8 May 2021
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Where And How To Make Money conference
Where And How To Make Money conference
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Yuri: We are among those few people who enjoy transfers between cities because it gives us time to film a greeting. We are starting our Ural Vlog. Hello, everyone. Hello, Chelyabinsk. I want those who are not satisfied with their current financial situation to raise their hands.

Woman 1: Some people think they can watch everything on YouTube. If you have a chance, make it to the live conference. It is a striking difference because that is the energy you feel right at the entrance, that is a completely different atmosphere. Exactly 22 hours later it was already impossible to go and register.

Yuri: Hello, Kirill. I have been in Finiko for 2 months, and I have a question with which I fall asleep and wake up: “How do you like our videos, which we post on the official YouTube channel?”

Zygmunt: Ah, this is our blogger! I didn’t know, I’m sorry. Cool, I like it. What’s up? Do you want a salary raise? What do you want?

Yuri: I had a question. Here is the answer. I am glad you like it.
Kirill: Actually, I really like it. I understand that you do a large amount of work. Yuri: Thank you, I’ll go to work.
Kirill: Thank you.

Yuri: Hello, everyone. We are in Yekaterinburg. Today, the conference is for 1,500 people. It is going to be large-scale. There are so many tables here for a reason. We should make the most of it. Alexander, hello.

Alexander: Hello.
Yuri: Where are you from?
Alexander: From Yekaterinburg.
Yuri: How long did it take you to come here? Alexander: 2 minutes.
Yuri: What? We were driving for 20 minutes. Alexander: It is just that my car is very fast.
Yuri: Have you purchased it under the program? Alexander: Yes.
Yuri: What car do you have?
Alexander: A Mercedes.
Yuri: Seriously?
Alexander: Yes.
Woman 2: We came from the city of Noyabrsk.

Yuri: How often do people joke that the name of your city changes 12 times a year? Or is it the first time?

Woman 2: No, this is the first time. Noyabrsk is always Noyabrsk. Yuri: Why were you driving here for 18 hours?

Woman 2: To achieve success in the company, you always need to attend such events. That is why I am here.

Man 1: The conference is fire. Everything is great. I think it is not even the conference itself, but what the guys are doing. Because the guys can realize any dream, any goal. And in a short time. I have given birth to my son, he is six months old. So, I have been raising my son and making money at home for the past six months.

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