13 April 2021
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The success story of the Finiko partner
The success story of the Finiko partner
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T: My name is Tiffany. I am the tenth star at the Finiko company, and I am very happy about that. I want to share my experience and tell you how I have achieved such results being an ordinary unremarkable girl. There is just a wonderful company that provided me with an opportunity.

How did you hear about Finiko?

T: It happened so that my friend, Andrey Galuschenko, has told me about this wonderful opportunity. And when I heard about it first, it seemed to me that there was some kind of catch. Yes, I thought that it could not be so good. And I had not been even considering this opportunity for four months, although I could discuss everything with Andrey. And later, in four months, we decided to meet again. He told me about his results. Moreover, he said that four hundred people are earning 3,6% a day, not even trusting the company any money. And I realized that I was losing time. I was missing something valuable and important. At the time of our talk, there were only four products. I immediately joined the company and started working. Why had I even decided to do this? Because I had had eight businesses, and in all of them, I had been looking for an income of $1,000,000 per month, when he told me about that opportunity. If no one tells a person that something is impossible, he can achieve any impossible goal. There is a parable about a frog who has reached the top only because it was deaf and did not hear that that was impossible. And at that time, I have already had a chat “Impossible is possible with Tiffany”. I was very interested in looking for a way that would help me achieve my goals. I have made a deposit equal to my monthly expenses and began to follow the company through all cities. I have traveled 50,000 kilometers. There were no YouTube videos back then. Nobody could tell what exactly had been happening at an event. So, I always was at the epicenter. Everything went well. From time to time I have been telling my friends about what I have been doing. And why I could afford a private school for my children, to rent an apartment in Sochi, and to hire a nanny that would look after my kids when I am away. Well, but no one dared to tackle this topic seriously. Because investments are still very risky and we do not have any guarantees. At some point, such an idea just came to my mind: “I want to do this business, I want to take over the world with it”.

I attended the first Club 100 in Yekaterinburg. It was on November 28. Kirill was telling about the cashback service there. There were a hundred people who came from different cities, and I felt such a strong motivation from realizing that this was going to be a success. It has been nine months since everything started. And now everyone reacts moderately, but back then it was so impressive and created such a wow effect so that I decided to open ten offices. At that time, there were already about six people who were studying this topic with me. We were examining the documents, trading, and aspects that reduce the risks. I had talked to those people and they decided to open six offices.

Then I found four more people. Now my business is developing from Kaliningrad to the Far East, in Europe, in Thailand… Everywhere. I even forget the exact locations. So, we have opened forty-five offices together with partners. One of them is my office. It is located in Sochi. Work goes on every day there. The guys are engaged in the development of the company. They are studying and playing the game “Cashflow”. The office is equipped with everything you need. There is a small room where you can isolate or talk. Also, there is a hall where you can give a presentation using a monitor and a projector. It is a convenient

way to study a topic and answer questions. Some people have just joined, and some members have been on this topic for a long time and have already achieved some stars. My current goal is to achieve the first directorial status or something like that. I always forget the names. I am not good at marketing at all. It just happened so that I think about what a person can get in this company. Thank God, we have a prompter in our office: “What can you achieve? What are the perspectives?”. Such kind of tips. I have given my first marketing plan presentation just like that, with a prompter. I never try to understand everything thoroughly to start going. I keep examining in the process. And when I am giving a presentation, I notice some strengths in my partners. I refer to those strengths to explain to them how to do this business. Now I will tell you about my strategy on how to reach the tenth level. I have got the tenth star two and a half times so far. It was my birthday when I achieved it. This story began very commonly: I have deposited an initial amount, which allows me to receive passive income from Indexes and the structure.

To the date, my income is $7,000 a day, even if I do not get up from the bed. If you do not learn the skill of making money while you sleep, you will work to death, roughly speaking. I have deposited the required sum, which has been $1,000. Now it is $3,000, and you can make investments multiple to this sum. And I have realized that if others do the same thing, I will achieve the first star. Thus, I had told people about the opportunity, they had created the source of income for themselves, and I reached the first star. I must say, that was tough. Many people were afraid, nervous, and were searching for money. It took me about two and a half months. The further, the better. Those people did make the deposit, and I told them that their first star’s strategy was as simple as mine. In other words, they also needed to find people on their network who wanted to make money while they were sleeping. And those people also had to deposit some amount of money that was available to them. When they succeeded, I achieved the fifth star. And then we have told those people that they need to repeat the same steps. It is not the process of collecting money from everyone, no. All funds go to trading. Uplines do not receive anything of that money. Their income is generated on the exchange in the first three days. And from the fourth day, an investor starts getting income. This way, I have helped my partners to achieve the first star and got the fifth star. When I helped them to reach the fifth star and assisted another partner in achieving the seventh star, I got the tenth star.

