18 June 2021
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Successful repayment of 3 loans with Finiko
Successful repayment of 3 loans with Finiko
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Thanks to the Zoom app, we can easily create content for you in self-isolation mode. And this time, with the help of Zoom, we have talked with the client of Finiko from Novosibirsk, Igor Khalzov. He has been talking about the ZK35 program, how to manage finance, and how to change the mindset after 50.

“Hello, tell us about yourself. What city are you from?”
“Hello, my name is Igor Khalzov, and I am from Novosibirsk. I am 57 years old, by the way.” “Tell us more about your loan. How much have you borrowed, how much do you pay?”

“I have taken out three loans of $6,200 each. I regret it. Later, I realized that I should have borrowed $25,000. And that’s all, I have sent money to the company. I have made three payments and every 35 percent I gave to Finiko. $2,100 is 35 percent, and 10 percent more for the documents. I have $3,800 left in my hands.

“How much do you get?”

“Those who have come with one loan get bored. They receive money once a month. And I receive payments three times a month. Finiko transferred me the money at six in the morning. The payments are ongoing. I get $650. That is both credit and interest.”

“There are no problems. People don’t know how to wait. I’m used to just waiting and receiving my amount.”

“Give advice to the skeptics”

“Those who are in thought – you should consult with everyone. They will tell you that you are a loser. But you come home and give the money to Finiko. Be sure to create a profile on Instagram. And the third step – show the result to those who have told you that you are a loser.”

“Would you like to say something encouraging?”

“Yes, be winners, winners in life.”

“Bye-bye, good luck”

Igor Khalzov is our client who has used the program “Pay off a loan for 35% of the outstanding balance”.

Igor has taken out three loans of $6,200 each – a total of $18,600. He has deposited $2,100 in the company three times – a total of $7,100. Every month, Igor receives three payments of $650, which is $1,950 in total. Igor will pay off all three loans within 10 months.

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