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Webinar – answers to frequently asked questions
Webinar – answers to frequently asked questions
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Anton: Good afternoon, everyone. We have a Q&A session today. I want you to tell me how you can hear and see me so that we can start. And for now, I’ll tell you that the plans were to show and tell you how the new marketing and interface looks like and that we have added several statuses. But we will wait for a little with this because not all updates have been uploaded to the platform yet. And most likely, next Thursday, this week, we will conduct another broadcast with the screen sharing. Today, we will be answering questions, so please be proactive. I would like to highlight right away that I wouldn’t like the questions to repeat, and most likely, I will only see those that do not repeat. They will be sorted, therefore, perhaps, some of your questions will not be read. And that is only for the reason that it was already answered earlier.

Question 1: Is it possible to submit documents on the purchase of a car on credit under the AT35% program?

Anton: If the question is about whether it is possible to deposit 35%, expecting that by the time you receive the payment, you will not receive the full amount of the car, but only the part of it that you plan to take on credit, do I understand correctly? Roughly speaking, you make a deposit of 35% of the car down payment. If so, then no, it is not allowed.

Question 2: Hello, I am interested in personal income tax. When will this service appear in the personal account?

Anton: As we have said in the news, shortly, together with partners who will help us carry out this activity, we will update the platform. And accordingly, there will be such an opportunity. Again, earlier than April 2021, there is not much need for it. Even until January 2021. Because next year, you will pay taxes for the current year. I can’t tell you the deadline.

Question 3: Is it possible to change the sponsor if the sponsor does not work?
Anton: You can, if it doesn’t break the rules.
Question 4: I have not used any product yet, can I cancel the verification for other partners?

Anton: Unfortunately, I do not know your name, but I will say that you can change the sponsor if no more than 30 days have passed since the registration date. If more time has passed, then it is already impossible. Plus, the sponsor’s consent is necessary, if he does not agree, then, accordingly, it is impossible. If you have an empty account, that is, you have not used any of the programs, there is no certain amount of CFR on your account, then you can write to the support service with a request to cancel your account and reset the verification.

Question 5: Good afternoon. Please tell us how to deposit funds correctly, taking into account all commissions and the rate.

Anton: I would like you to try to figure it out yourself. Firstly, because all those commissions are known. It is likely that your sponsor knows about that, or you participate in some kind of

group chat where you can learn more about it. But the fee for depositing into the platform is 3%, and the withdrawal fee is from 3 to 10%, depending on the withdrawal frequency. And when you exchange rubles for cryptocurrency, there are own commissions, depending on where you do it. That is, it can be cheaper on the exchange and more expensive on exchangers because people make money on currency exchange everywhere.

Question 6: Is cashback credited to charity if there is a confirmation of payment? Anton: If you have a receipt confirming that you have made a payment, then yes. Question 7: Do I have to report on Finiko.Product and can I invest right away?

Anton: There is no need to report on Finiko.Product if you speak about confirming the purchase of a product and providing a receipt. Can you invest right away? No, you can’t, because the payment comes to the independent Finiko.Product wallet and the only way is to withdraw funds. Accordingly, you withdraw it, replenish your personal wallet and buy.

Question 8: What is the mechanism and conditions for accruing bonuses of 200, 300, 400, 500 per day for 7-10 stars in the structure according to the new marketing plan?

Anton: Look, you have a huge structure at level 10 with which you can earn up to 5,000 CFR per day. According to the new marketing plan, the conditions are so that if someone from your structure rises to 7-10 stars, then your limit increases by this amount. Right now, I can’t remember exactly, but maybe there is a linkage to the first line, or maybe a linkage to your structure of ten lines. That is, I would recommend waiting for a complete marketing update. There will be a new article with the rules, but the mechanics are like this. If you hit the limit on your daily earnings, then due to the fact that you upgrade your structure, and it grows qualitatively, you will get a bonus that will increase your daily income by a certain amount of CFR. But at 10 stars, you can earn from 5000 to 7500. Thus, you can grow to a maximum of 7500 CFR per day. After that, only the transition to a new status is possible. That is a Network Director.

