8 May 2021
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The first Doronium conference overview
The first Doronium conference overview
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. My name is Nikita. We are currently in Moscow. This is a city where it is difficult to keep track of the growth of the innovations but we will try to do it. The first Doronium conference will take place here. It will be not just a regular conference but a real discussion platform. After all, if you want to have a good future, you have to start today.

Olga: This is something completely new, completely different. It will really blow up the whole world. Emilia: I am sure that the product our company will make will strongly affect the body of any person.

Oksana: Nano first aid kit consists of a set of minerals that are essential. Even more than water and air, I would say. You should never miss such events.

Anna: People are currently interested in the issues of becoming healthier and keeping themselves in good shape to maintain a long life.

Matvey: I’ve got positive impressions and made new discoveries for myself.

Alexey: I liked the event itself: format, quality. A very high level.

Nikita: Our new product presentation event has just finished. The conference was bright, and the participants received a lot of new information. It is important for me that they have become concerned about a significant matter – their health. So, subscribe to our channel and monitor your health. See you soon.

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