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Traders from the Finiko company. Speech of Edward Sabirov.
Traders from the Finiko company. Speech of Edward Sabirov.
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“I can prove to you that I earn such an amount of money. One day, I made $10,000. The next day, we earned $20,000 on deals. Money is distributed across four exchanges. Every trader uses an instrument of his preference. Traders work daily.

We have introduced some rules, according to which the deposit is distributed. The maximum drawdown per trader allowed is 1,5%. The maximum number of stops per trader is 2. Every month I try to introduce a new tool to a trader. We have also implemented the risk factor for the traders: their own money is at stake. Despite the fact we communicate with each other, every trader makes his own decision.

For those who are versed in, we have been publishing our reports across social media. Moreover, you can register your own accounts on exchanges, provide us with the details and we will work with it. You can analyze the deals. Moreover, you may invite your expert to communicate with our traders or managers.

Hello, everyone. My name is Edward Sabirov. I have been trading for 11 years so far. I am not a speaker, so I am not used to speaking a lot. Can you open the second terminal? Currently, our trader from Kazan is closing deals. As we can see, this deal is profitable. There was a stop loss, and now he is waiting for the price to come to the point. This is one of the examples. The same way 15 people are waiting for their deals. Can we see another terminal? This is another trader. He earned $15,000 in one week.

Can you show it once again? At one moment I realized that no one cares about what my day looks like. This is so boring and trivial. You can come here and tell the story by yourself. I decided to change my line and show how everything is working. The main thing is not to gain loss. Every trader works like that. He would rather go zero than loss. The next slide. They make $10,000 in 11 minutes. The next day I transferred $20,000 and gave the account to the trader. There was $20,000, the profit is $2000, and all in all, $2060 is the net profit.

The rules and risk management.

We use many tools. The number of traders increases. We often meet together and discuss every exchange.

People frequently ask how they can check us. We have tried different options: showed our traders, invited people to the office. Those who are versed in trading can check us by monitoring our public accounts. Another option is to register an account and provide us with access for 7 days. And based on the results you will make a decision whether you will work with us or not.

The selection process at our school is very strict. There are many reasons why we may refuse an applicant. For example, if one doesn’t want to change his thinking or does not want to risk his own money.

-You have three products. Each of them requires investments. Do you form a common budget or separate ones?

-Separate. For each product, there is a separate budget and means of motivation.

We are preparing to launch one more project.

-Can you tell me about the future of the company?

-Fifteen traders are more than enough for us. Let’s assume that the product is a car. The deal has to be closed in 4 months. Do you ask if we will survive?


-Yes, we will. There is so much money on the stock exchange that we can’t compare ourselves even to a fish.

-How do you see your place in the world? How do you plan to collaborate with the government?

-We have responsibility for the country where we live. We pay taxes and this way we support the government. We are becoming a competitor to cashback services. If we have problems – we will solve them.

-What is the deposit limit?

-We have set 5, but it may be larger. If it is more beneficial to withdraw more, then do so. How many active partners do you have? Would you want more money?

-I would like to work by myself.

-Money is in the pockets of other people.

-Do you believe in God?

-I have an internal dialogue. I consider many different things. I have been focusing on personal growth from the age of 15 to 30.

Everyone finds his own terminology. For us, social responsibility is when a person starts developing. It allows forming the capital. This is my vision of social responsibility.

-The government sees the profit we make. It is divided into cryptocurrencies, minimal anonymity.

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