Question 9: According to the marketing plan for Finiko Product, is 1% credited to the inviter, if the inviter himself has entered the company with zero?

Anton: Do I understand correctly that zero entry to a company means that he does not have a single product? If so, then yes, he will receive 1% for the next month. Thus, he may not have any products and be an active partner, but, unfortunately, he has not yet realized himself as a client and does not use any programs. But he will receive a reward.

Question 10: Do you get an affiliate 5% immediately under the cashback program even if you don’t have your own deposit?

Anton: Yes, that’s right.

Question 11: How much a personal deposit should be in order to receive referral payments from partner purchases?

Anton: We do not have the opportunity to receive referrals from partner purchases. The deposit has nothing to do with this opportunity.

Question 12: According to the marketing plan, I must have a personal deposit of at least 1,000 to receive referral rewards from the structure. And entry to the Indexes starts from 3,000. Is a personal deposit required only in the Indexes, or can I enter the cashback service with 1,000?

Anton: Look, according to the affiliate marketing plan, to get the first star, you firstly need a 1,000 CFR personal deposit and a 10,000 CFR turnover. The turnover can be summed up from two programs – the cashback service and CTI. If you want to receive referral rewards from Indexes, then you have to replenish Index with 1,000 CFR. If you want to get rewards from cashback, then you should deposit 1,000 CFR into the cashback. You have a question about the Indexes entry with 3,000. Yes, if you do not receive a voucher. The voucher entitles you to buy the Index in multiples of 1,000. That is, for attracting 10,000 CFR to the first line, you can receive a voucher that will allow you to buy one Index for 1,000 CFR. Vouchers will work from the time we announce it and personal invitations and sales turnover will begin to count. A turnover of 50,000 CFR allows you to get a voucher.

Question 13: Good afternoon. If there is no report, let’s say, on the car, within the specified period, the account gets blocked. And what if other products work there? Will they also be blocked or will I be able to withdraw money?

Anton: The account will be blocked, that’s right. You will not be able to withdraw other products, because your account will have been blocked. But after it is blocked, you will have another month to provide a report on a car purchase. But, if you intentionally do not plan to provide it, then you will not be able to withdraw anything.

Question 14: Hello. I do not receive a code to confirm the sale of the Index either by SMS or from the Telegram bot. The technical support does not reply too.

Anton: Most likely, they will answer you a little later. Such a situation is possible. There were some failures, which should have been fixed. Or they will be fixed shortly.

Question 15: Good afternoon. If I regularly reinvest in cashback on the first day of the deposit every second month, will the calculation continue to increase to 15%, or does the calculation reset to zero after each replenishment?

Anton: If you regularly reinvest, you will increase your deposit. You get 15% for uploading receipts, that is, cashback. If I understand correctly, the question is the following: now you have, for example, 1,000 CFR on your deposit and have uploaded some kind of receipt. And this particular receipt will be 15% of this deposit. Thus, if you have uploaded a receipt for 2,000, then it will be taken into account from 1,000 and 15% for 5 months, or 150 days, as it will be in the near future. If you increase your deposit, then you can upload more checks. More precisely, checks for a larger amount corresponding to the deposit sum. If I did not answer the question correctly, then please reformulate the question and ask again.

Question 16: For how many days will the program contracts shift due to the holidays?

Anton: It seems that we have already announced this news. No? How many days? We told the approximate dates when the exchanges will not work. As soon as there is more accurate information about the number of non-working days, the program will be transferred to that number of days. We can assume it to be approximately 14 days.

Question 17: How to establish an office in Poland? I am writing to the support – they do not answer.

Anton: Perhaps, you formulate the question not correctly. I would recommend you to say that you are planning to open an office in Poland and to ask them to give you the contacts of the person who is responsible for office registrations. I mean, they will ask you to provide your contact details, and you will be contacted. You may have already done this, but no one has contacted you. There is a possibility that you have left an incorrect number. Please, duplicate the message.

