18 June 2021
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The best cashback service in 2020
The best cashback service in 2020
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Hello, everyone. My name is Marat. The surname is also Sabirov.
Cashback card. We wanted to create the best cashback service in Russia. What is its advantage? Are there many people who use our product? Cool. The first thing it simplifies is withdrawal. What does the card allow you to do? You can immediately withdraw the money you earned and pay for something. It is a regular MasterCard. You can use it everywhere with a probability of 90%. The main advantage of the service is a 15% cashback on any purchase. Thus, you instantly get 15% cashback.

Besides, you will receive a 6% deposit interest every month. The card works all over the world. There is real money on its balance. Not points. You can spend it right away. There is also a possibility to increase the cashback rate up to 25%. You can do it by purchasing something. You need to spend $200, plus 1%. When you spend $2000, you will receive a 20% cashback. Another way is to recommend the service to someone. If five people will come on your recommendation, you will have 25% cashback. This is a maximum. There is no need to approve it. You need to achieve it once, and it will remain as long as you are using the card. It remains forever.

All gas stations work with us. Grocery stores, shopping malls, and other shops. Thus, the profitability is 25% cashback and 6% interest. That is what the card can give you. The price of the card is 500 CFR. It is equal to $500. $250 will be on your personal account, and $250 you can spend straight away.

When going to a cafe, one will pay with this card, and take the money back in cash, and so on. This is how you can use it. One hundred dollars goes to the one who has recommended it to you. One hundred dollars will be transferred immediately. Next, 3% of the deposit income of an affiliate. Here – 6% a month.

The card limit is $13,000.

Those who have Index understand me. You do not need to sell investments. It is easier. It is a product you use every day.

It will be like this.

Let’s applaud him. You can ask questions.

You can use the card if you are at least 18 years old. Two cards per person are allowed. My friend’s son has grown up, and he is on his father’s account. Cards are issued in Russia. We are testing them for two weeks.

This is a regular card with a MasterCard payment system. It is issued for 4 years. Any questions?

We have told everything.
Is this a card from your crypto bank?

This is a cryptocurrency account. It works worldwide. The company is registered in Singapore.

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