the world knows about Finiko.

– How much money do the leading partners earn?

– Anyone who makes $13,000 does not spend all their money. During the first three months, they satisfy all their desires and then realize that it is important to ensure a stable income for the future. Therefore, they distribute the rest of the money between traditional industries. No top leaders are working with other companies, although they can. Therefore, they earn enough. The company does not restrict anyone.

– About the company’s receipts: how big are the investors which have joined Finiko? – Is a million dollars a large check?
– Yes.
– Then, yes, there are large receipts.

– There is a law of life: “To achieve something, you must lose something”. What have you sacrificed in your life for Finiko?

– I would call that payment, not a sacrifice. Payment for something happens every day: payment for opportunities, for life. Not everyone is willing to pay a price for anything. We pay daily with the loss of sleep, with the time we could spend with wife, mom, or friends. We pay with our feelings for what we do. We pay everyone for it.

– I know that you are married. How has your family life changed before and after Finiko? Or is it in the process?

– I am grateful to my wife that she has not changed in family life. It is very difficult for entrepreneurs to find a spouse when they have achieved something. They will never know whether a woman is with them because of love or money.

I am grateful to my wife that nothing has changed. Life has become more comfortable. Daria, my wife, has her own business – project design. In our relationship, nothing has changed over the years.

– What is your most expensive purchase? – It has not happened yet.
– What do you want?

– I don’t know. I am no longer interested in material things. Some things are expensive in terms of finances, and some things are expensive for the soul. For example, my mother always had a dream to go to Hajj. I paid for the trip, she will go to Hajj in summer. That is valuable for the soul. An expensive feeling. Our mother raised three of us, my father disappeared when I was a little child. I am very grateful to my mother for her endurance.

– What is the funniest joke about you among the founders of the company?

– There are a lot. All our jokes are to make us stronger. I can’t remember. Jokes are associated with my name and height.

Once, we came to visit Marat, and there the ceiling was 4-6 meters. We walked into the hall of the apartment, and he said that it was hot and asked to open the window. And the window was at a height of 3-6 meters. We laughed and went on. It happens all the time.

I just want people who look at us to study the information as thoroughly as possible, because we are open and sincere. Sincerity is important. So that people do not make our mistakes. Don’t rely on old experiences, create new ones. Train your brain to make new neural connections. Relying on old experience, you will get old results.

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