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Why do partners open an office?
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Why do partners open an office?

Dilara: Hello, everyone! We arrived in Krasnodar and are now in Galia’s office. Galia, you can say hello to everyone.

Galia: Hi, everyone! My name is Galia Khisaeva. I have recently moved to Krasnodar. I have been living in Krasnodar for a year.

Dilara: It’s been a year, but where did you move from?

Galia: I am from Naberezhnye Chelny.

Dilyara: Tatarstan, hello, Yes?

Galia: Tatarstan, yes.

Dilara: What is the reason for moving, why did you decide that?

Galia: The climate. The most important thing is the climate.

Dilara: So did you just want to? Does your job allow you to do that?

Galia: Yes, I wanted to move to Krasnodar.

Dilara: In other words, most people are held back by work, family, and a lot of other factors.

Galia: I work from home, freelance. The company allows it.

Dilara: How did you find out about Finiko?

Galia: I found out, I got a call: “There will be a conference-a business conference, Club100. Do you want to get in? Kirill Doronin”. I have known Kirill Doronin for more than 10 years.

Dilyara: Oh, have you met before?

Galia: Yes, Kirill and I have been in business for a long time. I was in the previous business with him, so the trust is 100%.

Dilara: Was there a conference in Krasnodar in January?

Galia: The end of December, early January. The event was Club100.

Dilara: And did you go to the event?

Galia: Yes, we met with Kirill personally, because it was important for me to know the plans of the head of the company. When I met Kirill, all the puzzles came together, and I realized that this is really the coolest project, which in principle does not exist today.

Dilara: Well, you came to Club100 in January, talked to the founders, and decided that you are in the team. How did you build your structure? Perhaps do you have your own vision? Someone is just starting.

Galia: I teach all my partners not to start from scratch, that is, we have a minimum program-cashback, for example, $100-you can go in. I learn to go from the opposite.

Dilyara: But cashback has only just started, are you already taking pictures of receipts? Now for many  people it is a toy.

Galia: Yes, it’s a great game, actually. I have a lot of people who are doing this right now. And we were actually walking around Krasnodar yesterday, and everyone is ripping out these checks from each other. “I’ll pay!”,”I’ll pay!”. In other words, people are already motivated to pay with their card to get such a cool return, in fact.

Dilyara: If you are interested in, you can read more on our website, and, in my opinion, the webinar. Not in my opinion, but 100 percent there is a webinar on the cashback service on our YouTube channel.

Galia: I teach you how to work from the reverse. So we first open an office, and the human brain scales. I called everyone right away.

Dilara: Wait, let’s start over. I found out about Finiko, everything, he decided to be in the team, and you say: “Open the office right away”?

Galia: No, he hasn’t found out about Finiko yet, so I say, “Look, we have a great project, let’s open an office.”

Dilara: Come on?

Galia: “I’ll tell you about the project now.” First, in this case, we raise the person in our eyes, that is, immediately say: “You can.” And it helps me build the structure quickly. When a person says: “Yes”…

Dilara: How Many of these offices have you already opened?

Galia: About 60, probably.

Dilara: Is there 60 in Russia!?

Galia: Not only in Russia, my offices are now opening in Bishkek, and I already have an office in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. It is planned to have an office in Turkey and Germany.

Dilara: In Germany, I think we even have one. I know exactly that we have in Germany, we have an office in Amsterdam. And this is 60! This is a big number. Okay, so what happens next?

Galia: If a person says: “No, I can’t, I don’t want to.” Or the person doesn’t believe in himself. “Let’s try it.” Also from the reverse. There are Indexes, that is, “How much money do you have today? And how much do you want to get?” Not so that here we had $ 1000, you will receive, for example, 18,000 a month.

Dilara: Yes, yes, about 18,000.

Galia: This is 20-22%. I don’t like to start with this, why? Because we immediately make a person little.

Dilara: It is not an interesting figure, you mean?

Galia: Cashback is also available from $100. I mean, I’m not saying $ 100, I’m saying, “how much do you want to get?” When a person speaks. That is, I have, for example, 1,000,000. I explain to him: it can be done like this, like this, like this. And if we say that from $ 100, the person: “yeah, I have$ 100, well, I have $ 1,000,000, but I can take $100 from there.

Dilara: Not a pity!

Galia: Yes, business has been growing here for a long time.

Dilara: Are you telling them this, explaining it to them?

Galia: Yes, absolutely. We even hold events and presentations here in the office. This is also built in the presentation-explaining that it is much easier to go from the opposite. It’s faster, easier. You become a leader right away. If you open an office, you are already a leader. You’ve already ticked your brain: “I’m a leader.” Even those who do not believe in themselves, they already have, indeed, stars grow very quickly, because you can no longer not do. Yesterday it was a powerful training that just pumped people’s brains. And right at the training, you could see: the eyes of a person “before” and the eyes of a person “after”. He already believes in himself, he is already higher.

Dilara: Yesterday we had Club 100 in Krasnodar. To make people understand.

