18 June 2021
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Returnable venture – about the future
Returnable venture – about the future
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Kirill: From the point of view of the near future, like 5-7 years, it is very important to do something already here to know how we will be earning there. This is not a 100% option, because no one can do that, but you can take some measures here. We have such a thing as a venture. I’ll tell you more about it. At the last conference, we were talking about the Hi token. In three days, a lot has changed for us. We have changed some aspects, but the basic points are very clear. You can watch it. Now about the venture. What is it? Anyone will tell you that this is when you invest and do not know what will happen next. Maybe it will shoot, but maybe not. This is really so. We have decided to follow the same path as our charity project works. Imagine that all of us here have decided to start some kind of a serious airline company that could deal with increasing yields. How much are you losing if a tractor is driving across your field? That is a tractor that spreads poison for locusts, insects, and all sorts of other creatures. The machinery that is moving across the field and the machinery that is flying are two different tools. So I want us to create a company with 10 planes. No farmer can afford a private jet because they cannot maintain it. But a service company is a different thing. Imagine. For example, we need $130,000 for everything. So, we will invest, and then we will already think. When various questions arise, many people are already thinking of doing nothing. How can this effect be minimized? Everything is very simple. We are collecting money to make our planes fly. At the same time, we want to save this money in order to return it. But those planes appear according to some kind of a roadmap. And we pay not this capital but the income from it. Payment of the same money according to the roadmap but within 9-10 months.

This is a sample project. Some projects can be done in less time, some in more. What do investors get? We can withdraw 25-30% of the profit from these planes and send it to the report. And each shareholder will receive interest. Here we get the full amount. We have formed an asset that is engaged also in raising money. This is where we can enter the traditional business market. It turns out to be a lot of projects. There are many industries in the world that you can pursue. The most important principle is that we are saving capital, and then it can be moved to the next project. Here’s the model. Very convenient. At the same time, if you say that you want to quit, you will simply take your share and stop making a profit on these ventures. That’s it. This is such an alternative, less risky model. Let’s take an example of airplanes. I can list everything now. The first is personal control because there are a lot of people with ideas. There are a lot of requests that we cannot even reply to. Now we are moving towards the people who can do something.

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