23 January 2021
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The most profitable cashback service of 2020
The most profitable cashback service of 2020
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Good afternoon, everyone! Today we are here for a special occasion – we are finally launching the cashback service. So, I am here to tell you what this service offers. And we will also show you a bit of the technical side – how your personal account will look. Today we will make the deposit and upload receipts together as if we had bought something. We will show you the whole process step by step. After that, I will answer your questions. My name is Anton. I am the head of the cashback service. Today we will talk about it. The main advantage of the service is that you can upload any purchases, regardless of whether you made it using a crypto-card or a regular Sberbank card. People have been wondering if it is possible to make purchases with a credit card or not. Yes, any receipt that has a date, time, and amount can be uploaded to the system. We have switched to the personal account. First of all, there must be a certain amount of CFRs in your e-wallet. We will replenish the balance for 4,000 CFR. As you know, our deposit will be recharged after 72 working hours. We will do some magic, and 72 hours will pass now. As you can see, all functions are pretty simple. The interface is intuitive and does not require complex actions.

Our task is to replenish the deposit and to add purchases. On the right side, you can see the amount of deposit income for the period from July 1 to July 31, which I can get, given that today is July 17th. I will receive 118 CFR for a certain number of days. In 13 days, we can earn 118 CFR of interest on the deposit of 4000 CFR or more. Today, I added a few receipts to the system. Now I will show you some features. We are adding a new purchase. Let me try right now. We have a receipt, where the payment date is April 10. This is the current month and I can upload receipts from the previous three days. Well, including today. Therefore, the receipt that I was planning to upload, is not valid already. It is better to use a receipt displaying the transaction. I mean, the check, where we can see the product name and the fact of payment. In this receipt, we can see the product name, the total amount, date, and time. And here is the confirmation that you have paid for it. It is not recommended to upload receipts without proof of payment or product name. There is a chance that we will reject it. Now we select this receipt photo. We upload the receipt from July 17, 10:40 am. There are different countries and different currencies. We select the currency and type the sum of the receipt in the corresponding field. Attach a photo and click “add”. Now we see that there has been no deposit in the cashback system for the previous 17 days. Therefore, those days will not be taken into account to calculate the profit. There is a formula for the cashback rate increase. In a while, there will be an article describing all the gradations. Now I will just say that the cashback rate can be increased from 15% up to 25%, depending on the number of purchases. Let’s move on to the questions.

-In which countries will the cashback service work?

-There is a sufficient number of countries and currencies included in the system. If the currency you need is not there yet, I recommend contacting the support service and asking to add your country and currency.

-Will a receipt be accepted if I have paid for the purchase with cash? -It is suitable. We do accept this.

-What is the minimum amount of CFR required?

-Please, clarify. Do you mean the replenishment of the deposit or a sum of a purchase?

-Good afternoon. I have a contract for renting an apartment. I make monthly transfers to another bank card, and I want to receive cashback for those payments. How can I do it?

-If you are making transfers, you have a bill to send this amount to someone. You can attach this invoice and the agreement under which you make the payments.

-I deposited 1,000 CFR to the cashback service on July 4 and it was deleted later. Will 1,000 CFR appear on the account balance again?

-Yes, it will.

-Why do you require photos of the receipts for the purchases I have made in another store? What is your benefit?

-At the beginning of my speech, I have said that it is necessary to recharge the deposit, from which you will receive an interest of 72% per annum. The cashback will be generated depending on the deposit state. If you have not replenished the deposit, you will not be able to upload a receipt.

-Does the computer check receipts?

-No, receipts are checked by people.

-Can I scan a receipt using a QR code?

-Yes, there will be such a possibility in the future. It will be implemented in our app. At the moment, this option is not available.

-Is there protection against fake receipts?

-Yes, all receipts undergo the validation process. By default, you will see that your check has been accepted, but there is a possibility that it will be rejected after verification.

-Can I upload any receipt?

-No, only receipts for the period of the last three days. The system will reject other receipts. The dates are also checked.

-In what currency do you return cashback?
-In CFR.
-Will be the citizens of other countries able to use the cashback service?

-Yes, and we have separated the cashback service and crypto-cards because there were certain restrictions. We have chosen an individual solution for everyone.
If there are no questions left, then we can finish.

About marketing: unlike other cases, the cashback service deposit will be included in the turnover. And there is also a 3% interest from the deposit income.

Well then, that’s it. If you want to ask a question, then send an email to the support service. At the next webinar, we will definitely cover your questions in the presentation. We will show you a full overview of the cashback service, including a new personal account. For today, that is all. Goodbye, everyone.

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