18 June 2021
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The final day of the April Club 20
The final day of the April Club 20
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Nikita: Hello, everyone! Today, we are talking about the final fourth day of Club 20 in Sochi. The background of the participants is so diverse. Those are people not only from different parts of Russia but also from different countries. And they are working on themselves here at the training.

I just want to believe that people have a few more days besides today to enjoy these beautiful views of Sochi.

Woman 1: Of course, the atmosphere itself and the energy are very important to me.

Woman 2: I’m at Club 20 because it was my dream I believed I had to realize no matter what. And now it turned out that it came true in a short period.

Man 1: I came to develop in the field of business because I have little experience.

Man 2: I came to receive useful knowledge again that I can communicate to my team, to my structure, and create a big business.

Man 3: The knowledge Kirill gives is so valuable that the result is visible immediately when you put it into practice.

Man 4: The topics to be discussed are especially interesting to me, and I want to hear what Kirill thinks.

Nikita: The main topic of this Club 20 is mentoring. We have decided to ask the participants about how important and relevant this topic is to them. And here is what they think about it.

Man 5: Of course, as a leader, I want to improve the professionalism and performance of my team. Therefore, I need to get the maximum information on the topic of mentoring from Kirill. So that he tells me if I don’t know something. So that I can apply the knowledge in my team and the guys get better and greater super cool results.

Woman 3: Now I just have a clear understanding of what I’m going to do next. And a clear understanding of what mentoring is. Both the purpose and the actions are clear.

Woman 4: Everything was in very simple language. But now everything is so structured in the head that it is impossible not to become the best mentor for your team. So clear theses were worked out, clear principles of the mentor’s work that you just want to work, work, and fly on. I thank Kirill and Finiko for such opportunities that you provide.

Nikita: Today, we talked a lot about the main topic of Club 20 with the participants – it was mentoring. In the beginning, they noted how important and relevant it was. And at the very end, when they received a lot of knowledge, they were already eager to go to their teams, to their partners, and share that knowledge. And if talking about the results of four days in general, then it was Club 20, 80 people, 4 days in Sochi – in general, it was grandiose.

You can watch the episodes about each day on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel right now to do so. Well, see you soon!

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