18 June 2021
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Security rules and tips from the support of the Finiko platform
Security rules and tips from the support of the Finiko platform
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Anton: Today, I would like to provide several recommendations that will significantly simplify not only your lives but also ours and all your sponsors’. And, in general, it will be useful for everyone who comes across our website. The first thing you will start with is registration. Here I would like to draw your attention to turning on incognito mode. What is it for? When you follow someone’s referral link, your link blocks the entry of a referral ID. Sometimes it happens that you watch some videos on the Internet, and then you have a record that you have been there. When someone gives you a link, you follow another one. When they say that it was not their mistake, then it may not be so, but it is better to log in incognito. It is advisable to double-check the email and phone number because the code comes there.

You enter the password, and then once again. It is advisable to make a note somewhere so as not to forget it. Next, regarding security. I recommend that you use a separate email and phone number on the website to avoid spam. When you recommend something to other people, you are most likely showing your personal account. It is much easier to make sure that no one sees your data online. For example, a phone number. Avoid suspicious resources. Incognito mode and two-factor authentication. You should go to settings and check everything from time to time to keep your heart calm. Then it will be good. Once you’ve signed up, your next step is settings. Fill in the data, verify, turn on two-factor authentication. When uploading documents, enter what is written there. The photo must be clear and free of glare. Most of the verifications now take no more than 5 minutes. There is also another recommendation. If you had uploaded everything but did not receive a response within 48 hours, then most likely there was an error. It is better to contact support.

Another moment. Sometimes it is indicated that the system cannot read the document. Get three system rejections, and then there will be a manual moderation. About the programs. It often happens that you do not create them, but they are there. Each program allows first to create a contract and then check. You can accidentally specify a different date. But in order to avoid that, you can exit, and then look at the date. Make sure to check the amount and payment dates. Concerning buying CFR. There are also a lot of errors and moments when users do not send the requested amount. You receive a receipt and this is the amount the system expects to receive. Most often, problems are associated with the platform from which you send currency. There may be a fee. Make sure to check the address.

These are your assets, and it is desirable to be attentive to them. If the support is silent, most likely it is answering not you. That is why we have decided to create a resource with the most frequently asked questions. At the top, there is a box where it is written that the website is under construction. You should not write your questions there. There is a list of 300 articles that will appear there soon. Just give it a little time. If there is no answer to your question, then contact support. There are question templates here. It often happens that the operator cannot understand what the question is because there is no clarification. Accordingly, if you use the recommendations, the request will be processed faster. You can contact us by email. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you.

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