24 July 2021
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Trading battle from Finiko
Trading battle from Finiko
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Hello, my name is Vladislav.
I’m Alisher.
What do you think about your opponent?
I think that he is a great opponent.
I think that he is a professional trader and is well versed in the market. What do you expect from today’s Battle?

I expect that the day will be excellent. And that the market will bring good and successful trades.
I expect a peaceful battle.
What would you wish to your opponents?

I wish them ease, calm, and luck. Calm and luck.
Thank you.

You are welcome.

Today at 15:30 we have news on new farms. This is quite serious news, which affects the market significantly and can redirect it in any way. The recommendation to the company and its traders is to wait out this moment and not to trade. So, quite possibly… I mean, I hope that traders will finish before this news or that we will have some break to wait and define where the market goes. Also, I want to say: “Good luck, guys, have a nice trading-day and thank you so much”.

As the saying goes, see you in the “depth of market”. We’ll be in nirvana. We will follow the trend.
Yes, it’s the best option.

Searching. I am looking for good positions to enter the market. The first trader’s rule is the same as the tanker’s one: don’t see – don’t go. When the picture is more visible, then you can enter. Don’t jump in hastily.
Well, in general, I calculate different scenarios. I mean, what is the potential loss if I do this or that. So, there can be different scenarios. In other words, I trade. Now I am analyzing gold, in a queue for the American index. Doubting about S&P, it behaves strangely. Oil is in a good sales zone. The euro is also creating an interesting model, but it seems we won’t be on time here.

So, here we choose currencies. I am checking where the spread is smaller. Gold, oil, indexes – there is a wide choice. This can be compared to a carpenter who comes to an object and evaluates what is needed there. If a hammer is necessary, he will take it and not a drill. In other words, he will use instruments, which are suitable for this situation. We just analyze them and check where to enter.

Then let’s have a quick look at what happened in my case. Here are deals on gold. At the moment it was cool, I mean, it flew up, and I thought this impulse would last, but, as you can

see, it didn’t. The first stops were here. I think, if the price goes there, the logic of those deals ends right there. Yes, sometimes it can be an upthrust when the situation is not that obvious. Then I thought that there was an upthrust of this balance bottom line again. I’ve purchased here, but the price still went down. Regarding the gold, nothing worked so far. To be more precise, it is a minus. I’ve missed the pound due to inattentiveness. I’ve bought euro and dollar from the support which was formed by this spread. Here also was local support. I’ve purchased at the exit of this diapason but transferred too early without loss. This can be considered a mistake. The price went down, and the stop was triggered in the plus zone. This is a positive breakeven. The price jumped up. I don’t like the euro. The next one is the NASDAQ. I don’t like the entry point. I mean, it’s better to enter at this point, but we had difficulties at 11 o’clock and were not able to enter. Let’s move on. I’ve entered after the impulse. Here the great trendline followed M1. The trendline breakout happened. Then you see a spring to it or to the upthrust zone. And then the entry took place. Sold – bought, in other words, “short”. Next, here you can see a green candlestick, a spring, and another spring. Here I decided to purchase, but then I intuitively understood that I should exit. First of all, the current phase is descending, even though, in general, the NASDAQ flies up. And let’s look at this candlestick in more detail. The price went down here, and this candlestick is red. That said, the sales initiative was strong here. Opened – closed. It is literally a Chad candlestick. I’ve bought a spring and closed. It is good that I’ve closed because you can see what was happening there. Concerning the oil, I guess I have chosen the wrong direction and didn’t close any deals. I supposed that there would be an upthrust on this level. To be more precise, this is an area where the spread was at its maximum. I was expecting an upthrust there. Went up, went down, and I expected that kind of scenario, but it did not happen. Probably a complicated scenario is developing here. I mean, we may be staying here for 6 hours and only then go down. On a day scale, it will be tail up and tail down. I mean, threw the tail up and then came back, closed under the level. Besides, the M1 micro trend on the small time frame happens quickly. The breakdown happens on the trendline and we can sell. But I won’t do it here, because the level situation is not clear yet. I will sell somewhere here if I’ll be on time, we will see. Currently, there are two open positions. One idea, two positions, 10 lots of S&P 500. You can see what I was talking about regarding the oil. Here is the trading line, breakthrough, nothing complicated, it is quite a common trading method. Upthrust – spring – sell. Take profit is set, meaning that an exit will be here,

because, in general, we are on the ascending trend. This is a countertrend deal. The facts show that today we may fly down. The stop loss ratio is normal. It would be better to sell NASDAQ, here it gave 2800 points. On the other hand, the S&P is super slow and super liquid. That’s why it goes very slow. It showed 250 points, which is 10 times less. So, this is the situation concerning the drawdowns. The minus decreased. It was minus 135% and now it is minus 70%.

I think it is enough for today because everyone is tired already. Moreover, it is Friday evening, and there won’t be any significant movements in the market. And even if there is something, the traders would do absolute nonsense after the whole day of trading. So, I suppose, it is time to finish. To date, according to the trading results, Alisher has finished with 0.49% and Vladislav has sagged a little bit. I mean, not a little, 20% of the total deposit, but the number was much higher. In the end, he has improved the situation, but I think there is no point in continuing. Friendship won. I have a question for Vladislav. What do you

usually do in such situations when you go into drawdowns? When there is a drawdown and the market is volatile, of course, you shouldn’t enter like that.

You should be a bit more patient. It is important to wait until the situation gets more certain and then enter. Well, yes, you want to close at a stop, and it keeps going the same way. But this is normal and fixable. Yes, I agree. What do you think, Alisher? Today you still worked according to the company’s rules. I mean, the drawdown did not exceed 1,5%.

In the beginning, I was taking very low volumes, so there were mistakes.
So why did you decide to stop the trade now?
The condition is not that good already.
So you mean you’d rather close the day without loss, at a zero, than gain some additional experience?

Yes, although I always analyze myself and realize that now I’ll start making wrong decisions and that’s why I need to stop.
Vladislav, what do you think about today?
It is a common situation when you go towards your destination no matter what. It is like a way to a city. For example, we have a goal to get from point A to point B, and there is congestion, which we will detour. But in the end, we will still arrive to point B. And here it is the same. You need to have healthy indifference.

What rules do you follow?
The basic rule is to work with the trend and add to profitable positions. This strategy shows good profitability and results of 100-300% at low risk.
Thank you very much for participation. Thanks to the viewers, I really liked the comments, and I would like to invite those experienced people from the chat to come to the battle which will be held from July 1 to August 1. The prize fund is $20,000.

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