That was difficult and easy at the same time. There was a moment when I was already tired of people telling you that this is a scam, a pyramid. Even strong girls like me can come to the point where they want to rest and give up. And when I gave up, it was January 1, I got sick, I decided to take a break from this business. Then I asked myself: “Tiffany, how do you want to relax? Do you want to rest in bed so that they bring you some water, feel sorry for you? Or will you just make a leap now, take a breath, reach an income of $13,000 a month, and relax somewhere in Thailand for two weeks, lying on white sand?”. I liked the second option more. My body had heard me, and I recovered the next day. I began to work only with people who hear me. I stopped chasing those who were saying: “Now we will just register, then we will find money, and then we will do something else”. I accepted only people who came with money. I saved myself a ton of time. I did not persuade them at all. I just showed them the possibilities of how they can improve their lives and what problems they can solve. Some of them have bought an apartment, someone has purchased a car. Some partners had worked only with cars and real estate. They were even reselling it. But the better part of affiliates invested money to generate passive income. It could be $1,000, $2,000, or $3000.

Now the turnover in my structure is $7,000,000. And the turnover of the stars is about $2,500,000, something like that. I know that there are some people in the company who have better results. I strive to develop, I do not stop. Now it is even more interesting for me to develop this business with the cashback service. Now I can cover all the expenses for two children and myself. I live in a cool place in Moscow, on the 16th floor. I have a housekeeper who comes there, cleans it up, cooks my food, and does other tasks so that I do not waste time on it. I travel with my children. Now they are observing this wonderful view with me. They get surprised by bridges and beautiful, large buildings. We have driven with them through Krasnodar, Rostov, Moscow, and then we will go to St. Petersburg.


T: Now, some partners are getting confused about the fact that the threshold for entering the company is increasing. And it increases exponentially or in arithmetic progression. I am not good at mathematics. Now the company entry threshold is $3,000, then it will become $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, and so forth. And that’s what slows them down. We have such a tool as the cashback service. You can enter it starting from $100. For example, I have bought this coat and uploaded the receipt to the service. This way, I made the seller of this coat become my client. I explained to her that soon there would be self-isolation mode, and she will stay at home. I offered her to call me so that I could tell all the details.

I do not force anyone to do this business. I notice that if a person thinks quickly, then he quickly enters the company. If a person becomes interested later, I will inform him anyway, provide him all the information. I have 25% cashback, and it is great that I can return a quarter of any amount spent back to my pocket. I think it is such an economic revolution in general. Previously, to buy something, we had to take a loan. Then we had to pay 30% per annum to the bank and, therefore, overpay for the purchase. It could be an apartment, a car, a coat, or a dishwasher. And now, we can reduce the cost of the product and increase the amount of money we have. I have no idea where this story may lead. That is not 30% per annum, that is 25% per month. Yes, maybe someone will say: “I don’t have ten stars, I don’t have 25%”. Okay, but you can have 15%, please, start, who is stopping you? I help everyone, even people from other structures. I tell them about my life hacks. I teach them, train them, and so forth. Even though the company has a very powerful financial potential, I believe that people still need to develop and collaborate. I see strength in unity.

About future plans

T: My future plans overwhelm even me. I have never participated in such a business before. I plan to build a team of 1,000,000 people by the end of the year. I am currently managing my structure in such a way that all members are independent. Each of them makes a contribution to the team. For example, someone conducts marketing events, another one conducts cashback service events, somebody talks about apartments and cars, or how to solve any financial problem for 35% of the cost. Someone does yoga in the morning in order to energize us. And we all help each other. We have every day scheduled. On Monday, there is a planning meeting. On Tuesday, we have our first meeting. It takes place both in Zoom and lives for all partners of the structure. The second meeting takes place on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, the schedule repeats. The school is on Saturday.

On Sunday, I give training where I share life hacks that help me. Now I am collaborating with Ilgiz. We are conducting training together. Oleg Skobeltsyn conducts Emotional Intelligence training, which teaches people to control their emotions and achieve new results. And I plan to have 1,000,000 people on the team. Now there are more than 5,000 people. I also really like the fact that people in our company pay taxes. We help the state to revive the economy. If someone thinks that we have some kind of a pyramid, then what is the point for the company to block partners who do not pay taxes?

About charity

T: I like the “I Love Living” project. Kirill Doronin does not welcome the support to the “gray and poor” people. He says that something is taken from every person to give him something the other way around. Nevertheless, he helps children who have difficulty hearing and children with cerebral palsy. I donate money regularly to this fund. I always try to contribute 10% to charity. I have been involved in charity work before. For example, I have been renovating kindergartens. I am also always helping my friend: I take her out to some places and try to make her happy. But here, in this project, everything is organized very competently. The money that we donate also goes to trading and the company generates income, which allows us to help those in need. Thus, the money does not go anywhere. There is no such outflow of finance when money comes and goes. Vladimir and I know each other. We often communicate. I give him some advice and ask him to tell who donates and who does not donate in my team. Then, I talk with my affiliates about charity. That is very important because when you do charity work, you become valuable to the world. And when you become valuable to the world, the world helps you. It gives you some opportunities. Now I want to refer to people who say what they will think. First of all, partners, hear me: if a person has told you that he will think, it means that he has asked you to stay away. Ask him what exactly confuses him, why did he say this. For four months, I have been thinking that I was thinking. In fact, I have not even been studying the company. I talked about that when I was opening offices in Sochi. I thought that I was thinking, but I had not even examined anything. In fact, to succeed in this business, you only need one thing – to find a person who will tell you what is really going on here and show you all the evidence, give you all the facts. And you will make a decision. You should not take responsibility for the people who join, but they must take responsibility for themselves. And you must take responsibility for yourself. And that’s all. And join this story.

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