26 January 2021
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The success story of the Finiko partner
The success story of the Finiko partner
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Yuri: “Barnaul is the capital of the world!” You can hear these words in one of the songs of the once-popular rock band, but we came to the capital of the Altai Territory not to check this bold statement. We came here because of the person whose success story you are about to hear. Okay! Let’s go, great. Oksana, you can introduce yourself to the camera, greet everyone, and tell where you are from.

Oksana: My name is Oksana Tretyakova, I was born in a wonderful, wonderful place – Altai, and at the moment, I live in Moscow. I have a branding company, and also I currently engage in investments.

Yuri: Yes, I’ve just wanted to ask. What do you do, how do your days look like?

Oksana: I always devote time to some spiritual practices in the morning. In the afternoon, I go in for sports, and in the evening, there is a meeting with my team. And in the evening, we meet with another team, also on investments, and talk about investment portfolios.

Yuri: It is obvious that you are engaged in self-development, it is evident that you are a developed person. And we noticed you at Club 100, did you visit it? Please tell us, share your feelings, how are you?

Oksana: Club 100 is a very cool event, and I really hope that there will be more of it, of this club, again and again. Because there is a concentrate of people who have achieved a certain level, who want to develop further and do not stop at what they have achieved. And the purpose of Club 100 is not even to listen to something, we already know the theory, we can read a lot of books, watch a lot of motivational films. And at Club 100, it is practice. Because, in principle, my knowledge is enough, but to do simple tasks in practice, to discover something else, to experience something. So, it is exactly to experience, to feel some moments that are given there. And again, it is the environment. In fact, you can meet people who can also help you in the future. It’s like a jar of cucumbers: you take an unsalted cucumber and put it in salty water and, in fact, a regular cucumber becomes the same as other cucumbers in the jar where you put it. Even the guys who came from Barnaul, yes. Later, they went to other cities. Each city has its own leader who has acquired a product. And each of them has his own story. So, my guys went to listen to the stories of other guys, get inspired, and come back here and share it.

Yuri: Well, you are also a leader, aren’t you? You are currently the tenth star, you attract people. How does it feel to be the tenth star?

Oksana: As I have said, it feels like my level has changed, because what seemed normal to me before… This also applies to your environment, this applies to the place where you live. This applies to the car you are driving. This is about the food you eat. This is about the sport you are doing. When opportunities arise, money appears, the level of life changes. You understand what kind of sport you want to do, and a simple fitness club is no longer suitable for you, and you seek to catch some kind of strong energy, so there are already some extreme sports: parachute jumping, wakeboarding, something like that. So, before, the place where you lived seemed normal, and now it is already abnormal. You want to drive the best

car, you want to listen to the music you want, not a regular radio. You want to communicate with people who give you resources, not pull you down.

Yuri: Okay, everything is very cool, everything sounds very good, like a real dream. But tell me, it wasn’t always this way, right?

Oksana: Many people now see this successful success, but I was going towards it for 10-15 years. I understood that there was no one behind me, and I wanted to somehow settle in life, so I worked at three jobs. I mean, during the day, I worked in a construction company, then after that, I worked as a taxi driver. I worked using my car, many drivers had red buttons for emergency cases. I didn’t have that red button, I bought myself a knife, put it under the seat, and thought, “I hope I never use it”. And after working in a taxi until 12, I performed in clubs. We had a band and we played in clubs. And in the moments before the performance, I sat at the bar and studied the information related to construction materials. There were moments when I just stayed at the train station in Moscow, without money, without everything, and I had no one who could help. And in the end, strangers were helping me. I was bankrupt, I was left without money, I had zero. But at some point, I realized that all those fails, which seemed like “That’s all, I should give up and not do anything anymore”, those are the moments that allow you to grow, and thanks to them, perhaps, I have become what I am here and now. I came to Altai, and in fact, in the Altai Federal District, I was the person who brought Finiko from Moscow, brought it here. I came for a week, I came in a fur coat and high boots, it was February. And I really wanted to be useful to the people I came to. And I offered to organize investment lunches. I just wanted people to share about their investments. How they invest, where they invest. Usually, someone invests somewhere, but does not share, because this is not accepted and because we do not have financial training, we practically do not have financial literacy. When there is trust in you that has been formed over the years. They see a person who will study everything, who will not go somewhere without thinking. And my structure, which currently has more than 5,000 people and a turnover of around $175,000-$190,000, began to form.

