18 June 2021
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What is Index CTI by Finiko?
What is Index CTI by Finiko?
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Nikita: Hello, everyone! Friends, today, we are in Moscow. Here, we will get to know a partner with whom we will talk about Index CTI 1 in detail. Vyacheslav, good afternoon!

Vyacheslav: Good afternoon, Nikita!

Nikita: Vyacheslav, what is Index CTI 1 in general?

Vyacheslav: Index CTI 1 is a part of the company’s profit share. Finiko makes money, and the money earned is divided into three parts. One of the parts is a share of the investors’ profit.
And that profit share is distributed among all investors.

And this is what Index CTI 1 is.

Nikita: How can one become the owner of this Index at all? Let’s go over the numbers. How much does it cost? Where should one go to get it? Where can it be seen? How?

Vyacheslav: In fact, it is quite easy to become the owner. You need to register with Finiko and go through verification under the legislation of the Russian Federation and international law. In other words, to confirm that you are not some kind of criminal authority but an ordinary person.

To invest – to buy Index CTI 1. To buy Index CTI 1 in a company. That is, you give your funds to the company, and it works with them. And, accordingly, the profit earned by the company, a part of that profit is accrued to you in the form of dividends. That’s it. In case you do not like something, you can always sell those Indexes, give them back to the company at any time.

Nikita: Well, do you use Index CTI 1 yourself? Vyacheslav: Yes, I use Index CTI 1.
Nikita: When did you start doing this? Vyacheslav: Over a year ago.

Nikita: Over a year ago.
Vyacheslav: Yes, I can say exactly – April 13. April 13, 2020.

Nikita: Was it the first Finiko product you learned about and started working with? I mean, have you started with this Index?

Vyacheslav: Yes

Nikita: What is the cost of Index CTI 1? And how can one get it? How much is needed?

Vyacheslav: Well, yes! An approximate, or rather not approximate, an exact cost, I mean, it is measured in conventional units, which Finiko calls CFR and which are equal to $1.

Nikita: 1 CFR is $1.

Vyacheslav: 1 CFR is $1.
Yes, it’s like conventional units in Russia before. You couldn’t use the dollar, but conventional units were allowed.
So, 1 CFR is $1. One Index costs $1,000 or 1,000 CFR, that is, 175,000 rubles. But the only thing is that now, you cannot buy only one Index CTI 1. It is a very good product, very valuable, and since it is still a high-risk model, it is intended for people who understand that they are investing, that they are earning at the same time, that there are no guarantees. The only guarantee is the reliability of the company and the dedication of the founder of the company and the work of the traders. And, accordingly, the minimum entry is 20 Index CTI 1, that is, $20,000.

Nikita: $20,000? Well, it means that you need $20,000 to enter, right?

Vyacheslav: Well, a little more, let’s say, a little more. Because there is a 1% fee and 3.5% more for the money to be distributed well, so, $20,500.

Nikita: Great. How did you hear about Finiko at all? You have said that you also started with Index CTI 1, did you?

Vyacheslav: Yes, I did.

Nikita: How was it?
Who told you? How did you know? Did you visit someplace or did you get the information in electronic form?

Vyacheslav: No, I just had a friend. I helped her. I helped her deal with the life situation, as I’m a consultant. So, later, she called me and said: “Vyacheslav, I was offered to join Finiko”. And I started communicating with her. It turned out that there had already been people I knew in the Finiko company. I talked to them, and they said: “Vyacheslav, well, this is how it works.” I mean, no one was selling anything to me. They said: “This is what we have.” Just like Kirill Doronin says: “This is what we have, and you can understand it however you want.”
And, accordingly, I just listened to the founder of the company, to several webinars, yes. I really liked it. I showed Kirill’s idea to my wife, and she also likedit very much. And we bought one Index CTI 1. It was possible to buy one Index at a time back then. After three weeks, we saw that there was no gap between words and deeds, yes.

Nikita: So, what could you see in your personal account? For those who do not understand, what is there? Every day?

Vyacheslav: Every day, yes. The profit accrues every day, and you can see it in your personal account. You can see the accruals, and you can press the button “Withdraw this profit” at any time. Yes. Accordingly, we withdrew once, we withdrew twice, and since we had such an opportunity to buy more Index CTI 1, we took more Index CTI 1. In fact, this is like shares but without voting rights. In other words, a part of the company’s profit share.

Nikita: Are there any difficulties with withdrawing money from Index CTI 1 and converting it into real money? So that you can see it, feel it on the card?

Vyacheslav: No, there are no difficulties. But it does not mean that you do not need to study. Yes, you need to figure out how to withdraw it, and you will have to spend some time to learn how the exchange or exchange companies work.

Nikita: How long did it take you?
Or did you already have the knowledge?

Vyacheslav: No, I did not. I started from scratch in general.

Nikita: From scratch. So, did you figure out what was needed for this in a week? Is it necessary to look for people, or can everything be found in digital format?

Vyacheslav: At that time, even at that time, there had already been some commercials, as well as people and partners. In fact, if a Finiko partner has invited you, they should have had all the information by default. They should help you figure it out. In addition, the company itself cares about partners. So, in the personal account, there are videos on how to withdraw CFR, that is, to turn them into fiat money, ordinary, say, rubles, tenge.

Nikita: I think we have answered many of your questions. If we have responded not to all of them, watch more videos on our YouTube channel and other platforms in general. I think there are a lot of them. And your questions will disappear by themselves. Vyacheslav, thank you very much for the pleasant conversation.

Vyacheslav: Thank you too.

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