23 January 2021
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Trading on the Bitzlato platform using a SIM-card balance
Trading on the Bitzlato platform using a SIM-card balance
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This is the school of trading strategies, and today we will discuss SIM-card balance trading. In other words, we will receive payments to our mobile phone balance. I recommend you to buy a SIM-card from MTS.

This strategy has its own features and secrets a few people know about. We will teach you how to earn more. So, what is the difference between rates? Let’s find trading ads of other traders and check prices and rates. Then, in the payment method section, we choose the “SIM-card balance” option. The difference between the rates becomes visible. Why do we recommend using MTS? Because this combination allows you to withdraw money with a lower loss of 0,9%. Next, we need to buy cryptocurrencies. I will show you how to create a trading ad. The only difference between this ad and other types of offers is the payment method. Here we just change it to the SIM-card balance.

When a buyer notifies you about the deal, you should check the details carefully and send the money. Next, I log into the MTS website and wait for the payment. It is mandatory to do verification for all numbers because you will withdraw money through the website. The buyer has confirmed that the payment is made. We go to our MTS personal account and see that the balance is refilled. The service is a bit slow. We see that the funds are received. That’s all, we thank the buyer for the transaction. Next, I will show you how to withdraw money from a mobile phone balance. We go to MTS and choose to transfer to a bank card. I will show you an example of possible transaction fees. Firstly, we will withdraw to the Sberbank card. When choosing the transfer amount, we need to take into account the 0.9% commission. Therefore, we subtract 0.9% from the available balance and write it down in the transfer amount field. We should always leave some amount of money on balance. The transaction fee for Sberbank will be 1.9%.

We withdraw $45. The commission is fine. The profit is more than 7%. You need to acquire several SIM-cards to use this strategy.

As you can see, this strategy is pretty simple. We have told you all the secrets in the video. We are looking forward to your feedback. Send your emails to our support team. Write about how much you have managed to earn.

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