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Review of buying Mercedes GLC 250d
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Review of buying Mercedes GLC 250d

D: Hello, everyone! We are in Mercedes dealership and we are filming a case of a car purchasing for 35% of its cost. Now we will introduce you with Svetlana. You can greet everyone. A car purchase is one of the most interesting cases, and many people are watching them. Svetlana, tell us a little bit about yourself, please. Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live?

S: I live in Kazan, I am a journalist and lawyer by training, I work in jurisprudence. I am a mother of two children, a happy wife, a happy mother, I am the happiest, especially today.

D: Could you tell us the cost of the car in the car dealership, or in the market?

S: Frankly speaking, I have no idea. This is the first Mercedes in my life. But not the first car, previously I had much simpler cars. Therefore, when I saw prices in a car dealership, they were cosmic. To be honest, I have never even considered this price category for myself. It seemed just cosmic. But our car costed 600,000, we spent money from this program.

D: 35% – did you deposit 600,000 rubles?

S: Yes, we did. We waited, I guess, 90 days, according to the old program. 95 days, to be precise. Then my husband and I decided to extend it for another month. We got a sum of 1.900.000 or something in output. And we could consider such cars that we could not even dream about before.

D: Svetlana, today we have filmed the case of a car purchase with Igor. As far as I know, you purchase it from him, right?

S: That is right, Igor is one of the company leaders. This person has a very graceful energy, he is so positive, he could energize everyone. My husband had a key moment: while we purchased a car from him. That particular car, that has his energy, that has his power, that has his charisma.

D: Please, tell us: why did you decide to join this program?

S: The time was ripe to change the car. When we studied the products that the company offers, we chose this car program. And another one for the credit.

D: How did your friends and acquaintances react?

S: Frankly speaking, they did not believe, they could believe at all. When we extended the contract for another month, even our closest friends twisted a finger at their temples: “You are fools! You had to take money while the company gave them! ” That was the common reaction of our friends. Some of them have not known yet, so it would be a shock for them, honestly. But someone believed. Those, among friends of Finiko, they believed.

D: Share three tips with people who want to join this program.

S: I believe that every man is the architect of his own future. Consequently, everything is in our hands. We can change our life, our habits. Thanks to Finiko, I also looked at myself a little bit from the side. When you see that someone has already achieved something, you somehow also want to move forward. For me, this “indicator” was my husband, I mean, he is mainly engaged in this, studies these issues very deeply. Also, the partners, you look at them, align with them. Therefore, I believe the most important thing is that people are not afraid to change their habits, their lives. To get out of the routine.

D: How to get out of the routine?

S: I am such an optimist on my own. But I am not a very risky person. That is why we were walking around the bush. We were in doubt. But, basically, the books, and, probably some seminars, lectures are in evidence. You realize that you just have to make up your mind at some moment. You have to act. I mean: to read, study and act.

D: Thank you very much for the interview. Everyone who is interested in the program “Purchase a car for 35% of its cost.” can watch this video and all other videos on our YouTube channel. Thank you, bye-bye!

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