Question 18: I have bought an apartment, uploaded supporting documents to my personal account, and it is still under moderation. How long does the validation take?

Anton: Look, there is no need to worry about that. You have made a purchase and uploaded the documents. So, you have fulfilled all the conditions within the agreement. In some time, experts will check it. And if everything is in order, then there is nothing to worry about.

Question 19: Do I need to register again when changing my passport?

Anton: To register – no. You can contact the support service and inform them that you have changed your passport for some reason. For example, if you have a marriage certificate, then you should attach this document, and the support department specialists will offer to undergo verification again. Thus, the verification will be reset, and you will go through it again. Or it can be another situation, for example, a divorce. And you change your passport to have your old surname. Or it can be some other reason. Accordingly, to go through the verification again, you have to attach a document that confirms that you are changing your last name or changing your passport. If you have been granted a new one, then act according to the same plan.

Question 20: If I withdraw dividends, $200 each, my withdrawal commission can reach 10%. What determines the commission growth?

Anton: The fee depends on the withdrawal frequency. In other words, if you withdraw from 0 to 24 hours between withdrawals, then the commission is 10%. If you withdraw from 24 hours to a week, then the commission is 5%. If less often than once a week, then 3%. The first withdrawal is 3%. In general, we have those rules stated in the articles, you can read them. And your sponsor probably knows about that, so you can ask him.

Question 21: Hello, how to attach a report on the 35% debt program if I live in Australia? We simply transfer money to the bank account, and we see the balance. Thanks

Anton: Accordingly, you should have some kind of document confirming that you have transferred money to a bank account. Upload it. I mean, if I understand correctly, in

Australia, you are not required to apply for partial early repayment, which means that you should not attach the statement, since you do not have it.

Question 22: Good afternoon. If for some reason, it is not possible to invite new clients, will the accrual of dividends on Indexes remain unchanged?

Anton: Those are two different stories. In other words, you receive dividends from the Indexes because you are a user. And as a partner, you earn referral rewards for attaining new partners and customers. Thus, you are promoting the service, promoting the brand, and you get rewards for that… Those things do not interfere. You can invite nobody, but just replenish your Indexes, and they will continue to work.

Question 23: Is it possible to upload a bank statement on the payment of a consumer loan to the cashback service if this loan does not relate to the “Pay off a loan for 35%” program?

Anton: It is not about whether you repay it under this program, it is more about how you confirm the payment. Does the bank statement match the required format? If it fits, then you can do it. It doesn’t matter whether you use that program or not. I mean, if there is a receipt, confirmation, or statement, then yes, you can.

Question 24: If verification has not been completed, how long will such an account exist? Anton: Forever. We do not delete accounts just because a person has not been verified.

Question: Hello, will I receive cashback for purchases if the amount of uploaded receipts is smaller than the deposit amount?

Anton: Yes, cashback for purchases will be calculated exactly based on the amount that you have uploaded. Thus, if you have a deposit of 1,000, and you have uploaded 500, then respectively, you will receive 15% of 500 within 150 days.

Question 25: What should I do if an SMS with code to indicate the heir does not come, and the Telegram bot texts that the code is incorrect? Where should I enter the code to verify the account when verifying by phone?

Anton: If you mean that it fails right now, then you should wait. If you say that you regularly do not succeed to do this, then I recommend contacting the support service. Write to them, indicating the ID, that such errors occur when you do those actions. And ask them to check it. And this data will be enough to identify the problem.

Question 26: Why does a voucher for one Index accounts only invitations under the Indexes and Cashback programs? And what if I have entered the loan repayment or the car purchasing program?

Anton: These are the rules. The voucher is credited only for Index and Cashback.

Question 27: Income from Cashback deposits and from receipts goes to one wallet. Do I have to calculate the amount of tax by myself?

Anton: Look, you don’t have to pay tax on cashback. In other words, you withdraw it yourself, and no tax is deducted from that money. As far as I know, we do not pay tax on receipts, but a tax on a deposit is not the cashback. So far, the cashback service does not oblige to pay tax.

