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Trading meeting
Trading meeting
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We have a meeting, they kicked me out of another room. We have a traditional trading meeting on Mondays. I didn’t have time to make an announcement.

-Are you in that room with a bad connection again?
-Did they kick you out to this room with a bad connection again?
-He said it’s a meeting there.
-Yeah, I know about that.
-They are discussing the business there. I don’t know what to do, as I haven’t given any announcement. I will now go rock on the Telegram so that the audience perceives information differently across platforms. Everyone is on Telegram now. Let’s go.
-Vanya, how are you? How is your back?
-My back is great. Nothing even hurts. My mood is amazing. It was cool. Based on what I’ve heard before, I expected it to be worse. Today they have set an office kitchen for us. Concerning other things, I can say that it’s been exactly one month since we’ve implemented an account for entrepreneurs. With $100,000. We’ve posted the report showing that it has increased in this one month.
-Regarding this, I can say that today we had a meeting with an entrepreneur. They have contracts with the government. Just remind me to discuss this later.
-Okay, cool. One of our cases was entrepreneurial. We have uploaded 100 there and it increased by 76%. But, actually, in one month the increase is 80%. Now the commission takes away a huge part. The profit is 76 thousand. The current balance is 176 thousand.
-So, the growth turns to be from 100 to 180?
-Yes. Another case is the result of our student. The period was one month. The increase drew up around 60-70%. There the deposit profit grew from 20 thousand to 21 thousand. Today I would like to introduce our teacher, who will present our trading school. This is Alisher, our teacher.
-You might have seen Alisher at events in Kazan and Moscow.
-In general, we have answers to questions. How is the new group doing? How many people? How much has left?
-It has already been 19 groups. My vision is to take 1000 people, of which 800 will leave and 200 will stay.
-Speaking about those who have left. What do you think was the reason?
-They just postpone it. It’s complicated. There is a wide range of reasons. It turns out that 5% of people stay. Because not everyone manages this. This occupation is one of the toughest, so it is not surprising. My main goal is to give them the right direction. Strategies and other stuff are secondary.
-How do you see the concept of the right start?
-I have to be more specific here. As I am a teacher, it is affected by my vision of the market. -Yes, that is why we trust you.
-I believe that the right start is a clean graph with no indicators, a market analysis. As a person becomes more experienced, I start giving more advanced advice.
-What are the main delusions of people who believe they can trade?

-Well, it is a rush and overestimation of their abilities. In general, the main misbelief is that you can master this fast. The attitude when you think you will be ready in two weeks. In reality, it is a cyclical process. You trade – lose – turn to be unprepared.
-Does the market show that you are not ready fast?

-Yes, in traditional business you have to wait a half of a year or a year. Here you can realize very quickly that you’ve made a mistake.
-Can a trader be considered a light entrepreneur?
-Yes, of course. It requires taking many things into account.

-What are the key characteristics of people who stay? They are all different. But there should be something in common.
-They are not afraid and are never in balance. Their actions are calm and consistent. -Should the intuition be developed?

-No, an intuition helps if you have a huge experience. Usually, you need experience. Intuition – experience.
-I agree. Many people confuse intuition and knowledge. Why those who have an Index can’t be considered for a trader position?

-Because I do not consider them as people with serious intentions. Many of them want just to complete the studies and leave to do their own stuff. We’ve already had that. I am not interested in such people. This is my opinion.
-I’ve got it. We have this rule called “attack”. Everyone is responsible for their own thing. Everyone makes decisions on their own. Thanks to that, it seems that we choose the “attack” strategy. Like if we had 170 hours a day. Everyone builds the same conditions in their responsibility area. Everybody has the right to their own vision. Okay, tell us about some training features.

-In general, this can be a message to those who are interested. Tune in to hard work and practice from the beginning. There is a myth that this is fast learning, but it is not. We have many instruments to teach you. We will be together in this until you start feeling confident. -At what moment do you forward the fruits of labor to Edward? Or is it a contiguous process? -It is contiguous. I’ve already mentioned that I have been studying the processes for a long time before I started trading appropriately. Persistency is always the main thing.

-I have another question. Are there any girls? Are there fewer of them?
-Yes, we have girls here, not one. There are fewer of them, but they are not few.
-Are you a sexist?
-Then why are there fewer of them?
-It happened historically. There used to be a stock exchange pit, where people were shouting and screaming. Girls did not fit this image. In general, this occupation suits girls very well. They live by emotions their whole life. Moreover, they handle risk management better.
-I’ve got it
-Can we invent a business game to imitate a stock exchange pit? When the borders are open, we will organize a conference. This is both entertainment, understanding, and content. -Yeah, why not.
-Plus to the chat if you like the idea. You will see how it works. Alisher, thank you and bye! Now regarding the idea. I will explain what’s the point. They said they have regular government contracts. And I offered to set a 5% regular discount off their regular prices.

Then, a part of the profit will go into trading, as we have discussed earlier. He said the idea is not bad. We will collect 100 mln. and the profit will be assigned to government contracts. People will receive interest from those contracts plus the capital income. This way, we will get financing and capitalization. They will gain a competitive advantage. Plus, we will receive money to our checking account.

-It is very cool.
-So, as you can see, government contracts can be used as investments. Thank you, bye. -Bye, thanks.

This is how ideas are born. Hopefully, many ideas are yet to come. See you tomorrow!

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