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Which Finiko program will close all your financial problems?
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Which Finiko program will close all your financial problems?

Dilyara: Hello everyone! At the moment, we are holding a conference in Samara. Sergey, you can say Hello to everyone.

Sergey: Good afternoon!

Dilara: Please tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live, who do you work for?

Sergey: I live in Samara and am the head of the regional public organization “Water skiing Federation” of the Samara region.

 Dilara: What kind of sport, could you repeat again??

Sergey: Water Skiing.

Dilara: Ah, water-skiing, guys!

Sergey: Summer sports, including wakeboarding.

Dilara: Wait, so this is your wakeboard.

Sergey: “Magnetik” Wakeboard Park, yes.

Dilara: We have many people in Finiko who are fond of it, including, Yes, Kirill Doronin, probably everyone already knows.

Sergey: He skated there yesterday.

Dilara: Seriously? Maybe we’ll visit you, too, by the way. Yes, we also all ride, almost all of our team. Seryozha, well, this is your type of activity. How did you find out about Finico?

Sergey: I have many friends in Kazan. And last September, my friend told me that there is such an interesting story, and you can solve such, such, and such issues.

Dilara: Can you close financial issues and so on? Or any questions?

Sergey: Yes, he says: “Everything is so extensive, you can use different, let’s say, algorithms, and so on.”

Dilara: Well, Did you learn more about the company?

Sergey: Then I flew to Thailand for a whole month.

Dilara: Relax, right?

Sergey: Well, I left because I had a training camp with the athletes there, and if I had sorted it out more clearly, I probably would have made a decision before the trip. Because the money, in general, that was spent in Thailand, I could work on the deposit and bring a good income.

Dilara: And bring income calmly, you would still be sitting there in Thailand more.

Sergey: Perhaps, yes, but the children had to go to school, so I went back.

Dilara: Well, it’s all lyrics. Sergey, please tell us what tasks you are completing with the help of Finiko.

Sergey: Well, I have Indexes.

Dilara: So, do you get income from Indexes?

Sergey: From Indexes, es, absolutely. I’m not going to say how many Indexes there are, but I don’t think that’s quite the case…

Dilara: A Lot?

Sergey: That’s Enough.

Dilara: That’s why they don’t want to talk. When it’s not enough, they say it right away.

Sergei: I bought a car for 35% of its price.

Dilara: What car?

Sergey: Hyundai H-1.

Dilara: We have this video, we have already shot it.

Sergey: On 1st June, I picked up my car at a car dealership in Kazan.

Dilara: What was the cost of the car, by the way?

Sergey: 2,500,000, I agreed at the car dealership for 2,300,000.

Dilara: Did you get a discount?

Sergey: We made a discount, I arrived in a month, chose a car, put it in the “stop”mode. They tinted it for me, laid the mats, that is, they did everything.

Dilara: Did you buy it for 35% of the price?

Sergey: Yes.

Dilara: For 2,300,000, and 35%?

Sergey: This is 805,000 +1% is office maintenance and +10,000 is Manager support.

Dilara: Well, Indexes, the car?

Sergey: And I also have a debt obligation, let’s say. There was a story not very pleasant, if you understand it.

Dilara: In General terms, at least tell us, please. If it’s not a loan. Usually, our people always close their loans.

Sergey: The final result – it was just a court decision, and the debt is 267,000 rubles.

Dilyara: Did you owe 267,000 rubles?

Sergey: Yes, I had to give it back.

Dilara: Someone, right? Okay, let’s not cover it.

Sergey: A certain company that won the court.

Dilara: Okay, well, it’s not very nice, you’re being called to court. You lost 267,000 rubles in debt.

Sergey: I won the first two trials, but there was a regional court that I didn’t know about. And I’ve already been shown the court’s decision. We have signed a settlement agreement with the company for 10 months.

Dilara: I Wonder why is10?

Sergey: Why 10? Because Finiko company closes such issues in 9-10 months.

Dilara: Did you decide to use Finiko to close this issue? Okay, 267,000 rubles you had a debt, 35% + commission, how much did you pay? Look, I don’t remember now, it is about 100,000 and a bit.

Dilara: It’s interesting, you know, to interview men. When you ask a woman-100% knows the numbers. When you ask men, they’re like, “well, about that.” Okay, how many months has it been closing?

Sergey: 6 months.

Dilara: 6 months, you have left, it turns out, 4 and, in principle, all you have?

Sergey: Yes, and in general, the issue will be closed, ues.

Dilyara: You have more problems like this, that is, you went to a settlement with the company, agreed, you pay them money. How does this happen, by the way? Because we always have credit cards. Everything is clear with the loan agreement, it’s to the bank, early repayment – everything is fine. What’s going on here? Do you bring a certain amount to the company? Which one, by the way, is monthly?

Sergey: 27,000 rubles.

Dilyara: Do you bring them 27,000 rubles a month directly to the company?

Sergei: I do not bring them, I just pay with my card to the account and that’s all, it’s enough.

Dilara: And how is it written, for example, you have so much closed?

Sergey: Of Course. In other words, we make a reconciliation, and every month I am given a balance, how much I have paid, how much is left. I make a scan, send it to Finiko, confirm the next payment, and get the right for Finiko to make the next payment to me for closing this debt obligation.

Dilyara: Sergey, thank you very much, we will continue to watch the conference. You might have a few words to say. Come to the wakepark for sure, do sports 100%.

Sergey: Yes, 100%. In addition, I want to say that wakeboard is a force, and Finiko is also a force. Make the right decisions. Those who invite you to this company, they really tell you about the opportunity. About the opportunity to realize some of your dreams, goals, this time, but also the opportunity to close some of your obligations: let it be a mortgage, loan, receipt, and so on, and many, many other things the company provides in terms of products.

Dilyara: Sergey knows for sure,  he used almost all the programs. Don’t you want an apartment yet?

Sergey: I have an apartment, thank God.

Dilara: Say people eople who are engaged in business, invest.

Sergey: I want another car. This will be in the near future, I will also enter one program.

Dilara: What kind of car do you want?

Sergey: Cadillac Escalade.

Dilara: Wow! Well, we will definitely come. Ah, we’ll come to shoot, wait, you’re… Ah, you’re in Samara.

Sergei: I will definitely make sure that the Cadillac will be in Kazan. Because in the salon where I picked up the car, they already know me, and I will pick up the Cadillac there.

Dilara: Super, great! Let’s say goodbye to everyone and run. Bye-bye.



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