Question 28: An error sending messages to change data in settings occurs. SMS does not come, 6 people already. I have sent emails to the support, but they do not reply. What should I do?

Anton: Wait. Probably, there is currently some problem that prevents us from restoring this process. So just wait.

Question 29: Hello. If the bank does not provide a calculation for early repayment, and the loan is repaid by card replenishment, will it be possible to enter the loan program?

Anton: Look, it will be possible. But then the company will pay you the debt amount, which you indicated when registering for the program, within 10 months. But you will still have a remaining unpaid debt. If you are satisfied with such an option, then you can choose. But not a card and not a mortgage, maybe something else. Probably, there will be a reporting problem. Inappropriate reporting may increase the risk of account blocking. I would like you to consider other banks, perhaps refinancing, because it is very strange that the bank does not allow early repayment.

Question 30: Hello, does the cashback deposit expire and has to be replenished every month or is it unlimited?

Anton: The deposit is unlimited, thus, you should replenish the deposit once, and during the time it is working, you can upload receipts monthly. And get both cashback and a deposit interest from that check.

Question 31: My first line partner will receive 15,000 CFR and get the first star this Friday. What do I have to do to receive a voucher for one Index?

Anton: He should wait until the vouchers start to be in operation. Now they are under development and testing, they are not yet on the platform, respectively, the system does not consider them.

Question 32: Why does it take so long to whitelist IP addresses with error 220? I understand individuals, but the office has been working for half a month without access to the website. Are there separate regulations for offices?

Anton: What do you mean long? To begin with, we collect a huge number of addresses, then sort them, check them, and then send them for development so that they add them to the white list. Some addresses have already been added, about 1,000. Some of them have been added to the blacklist again. Therefore, this task is the same priority as many others, and due to that, it seems like a long time. In half a month, you could have found another way to work. I don’t see a problem here.

Question 33: Hello, I have 18 Indexes. I got about $4,000 a month. Can the bank block my card or account if they are topped up regularly?

Anton: I can’t say for sure. It mostly depends on the bank and your history. If you replenish the account by $4,000 every month, this may seem suspicious. And the bank has its own criteria for blocking accounts. So, I can’t tell you anything.

Question 34: Is it possible to withdraw CFRs from several IDs to one crypto-wallet address?

Anton: You can withdraw it. But it is forbidden that several accounts have the same address in the system at the same time. In other words, the scheme is as follows: you have two accounts, and firstly, you withdraw from the first one to a specific address, remove it from there, open the second account and withdraw from there. That’s the only way.

Question 35: Hi. A fixed percentage has been removed for 8-10 stars. Will the bonus for their achievements increase?

Anton: You probably haven’t seen the marketing plan. Look, for the 8th star the reward is 5,000 CFR, for the 9th – 10,000 CFR, for the 10th – 15,000 CFR for personal use.

Question 36: How can I change the phone number assigned to my account?

Anton: Contact the support service regarding this issue. Attach a photo that confirms your identity and a new phone number.

Question 37: Hello, I have realized that the turnover will be counted cumulatively to receive the voucher. Can you please tell me, after the first voucher 10.000, does the accounting of turnover start from the beginning, or is the next threshold – 50.000?

Anton: Look, there are two ways to get the voucher: the first is for attracting to the first line, and the total turnover. It can account for an infinite number of your lines. Let’s assume, you have invited one person, who has not bought anything. However, he actively invites people to the Indexes program. It turns out that this is your second line, and from the second line, you will receive 70% of the actual purchases of Indexes. In other words, let’s say, they have bought for 100,000, and 70,000 has been credited to your turnover. As soon as you receive the voucher, you will get a new cut-off. 10,000 came for a new line, and 10,000 accumulated again. Or the new turnover has been 50,000, and again, 50,000 are credited. The limits remain unchanged and do not increase as they are reached.

Question 38: I cannot see the turnover for the period. I have messaged the technical support, and they have said that they will redirect me to a specialist. How long will it take to fix this issue?

