13 April 2021
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The results of the drawing
The results of the drawing
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Karina: Good afternoon. My name is Karina. And today, we will sum up the results of the drawing, the condition of which was to purchase Finiko branded products on the website zygmuntovich.com from the 23rd to the 29th of October. We have assigned a personal number to each customer and using a random number generator, we will select five winners who will be credited with 100 CFR in their personal account. We have such a table. We see that all our customers from the 23rd to the 29th of October are recorded in it. In total, there are 137 of them. Let’s go to the number generator. From 1 to 137. Click generate. And the first winner is number 119. Let’s see who has the number 119. That is Olga Malyukova – we mark her. Now, we choose the second winner. The second winner is number 19. That is Gulnur Volynchuk. Now, we select the third one. Press generate again. The third winner is number 35. And that is Sergey Shlyukhtin. There are still two winners left. The fourth winner is number 64. Artem Ishchenko has this number. And now let’s see who is the last fifth winner – who is so lucky to receive 100 CFR in their personal account. It is number 110. And that is the customer Natalia Bukhantsova. All five winners have been selected. Specialists will shortly contact them to clarify their personal account details, so that each of them will get 100 CFR. Congratulations to the winners, we wish you to continue buying products and enjoying them. I hope you are satisfied with the shopping and wish you all the best. Goodbye!

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