Yuri: On July 12, 2020, you pick up a turquoise Porsche Macan, which is not available not just in Barnaul, but at all. It seems to me that you are able to count on one hand how many such cars there are in Russia.

Oksana: I have always been dreaming of such a car, but for some reason, I did not allow it myself. And when I already had the opportunity to buy it. When I came to the dealership for the first time, it was when we went to Baikal. And they calculated the cost of the car for me, I wanted a turquoise color. And after I was told that I had to wait two more weeks, I said: “Well, okay, everything is fine,” and we left the dealership. And then I apparently felt on myself what many people think. I thought, “Why do I need it, why do I need such an expensive car at all?”.

Yuri: How expensive? What did it cost you?

Oksana: $75,000. And I thought, “Well, it is an apartment, or you can even buy five apartments, or you can invest in something else, and why do I need this car at all?”. But when I got into it, I saw that you can use a bunch of cool features that it has. These are navigation, listening to music from the phone, and adjusting the chair as you need. And I understood this comfort, I realized that, in principle, I can. When I got behind the wheel of a car, I said: “I can even live in it, actually.” And some time after we went to Baikal, I thought that I had dealt with those beliefs that I had inside. I also thought about what people would say about me, and how they would think in general. I thought they would be wondering where I got such a car, and that there would be much envy around.

Yuri: There was a lot in your head, right?

Oksana: Yes. And then on Baikal, in this strong place, there was a strong purification of consciousness when we returned, guys. But I wanted it, I really wanted it. And then the guys called me and said: “Look, it is very strange and unusual that this car came in this color, maybe you just stop by, have a coffee, and we will show it to you?” And so, we even laugh that we stopped by for coffee and bought a Macan. Because after all those beliefs left my head, we were there for a week, I realized how important this purchase was for me, how much it emphasized the status, how comfortable it was to drive and be there.

Yuri: How many features there are.

Oksana: And how it stimulates everything, I mean, this car was such a point like, “Yes, it’s mine! Yes, I did it and I can do more”

Yuri: Awesome, then let’s discuss the numbers. $75,000.

Oksana: Yes.

Yuri: Is that the full cost of the car? How much did you deposit using the program?

Oksana: I contributed $26,250, plus there were office fees. And again, I have managed to enter the three months program, and after three months, I received the full amount.

Yuri: And then, you got behind the wheel.

Oksana: And then, I sat down and those fears appeared in my head: “What should I do? Or maybe buy it cheaper? Or maybe this? What for?” That is, our consciousness begins to block it and says, “It seems to be too early, why do you need that all?”. But I dealt with it.

Yuri: And now, you just drive, get high, and no one passes by without turning their head and looking at such a car. Okay, you said that you have plans for the future, you are not going to stop at this car. What’s next?

Oksana: I have also recently paid off the mortgage with the help of the company. It was for an apartment located in Moscow. My closest plans are: when an apartment in Moscow is done, I make repairs and move in, finally, because now I still live in a rented apartment. And the next level: I am already considering real estate abroad.

Yuri: Where?

Oksana: In Thailand. Because I like this place very much. I spent almost every vacation that I had before in Phangan.

Yuri: Now you can go to Thailand when the borders are open.

Oksana: Yes, I am currently considering a purchase. Once I also thought it was unreal, it seemed difficult. Everyone said that there were taxes and a bunch of strange fears. And when I met the guys who really have apartments in Thailand, they said, “No, in fact, there is nothing so complicated, and this all is real”. So, for now, that is the plan.

Yuri: Ambitious, of course, but I am sure, everything will work out because the confirmation is standing next to us. Okay, how are you going to do it? I mean, what products will you use besides this? Tell us, what are you using now?

Oksana: I have used everything available. So, that is a mortgage, I have said that I paid off the mortgage, I repaid the loan I took for the mortgage, I used the car program, I bought an apartment, I use the cashback service. And you can also use Finiko.Product and Finiko.Life. In principle, all products are good.

Yuri: So let’s try to put everything together. So many products, I have counted five. How much did you invest in total?

Oksana: If we are talking about all the costs that I have invested: both credit funds and the personal funds I had. That is $90,000, about $95,000.

Yuri: About $95,000.
Oksana: Since December 2019.
Yuri: And how much did you earn? Oksana: $272,000. In five months.
Yuri: Do I even have to comment on this?

Oksana: And besides that, I have not only used the products, but I have also seen great prospects in this company. And at the moment, when everything was closed, and the coronavirus began, I decided that I would build a team with the company. And I became the leader of the company.

Yuri: Oksana Tretyakova. And this is her success story.

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