23 January 2021
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Real estate at hot prices with Finiko
Real estate at hot prices with Finiko
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How is it possible to buy your dream apartment via the system thefiniko.com? The concept is very simple. You define a target of buying a specific apartment. Let’s assume the price of your dream to be $80,000. So, how does the system work?
The company offers you a contract worth 28,000 CFR. You deposit this sum to the system, and after 120 days, you receive a total sum of $80,000 to your electronic account. Then you just withdraw the money and buy your dream apartment with no queues or liabilities. We are not a kind of company where clients have to queue up for a hot deal. The system of Finiko builds relationships with you. That said, you visit our website, we make an agreement, and fulfill the request without any delays. And another important aspect is that you immediately get ownership.

There are no pitfalls, everything is transparent. The only important issue that occurs is taxes. As you receive the profit of $52,000 on top of your $28,000 payment, the income tax must be paid. And the concept is the following: we pay $80,000 plus the tax amount to your personal account. Firstly, you withdraw the tax money and pay the bill. After that, the sum of $ 80,000 becomes available. So, you withdraw the property money and buy an apartment with ownership and without queues or liabilities.

When we make an agreement for $28,000 so that you can buy your dream worth $80,000, we include a 1% office fee. Precisely speaking, if you work in the system with an intermediary who explains everything to you, this money goes to this person’s account. Besides, $165 conventional units is a salary measure of an employee who accompanies your contract so that everything happens on time. This is how the program of purchasing real estate for 35% of the total cost works.

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