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Trades of the company “Finiko”. Work review.
Trades of the company “Finiko”. Work review.
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-Good afternoon, I am running late for the place where the live broadcast should be. We have a small trading meeting. It’s been a while since our last communication.

So, we are waiting for Edward. He should have joined. Yes, the weather is great, even a bit hot. Let me find a parking lot and we’ll start. I want to launch trading broadcasts. It turned out to be interesting.

I offered to give a presentation as we have done before. Hi, I am not there yet.


-Let me text why we have met. Quickly, just 15 minutes.

-I’ll make it in 5 minutes.

-It didn’t attach anyway. It will be okay now.

-After the week without meetings, we have got 30 traders. The school is well underway. Most likely, we will have to rent one more floor. A part of the traders has already left.

-Maybe we should hang tags on them so that they don’t go far? -A bit later.
-Do they even make a profit?
-Yes, of course.

-They teach well at school. Two students have already completed their studies. They have done the training and started working. Next, regarding our accounts. On Friday it was not

that good. But, I have been preparing one account for 4 months. Here you can see its efficiency.

-Is it legal?

-Yes, here is the graph. It shows the period until today. This is the percentage. Balance. Full reporting, including transaction history. I will post the link on Facebook today. There will be two links. The first is recent, and the second one works from the 4th of March. Everybody asked to show more. We have an increase of 276%. Roughly 4 months.

-Okay, cool.
-I will post this update today.
-Today he has made $7000 and went to rest.
-Are you sure they are traders? Maybe, it’s a call center?
-The actors.
-Yes, I see. You’ve got two new girls. Take care of them.
-I gave them a separate space.
-The core task is developing a cashback service.
-Give a comment on the previous trading battle. Can you do this?

-I’ve already said, it was bad. The opponent has chosen a risky strategy. Although, if he would have reached $4000, we would stop the battle. And then we would make a separate case of this situation, aimed at recovery. Our trader, in his turn, has chosen a less risky strategy. Concerning the tournament, we are preparing for it, waiting for requests. There will be 10 people and $20,000. From our company, there will be 3 people.

-Will it affect the situation?

-No, no. These are two absolutely different psychologies. -Will it be a one-day battle?

-It doesn’t make sense. Look, when it’s summer – okay. But the tournament is more representative. On the 5th of August, the Battle of Traders will take place.

-Look, the thing is not in your understanding. I need separate occasions to evaluate.

-Anyway, on the 1st of July, all those 10 people will spend the whole day at the office. Everything will be broadcasted live. On the 1st day, they’ll compete with each other. And then, in one month, we will meet at the office again. Everything will be monitored during this month. We will have daily reporting. We will download and send it.

-Okay, then looking forward. When does it start? -On the 1st of July.
-Where to study?

-I don’t tell where it is. If you have seen an announcement, then go through an interview process and then come. We also accept girls. We already have two girls who have completed the course and started training.

-Do we consider medium-term trading?
-Yes, we just need to approve this. A client will not lose money, as we don’t have freshers.

-I want to add that there is also psychological work with money. Conferences in the cities will resume.

-How is the payment interest determined if the exchange is closed? -What doesn’t work is not counted in trading, give or take.
-How did traders solve the situation when the Bitcoin dropped to zero?

-When was that? I do not remember. I’ll write you an email after the broadcast.

-I have registered an account for my daughter in April. Later I found out that it’s not possible to work on both.

-That’s the rule, you can still be a trader. You are not allowed to close someone’s bank loan. I think that’s all. Did you relax the brain? I didn’t think about anything.

-So that the government doesn’t put us under pressure. This question has been asked 100 times.

-The giveaway will be later. On Mondays, we are trying to discuss the profit. -If we get a license, will we be eligible?
-Yes, of course.
-Kirill, relax your face, I’m really worried.

-Then quit the company and don’t be worried, what’s the problem?
-How long will the 1% interest rate last?
-As long as we work. Unless you take your money back it will work. That’s it, I’m off. -Okay bye.

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