26 January 2021
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Quick car purchase through Finiko
Quick car purchase through Finiko
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone! We are currently in Moscow. And today, we are shooting a video about Audi A8. I will introduce you to Dmitry, who has bought this car for 35% of the cost. And now you will see everything.

Let’s just chat in a regular format. You will tell us about yourself, who you are, and how you’ve got the car.

Dmitry: Okay
Dilyara: Who is Dmitry? What is your profession?
Dmitry: I work as an operational control specialist for one company. Dilyara: Operational control of what?
Dmitry: Buildings and structures.
Dilyara: It’s in Moscow, right?
Dmitry: In Moscow.
Dilyara: How long have you been working so far?
Dmitry: Several years.
Dilyara: You are originally from Moscow, right?
Dmitry: Yes, yes.
Dilyara: How did you find out about Finiko?
Dmitry: Friends recommended.

Dilyara: How did they recommend it? Did they come to tell you? How does it even happen, I’m just wondering? For instance, I came there to work, and that’s the way I learned about the company.

Dmitry: It happens as follows, so, a person you know calls you and says, “So and so, there is such a thing.” You think, “No, it can’t be true.” You hang up, then you are sitting, thinking, go to the website, look through everything, get familiar with it.

Dilyara: But still, you got interested, right?

Dmitry: I did, yes. I went to the Finiko presentation in Moscow, and there they told in a detail about all the programs and products they had. Well, accordingly, I thought: “Why not use it?” And there, of course, they explained that: “Yes, like in any other investment, there are risks.”

And so, I began to think about how to weigh those risks so that I do not lose something there.

Dilyara: Did you keep on studying the company? Dmitry: Yes, of course.

Dilyara: Okay, they told you about various programs. Why did you choose the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”?

Dmitry: I love cars very much. Dilyara: Do you?

Dmitry: Yes. And especially Audi. The case is that I already had Audi A4 before that, which is also a rarity in Moscow. It had a 3-liter diesel engine and it was ordered from Germany.

Dilyara: I probably should express admiration on my face because I don’t understand what you are talking about at all. In terms of the inner filling of the car. For me, it is beautiful.

Dmitry: Yes, and for me, the most important thing is the inner filling. Namely, it is reliability and practicality. I thought I wanted an Audi A8. But they don’t sell it here.

Dilyara: Do you mean they are not sold in Russia at all?
Dmitry: In Russia, they sell long versions. For a rear passenger traveling with a driver. Dilyara: I see.
Dmitry: This is a short version. So, it is for a driver.
Dilyara: Okay, you have already chosen a car. Did you know its price?

Dmitry: I knew the price approximately, but I did not know about all the costs. That is, I did not know how much would delivery, customs, picking, and all that cost. Of course, I deposited money with a margin.

Dilyara: So that you have enough just in case?
Dmitry: Yes. Also, it was not clear what the rate would be.
Dilyara: 35% of the cost – how much was it when you contributed to the company? Dmitry: I deposited 34,000 for 95 days.
Dilyara: Dollars?
Dmitry: Yes, $34,000. At that time, the tax was not yet included.

Dilyara: So, you have managed to enter the 95 days program?

Dmitry: Yes, yes. Exactly 95 years later, money came to me, I was just shocked.

Dilyara: Why shocked? Have you been unsure for 95 days?

Dmitry: I can’t say that there was no certainty. But that this thing works. That is, the fact that it really works after all.

Dilyara: That day has come, 95 days have passed, it turns out, you have opened your wallet, and there has been a sum there, right?

Dmitry: Yes.

Dilyara: Emotions? Did you go and show everyone: “Look!”?

Dmitry: No, why bragging about it.

Dilyara: Well, I don’t know, I would show it. Whoa! A car!

Dmitry: I told my friends, “Look, guys, I did it, so if you want, please try it.”

Dilyara: And how do they react when looking at a car of such a class? Which was bought well, in total, I would say, for $40,000, practically. So, it cost almost $40,000.

Dmitry: Yes, yes.

Dilyara: How do your guys react?