Anton: I’ll tell you right away that the standard term is 10 days. If you wrote to support today and your request has been recorded, then in the next two weeks they will fix it.

Question 39: Can I buy a car in installments under the “Car for 35%” program, or should I pay for it right away?

Anton: Under this program, in the reporting section, you have to submit a document confirming that you have registered the car with the traffic police. If you can get a vehicle license, a vehicle registration certificate, and a sales contract in installments, then yes. But as far as I know, that is impossible.

Question 40: Does Finiko accept the target expense report in both cases?

Anton: I don’t know. Do you get all documents at once when paying in installments? As far as I know, the seller holds the vehicle license until you pay him.

Question 41: Anton, tell me, when will the return be 3% for transferring the money from the cashback to the main wallet?

Anton: This task is in progress. I can’t tell you the timeframe, except for 10 working days. Today, I will see at what stage it is. But I think the amount there is not that large. I mean, everything will be returned to you, but I don’t know the timing. Again, it depends on priorities.

Question 42: Is the “Apartment for 35%” program related to commercial real estate or land?

Anton: I recommend you write to the support service and leave your contact. You will be contacted by a specialist who will advise you on this issue.

Question 43: To withdraw money from the cashback, you need to pay two commissions: withdraw to the main wallet and withdraw from there, or can you withdraw the bitcoins immediately?

Anton: From the cashback wallet there is a withdrawal to the bitcoin address, thus, it is not necessary to withdraw to the main one. Moreover, as I answered earlier, in the near future we will remove the 3% commission for transferring to the main wallet. So, funds within the system will be transferred without any fees.

Question 44: Hello. If you participate in the AT35 and KV35 programs, how much less or more can the amount for the purchase of a car or an apartment be? If the amount is less than under the agreement, do I have to return the remaining sum?

Anton: Apparently, this is a new person. Let’s say, you have some amount for which you want to buy a property. You pay $4,500, for example, and that is 35%. And your task is to spend at least $9,700. So, if you are paid $13,000, you must spend at least 50%. There is no maximum limit. There is no need to return the difference. You have planned to buy for $13,000, and if you have managed to save money or if you have found a more profitable deal, then the company will not demand anything, since both you and Finiko have fulfilled the obligations.

Question 45: Can I withdraw 15% and 85% percent in two transactions to different addresses from the Product?

Anton: As far as I know, that is impossible, but you can withdraw to one address. You will understand how much you got, and then transfer 15% to another bitcoin address.

Question 46: Can I reinvest in a cashback service?

Anton: Yes, you can.

Question 47: Is it possible to provide a certificate of early repayment from a personal account in electronic form, or is it necessary to visit a bank office every month for this certificate?

Anton: There is no need to visit the bank if you have an electronic form that confirms the same action. I know that Tinkoff Bank has an early repayment and in that case, even a screenshot will work. It is not necessary to visit a bank office.

Question 48: Tell me, please. My partner in the first line has opened an office. Will I receive remuneration for the activities of his office?

Anton: For the activities of his office – no. But if this partner invites people under himself within the office, then you will receive some kind of remuneration depending on the program. In other words, you will not earn just because he has established an office and receives a 1% office fee. You get nothing for that because it is him who has opened the office.

Question 49: When repaying a loan, should it be issued exactly to the Finiko account holder? Or can it be a loan of any person?

Anton: This is a standard question that has already been discussed several times. All programs, starting from a loan, an apartment, and a car, which require documentary confirmation, must be registered with the owner of the contract, who is the Finiko client. In other words, if the mortgage is granted to you, then you must apply to the program with your account. If you plan to register the car with your name, then you must use your account. If you have entered the KV35% program on your account, you will have to register an apartment accordingly with your name. Make sure to consider this if you are experiencing any issues with the tax, bailiffs, etc. because there have been requests saying that they cannot buy.

Question 50: A couple of months ago, we registered on the platform but did not complete verification. Recently, we have clicked “forgot password”. We have entered the phone number and surname, but the system has displayed the message: “User not found”. What could be the problem?

