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Telegram bot “Vexel Bot” in working with Finiko
Telegram bot “Vexel Bot” in working with Finiko
November 12, 2020    109 Views     0 Shares

This is the school of trading strategies, and today, we will analyze what the telegram bot is and how it works. This is the first bot that does not charge withdrawal fees. It is very profitable and convenient, isn’t it?

We press “start”. Here is the main menu: wallet, exchange, about the service, settings.

It works like a P2P platform. Deals take place between other members of the bot. You can respond to the announcements of other participants, as well as create your own ads for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency.

If we do not have ads, then the bot offers to create them. We choose to buy and set the rate to $8,500. The minimum and maximum amounts are from $13 to $130. Our announcement has been published. Let’s see how it looks. That’s correct, here’s the detailed information. You can also edit it. Let’s check whether it has been turned off or not, since we will not trade. You can see that we have created an ad in 3-4 clicks.

Languages are available in settings. You can change the main currency for work. Let’s sum up:

Unlike most websites, this bot has no restrictions on the publication of advertisements for a purchase. All transactions are maximally protected. In the case of controversial issues, an arbitrator gets connected. You can use it as a wallet for storing cryptocurrency. This bot does not charge any fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency. Fast buy and fast sale of cryptocurrency.

Here we will end this video. That’s all.

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