Dmitry: How? “Damn, cool, well done, good job”, all that.

Dilyara: You chose a car, you received the money. How did you buy it?

Dmitry: Here, to be honest, the most interesting part began. On YouTube, I found a person who does car selection in Germany.

Dilyara: So, you decided to buy it not here. Did you want to buy it from abroad initially?

Dmitry: Yes, yes, because a person who brought me another car back then, he no longer does it. So, I had to search. I used their services, and they found a car for me. Then, I thought about how to deliver it, because they do not deliver, and there was a pandemic, and I couldn’t fly to Germany just for the car.

Dilyara: You couldn’t pick it up yourself, right?

Dmitry: And here, of course, the difficulties began. I had to call my acquaintances. And, in general, it all just stretched out in time, so I was late with the report.

Dilyara: Yes, so, you were late, right?

Dmitry: I wrote a letter of apology, saying that everything would happen, I would definitely report back.

Dilyara: I want to explain to those who probably do not really understand about reporting. When you use the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. Basically, not only a car. You can purchase any type of transport for which you get a vehicle license. And this vehicle license must be uploaded to your personal account within a month when buying a car – this is the company’s requirement.

Dmitry: And the purchase and sale agreement.

Dilyara: Yes, and also the purchase and sale agreement. And you were late because of the pandemic. But you explained everything to the company, right?

Dmitry: Yes, yes.

Dilyara: They met you halfway, right?

Dmitry: It turns out, yes.

Dilyara: No, well, it’s cool that you got in touch and explained everything.

Dmitry: Of course. Now, I will receive all the documents, put them together, send them, and report back. Because I would still like to continue cooperating with Finiko.

Dilyara: Yes, for those who do not fulfill the conditions and do not attach reports, further cooperation with the company is not possible. How do you want to cooperate in the future?

Dmitry: Well, there are many interesting products. Dilyara: Which ones do you like?

Dmitry: At the moment, I still have CTI, Indexes. That is, I have invested money in Indexes, they are yielding.

Dilyara: Do you make money also like this? Dmitry: Yes.

Dilyara: Well, you don’t build your own structure, right? I understand it from our conversation. We even have a conference now, and Dima is like: “I’ll drop by quickly.” I say: “Aren’t you going to the conference?” He’s like, “No.” Well, with Germany, that’s a long story. I guess there has been customs clearance too.

Dmitry: Yes, then there have been problems with customs clearance, they could not find the engine number.

Dilyara: Engine number?

Dmitry: Yes, the engine number is needed for customs. Therefore, I had to go to the officials so that they also try to find me. They didn’t find it. We made a request to the officials in Germany. They said it was possible.

Dilyara: Do I understand correctly that it was easier for you to wait for money from the company to buy a car than wait for it to go through customs?

Dmitry: Yes, yes, there have been many problems.

Dilyara: Okay, that day has come, you have received a car, it has already arrived, you have registered it. Now, when you are driving, your emotions must be high, right? I see that you even

Dmitry: It is necessary to get in and have a drive. Dilyara: Get in and have a drive.

Dmitry: This car is just fire. I do not want. I mean, I don’t know about Mercedes and BMW, but this car drives.

Dilyara: Have you always had Audi? Dmitry: Yes, yes.

Dilyara: Great. Dmitry, thank you very much. What other programs are you, if you are planning to use, you can tell. For example, you have already checked everything. Okay, it works.

Dmitry: It works. I need the Finiko Product program.
Dilyara: Yes, Finiko Product is also an interesting program.
Dmitry: Yes, yes. I’ll continue with Indexes, and then we’ll see what else will be there.

Dilyara: Okay, okay, I hope we will meet again. Thank you very much for showing us the car and telling your story. People who are interested in learning more about the products. Dmitry talked a little about Finiko Product, we also have Finiko Life. Now, the cashback service has also been launched. Buying a car, buying an apartment, paying off loans. In general, you can learn more about all these programs on our website, read in more detail at finiko.ru. Or watch videos on our YouTube channel. Thank you for your attention and see you again!

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