8 May 2021
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Trading Championship
Trading Championship
September 12, 2020    239 Views     0 Shares

K: The tournament starts. We were preparing for this for a long time, approximately 2 months. Today we have 10 people here, and 3 of them are from Finiko. They will be fighting for $20,000. They will be trading for the whole month. Basically, this tournament will grow into a cool event, something like the Robinson Cup. So let’s wish good luck to all participants. And everyone who is versed in this: just watch and admire how it looks from the inside. Criticism and support to the participants are always welcomed. Good luck to everyone!

E: We have 10 participants who will be trading on deals. Every trader follows his own rules, strategy and uses whatever he wants. No restrictions. The only limitation is that we are monitoring their accounts, and if it declines by 30%, the participant drops out instantly. Moreover, we will post reports weekly in all sources. Good luck and successful trading to everyone! Thanks!

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