Galia: All the events that are being held, I think we should be there.

Dilyara: Galia, let’s talk a little bit about your office. This is personally yours, yes, it turns out?

Galia: This is personally mine, yes.

Dilara: How long ago did you open it?

Galia: Before recommending my people to open offices, I had to show them that I also have an office. I opened it as soon as I registered. I immediately decided that I would open an office.

Dilara: Did you choose this place on purpose? How long did you choose?

Galia: I had chosen for a very long time, we were very sensitive about buying furniture, and in general, in principle, how we will fill this space. A panoramic window is required.

Dilara: Yes, the view decides.

Galia: Accordingly, when a person enters this space, they are already 50% in making a decision.

Dilara: That is, a person should be comfortable. I just want to discuss this moment a little bit, for what? A lot of people open an office or want to open another one, and they don’t know. They even call me and say, ” How can we open an office?” I say,”I didn’t open the offices, of course, I rented them, but I can advise people who opened them, and I like the offices, for example.” That’s why, then, the kind to make a person feel good.

Galia: There are concepts: people are auditory, share: visual, that is, a person should be comfortable in all respects, so we try to make sure that for each person, for each type of people, there is a comfortable space.

Dilara: Do you take care of people?

Galia: Yes, first of all. If we don’t take care of our customers, I don’t think it will work.

Dilara: Further, you are somehow pumping your structure here.

Galia: Yes, we have a free “Cashflow” game. In other words, pumping financial thinking is pumping financial strategies. This is a mandatory plan.

Dilara: People come here who haven’t heard of Finiko yet, for example?

Galia: Yes.

Dilara: Just come to the game?

Galia: We hold presentations.

Dilyara: Then do you tell us how you conduct the presentation?

Galia: Yes, of course.

Dilara: Working with people, that is, and this is how it happens. It’s just that many people also have questions, and this is the point I want to make it. The fact that there is now documentation, there is no paper documentation, everything on the site passes. That is, people say: “What’s the point of an office if you can just go and do it like this?”

Galia: Look when a person is a newbie who has never been out of the network business. In general, he has a social circle in which he cooks like brine. And there are many people who are cooked in the wrong brine to grow up in-financially, emotionally, physically. I don’t want to develop or do anything. And when a person gets into our environment, pumped, financially competent, positive, he understands that: “Yes, I want to be here.”

Dilara: I would like to join them in brine

Galia: Yes, I want this brine. And the person chooses it, we constantly hold events. You were at our house, this is the coolest event, when we gather, people from all over Russia come together in one space. It’s just an unreal cool atmosphere.

Dilara: Our partners rented a house, we went yesterday to rent a car there from Svetlana, she bought it for 35% of the cost. And partners from all over Russia, as Galia said, gathered in one house. How many days are you there: the reason was, in fact, Club 100, 2 days we have a Club 100 in Krasnodar.

Galia: We are shooting for 5 days, because we have a higher sponsor coming and will hold the coolest school for 2 days. There will be such a mega-pumping from the leaders. We gather people just to turn their thinking around. I have all those who came here, they could not, maybe for their own personal reasons, did not get to the Club 100. Maybe someone didn’t have$500 – $ 1000, tickets quickly ran out. Maybe someone does not have such an emotional state to pass this training. People, sometimes, prepare, look closely: “I want to get there, I don’t want to”, because not everyone likes to have their brain picked.

Dilara: This is unpleasant because.

Galia: Yes. There is a fear: “Suddenly Kirill will sort me out.”

Dilara: As you did yesterday, by the way, tell me. Your impressions about Club 100.

Galia: My impressions are just fantastic. Any communication with Kirill is great.

Dilara: This is understandable, yesterday from 11 PM to 7 PM, even later someone else was. He really pulled you right out.

Galia: I Have a lot of insights. And in fact, the most important thing for me is always, in any school of Cyril, I notice the pumping of humanity. This is what allows you to create a team. All the games that we played yesterday were about unity, team building and supporting another person. And at any level.

Dilara: And really, every time. I also constantly watch training sessions, as if we are shooting and are present there. And every time something clicks in my head. Therefore, I believe that such events are worth going to. Galia, thank you more for the interview. You have already told us so much in detail from all sides and how to reach 9 stars, why you opened an office. I think it will be a super useful interesting case. If you have something to say, I think a lot of people will watch you. We already have more than 20,000 on our YouTube channel.

Galia: What can I say? Make decisions quickly, because life passes quickly, in fact. We do not even notice it, you can sit for a long time and just watch beautiful girls pass by in beautiful dresses, who are financially realized, who do not fixate on sitting at home or on hard work. And they can afford to make not Saturday-Sunday a day off, but Tuesday and Wednesday, as we do.

Dilara: Galia, thank you again for the interview. You have a very nice office. We will definitely put the die somewhere back and forth.

Galia: I invite everyone to come to Krasnodar, we are waiting for you. Bye-bye, everyone.

Dilara: Thank you for watching.


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