18 June 2021
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The best cashback service of 2020
The best cashback service of 2020
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So, today, we are going to discuss the cashback service.

I will explain everything shortly in fifteen to twenty minutes. Why do you need it? How does it work? I have an assistant, Zygmunt, who will help me. At Finiko, we create the best services related to finance and trade. And now you will hear a short story about how the cashback service works. People ask about it often. There will also be “Club 100” in Krasnodar soon. So, the cashback service. What is it? We have named it “CBS.ONE”. The problem with this product is the same as with others – it is simple and straightforward. The only thing you need to do is to figure out how the mechanism works. Imagine that you go to a shop.

Now imagine how much money you spend on children. And considering this, try to count how much money you have spent in the last three to four months. Well, calculate the spendings on everything you buy. Remember how much you pay for utilities and other things like courses and hobbies. What is the price of your hobby? Or, if you are an entrepreneur, you may be chasing liquidity to reduce the gap between expenditures and profits. It is possible to cut your expenses by 15-25%. How does it work? Everything is very simple. We have an application and a website. On thefiniko.com, there is a CBS.ONE section. In fact, our goal was to create a cashback service. You buy something, for example, groceries. You get a receipt for $15. If we are talking about 15% cashback, you receive a refund of $2,25. Our system returns it to your account.

The cashback sum will be divided into equal parts and paid to your wallet for five months. In other words, we will monthly transfer $0,45 to your electronic wallet. Then you might be thinking whether to withdraw that $2,25 or to spend it again. It would be more rational to buy something, as the cashback rate is 15%, and a $0,35 return will accrue once again. Let’s make another assumption. You have tanked up the car for $25. Imagine that your cashback rate is 25%. That is the maximum rate possible. Your refund will be $6,25 – a real bargain. There are no analogs in the market yet. For five months, you will be receiving $1,25 to your wallet. And after that, you are free to spend or withdraw $6,25 again. How does it work? CBS.ONE cashback service works in all kinds of stores, both online and offline. In any country, any chain of stores, and any currency. Because it is a cryptosystem. In other words, we use cryptocurrency and count your real purchases. What is the conventional unit? We operate in CFR, which is equal to $1. A personal account includes cash, card, and crypt. The deposit is converted into CFR. USDT and BTS are used for payments. You pay from your bank account, and we calculate your cashback in CFR. How does the cashback service work? Let’s assume that you have bought groceries for $30 using your bank account. Then, you have refueled your car for another $50.

In a week, you have spent $150 on children’s needs. To receive a cashback, you need to have a deposit in CFR. If you have a 230 CFR deposit, the 15-25% cashback will be credited to you from all purchases, depending on your rate. Cashback is accrued for the expenses equivalent to your deposit. The deposit can be increased. You can also withdraw it in CFR. It is possible to upload receipts or screenshots from an online bank to the system. If you have a fiscal receipt, you are also able to receive cashback. What are the benefits of the system? It works absolutely everywhere. You just need to upload photos of receipts and digital receipts to the system. There is also a possibility to make money under an affiliate program.

You just have to share your affiliate link with other people, and you will receive income from their purchases and deposits. We will be covering this more thoroughly in a separate webinar on Tuesday at 3 pm Moscow time. That’s all I wanted to tell you today. Are there any questions in the chat?

-How is it possible to increase the cashback rate from 15% to 25%?

-Our company is product oriented. There is a career ladder with ratings ranging from 1 to 10 stars. You can work on an affiliate program and profit from it. The first star has 16% cashback, the second star has 17%, and at each next level the cashback rate increases by 1%. The 10th star gets 25%.

-My bank offers me cashback from purchases. Will cashback from my bank and Finiko be summed up?

-Yes, you will receive cashback from both.

-What is the minimum and maximum deposit?

-The minimum deposit is 100 CFR, and the maximum one is 20,000 CFR

-Do I need to spend any amount to receive interest from the deposit?

-Even if you do not spend anything, you will receive 6% interest.

-My deposit is active from the 25th of the month. Will I receive interest only for the time the cashback has been working?

-Yes, but on the 15th of the next month, you will receive the whole amount. -For which period are receipts accepted by the system?
-For a maximum of three days after purchase.
-What if I have changed my mind and decided to withdraw the money? -You will receive it in 21 days.

-What if my deposit is $1,000, but I have purchased something for $1,020?
-You will receive cashback only from $1,000.
-It is the first time I hear that cashback is returned within 5 months. Why is that so? -Because the sum of your cashback must be earned and guaranteed.
-Can buy Indexes for the money I earn from the cashback service?

-I pay for my housing by making transfers. Can I receive cashback from it? -No. Only if there is a receipt or a bank transaction.

Well, that’s all for today. Use the service and ask your questions. See you at the next meeting.

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