Anton: The problem is that you have not been verified. Therefore, your last name is not in the system. In order to solve it, contact the support service and tell them that you have forgotten the password for an unverified account.

Question 51: Good afternoon. When will the application work properly?

Anton: We are constantly improving it. That is, you know that many applications are constantly updated. Currently, the applications are being refined. You are writing to support service all the time and telling about problems you face as a user. We analyze them, submit those edits, and improve them. So, that is an endless process. If you have problems, then you can write to the support service, indicating your smartphone model. Tell them what operating system you have. Perhaps, there are some difficulties with this particular OS.

Question 52: Continuing the question about the Telegram bot. It is impossible to link the Telegram bot since it sends a code to confirm the phone number, but it cannot be indicated on the website. Many people consider this code to be the code that comes instead of SMS by mistake.

Anton: I don’t quite understand. Do you advise others on how to do it or what? If you cannot link the Telegram bot, write to the support service and ask to unlink your phone number from the bot. We implemented this feature just a month ago, and it works. Thus, you can ask and they will unlink it for you, and you will be able to register there again.

Question 53: Marketing question. Previously, level 5 required 5,000 CTI and a turnover of $1,300. Now, a new condition has appeared in the personal account – the deposit of the cashback service. Thus, in addition to 5,000 CTI, another 5,000 for a 5-star deposit.

Anton: Look, this is exactly what I have started the webinar with. All updates are in test mode. We have changed the interface a little, and it misleads you. Now, to get 5 stars, you need to have 5,000 CFR in the form of a deposit either in the cashback service or in the Indexes. And it is displayed to you as if you needed to have it in both programs. This is not entirely correct. We are improving everything and there will be a new design in the near future.

Question 54: There are 5 payments left until my loan is paid off, but in terms of the amount I feel that the loan is not being repaid. What should I do?

Anton: I don’t quite understand. Probably, you are in a situation where you have indicated the current amount when creating a ZK35% agreement. But, for example, the bank adds some amount of credit on top of your balance monthly. Therefore, there was, say, $13,000, and that is not the final amount, but the current debt at the moment. Accordingly, within 10 months you will receive some interest in the form of debt that the bank imposes. It does not work for free, but charges interest. For example, 15% per annum, and from $13,000 you will have to pay $2,000 on top. You probably didn’t take this into account. Therefore, it turns out that you have deposited 35% of $13,000 and said that you will receive exactly $13,000. And whatever remains, you will repay by yourself.

Question 55: Tell me, please, how to repay the debt on a receipt? There is no information anywhere.

Anton: You can write to the support service and leave your contacts so that specialists on this issue will contact you. If you have taken a loan on receipt, then you will have to receive a statement confirming that the monetary relationship with you is over.

Question 56: Hello. When receiving payments from the Life program, all funds are necessarily withdrawn, or can you invest part of it in Life and other products?

Anton: As far as I remember, Life has its own wallet, so you cannot reinvest it. You need to withdraw funds and then deposit them again. There is no reporting on what you spend money on under the Life program. Therefore, you can withdraw funds and deposit them again.

Question 57: Why did the tax disappear in the “Car for 35%” program? Previously, it was 13%, in addition to the price of the car. Have you come up with some new rules?

Anton: I don’t quite understand what your question is about. You are probably not from Russia, because we have recently announced in the news that the tax remains only for citizens of the Russian Federation.

Question 58: How to link a Telegram bot? Where exactly to click?

Anton: I suggest you write to the support service and say that you need help changing the Telegram bot. A specialist will contact you in a direct mode, using TeamViewer. He will see what you are doing. If there are more than 10 such requests, then we will not load specialists but will contact one of those people and record a video from the screen and post instructions. So, if this is a very common problem and people do not manage to handle it, we will make a video instruction. But, as far as I know, this is not such a common issue, so, in your specific case, you can contact technical support.

We have no more questions for today. If I have not answered some questions, please contact the support service. You can tag your messages with #Anton. I will ask the guys to save those emails for me, and I will answer them shortly. Thanks, everyone, for watching, being active, and asking questions. Bye!

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