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Questions and Answers. Finiko
Questions and Answers. Finiko
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-When did the company start operating?

I have plans for many years ahead. I like such questions. Plans for many years. The company started working long ago. I have found a post from 2018 on my Instagram. The company is about two years old. It was established to solve people’s financial problems. We’ve been on the air for a year so far.

-For how many years will Finiko last?

We do not set deadlines, we develop products. I am concerned about what I will pass on to my sons. I am wondering what will happen in the 30-40s. We want to create a product that will be relevant.

-Is there an inheritance option?

Yes. Go to settings. You can enter the name of the heir. The legal part will be published a little later. The inheritance right can be assigned technically.

-The RBC newspaper reports that the State Duma is preparing a bill on the introduction of criminal liability for cryptocurrency management. Your comments?

No comments, since I have read the bill carefully. This does not threaten us. I don’t know why you have thought it threatens you. Always read everything carefully.

-Aren’t you afraid to risk money?

We are not afraid because we are risking our own money. We have been saying that we are taking risks from the beginning. We have a mathematical model that makes us happy.

Live stream complaints

Light doesn’t work, neither do clickers. That is my comment.

They say that we will collapse. The argumentation is to the point, of course.

-About Kirill Doronin’s previous business.

The company was dealing with credit issues. The collectors have been bothering you, and my idea was to write a book on how to deal with it. I got inspired by my first son.

-How does the company benefit from the referral system?

Look, the referral system is not that rich. Our first payments are ridiculous. We are talking about the things that we can pay for. It will not happen so that you will accidentally make money. If you work, you will earn.

-Can I use the ZK35 program if I have another loan?
We are not interested in your intentions. You have a loan – we are repaying it.

-About the company registration, customer protection, and license. Why are there no documents on the website?

There is no information because that is a Russian domain. You cannot upload Estonian documents there. Everything is available on the company’s main website. All the documents are there.

-What is the benefit of paying 65%? How does it work?

When money comes to us, we work under a certain strategy. We are accomplishing several tasks. A person deposits thirty-five percent and then receives one hundred.

-When will FINIKO.Life be released?

We have sent it back to development. It came to the test. We will definitely launch it as well as the Product this month.

-How will you return money to clients in case of force majeure or default?

What would lead to force majeure? And to return what? As long as the markets work, we will operate. In another case, we’ll start over.

-Are you buying a building?
We announce the deadline. If partners are interested, then capital is formed. -Do you have to pay tax on daily interest from Indexes?
Yes, it is necessary because it is money earned with our help.
-Why is it exactly 35%?

There are some things that happen intuitively. This aspect has to do with, first of all, own greed and with the analysis of greed of others. Moreover, 35% sounds good. This is partly a marketing trick. 50 percent is already risky. 35 is the best option.

-Let’s invent something for kids?

Yes, we just need to somehow sort it out in terms of the law. Some 16-year-olds have received consent. We have to check the regulations.

-How to get information about FINIKO.Life? That is Finiko Life.

-What is wrong with the mobile application? I do not receive SMSes.

There is such an issue with Belarus and Ukraine. We have found a partner, everything will come. You can use Telegram.

-When will it be possible to transfer CFR to other partners?
Never. We won’t do that. Only withdrawn or on a personal account.

-What will happen if the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights blocks thefiniko.com?

They will not be able to block us, because the company is not registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. The copyright holder is an Estonian company. There is no reason for that.

-When will the Finiko telegram channel start working?

It works, but it is private. We have realized that it was easy to lose the channel when it was public. It works. But we will not accept anyone there. If we add you, you can report the channel.

-When will the withdrawal button appear in the application? There is no such button for safety reasons.
-What wording will be used when paying taxes?
We are figuring it out now.

-Why does the fall in the dollar rate have no effect on the company?
If you live in America, it will affect you. But it does not concern us in any way.

-When will the next Promo take place? When will the results of the combined Promo be announced?

Over 1000 partners have completed the promo. We will sum up the results. From the first day of the next month, there will be a new promo. We need 10 days.

-What does it mean to “get a star” and how can I get it?

That is a certain level of performance. The number of stars corresponds to the level. The first star is the first level.

-What actions will be taken to avoid losing clients’ money in light of the impending collapse of financial markets?

Not falling into this collapse of those positions. What kind of upcoming collapse are we talking about? The market has been falling since 2006. Some markets.

-Question about the battle of traders. What does it prove?

It proves that at least one trader knows how to make money. It turns on some kind of thinking when you are watching it. A person is able to make 3 percent a day. Thus, he will continue doing it.

-What currencies do you have?

We have a description box in each video. You can also check on VKontakte.

-What was the maximum traders’ profit?

I knew this would be a problem. Except for March 9, the maximum was 300 percent. We are for stability. We have shown that it is possible to make money like this.

-If traders are so open, why wouldn’t they provide investors’ passwords?

We have no investors. If someone gives you the keys, then the mental capacity of that person is very low. At the time the link was posted, there were $32,000 in the account. I have deposited another $30,000 into it. From next week, he will start working with another deposit.

-What risks do you allow when trading?

1.5 percent. We have a rule of two stops per day.

-Are you going to expand the team of traders?

Yes, of course. We are already doing it. We do not take, do not help to pass, do not teach. We don’t. A trader is a man of character. He has to do everything himself.

-How much money can a team of traders handle?

I can say that we are not even close to it yet. Hypothetically, there is such a sum, but practically not. Only the number of tools increases.

-Do I have to possess some basic skills?

Yes, you have to be able to work on the Internet. To be able to register email, to have a telephone.

-Will there be any more trading strategies?
Working on P2P platforms is one and the same strategy.

-What other platforms for work are there?
I will list it: Localbitcoins, Bitzlato, and Telegram bots. We will launch our own platform in July, where there will be a bonus.

-Is there an opportunity to get additional knowledge or pay for a personal consultant?

From the 15th of what month… The first-course launch is planned for June 15. There will be an opportunity to study in groups of 5-10 people. So, from the 15th of June.

-Do you really help children? How long has the “I love living” project been existing?

It’s been a long time. The project is about 12-13 years old. Volunteers breathe out and this dependent system is forever. It becomes a handout system. Often it is just about giving away and purchasing conscience, a feeling. Here, we involve not only children but also their parents. In my opinion, money must work. I wanted to create a space where people would become stronger. Yes, we help people. Building a strong side. This is monitored by a separate group.

-The connection between Finiko and CBS is not really clear.

It’s much broader. That is a global product. It works, and here, Finiko is swarming. There is an opportunity to see a large turnover.

-Why does $100 go to the curator when buying a card?

For any active work, $100 is okay. You don’t like anything. Pyramids do not create this. All the money will go to the creation. That is an ordinary reward.

-What bank is the card from?

Payment mechanisms. The card belongs to the end-user.

-Can I already use the card?

At the moment, technical work is being completed. I think next week, there will be the first cashback. Go to the website and register.

-Can I get the card in Spain?


-Do you plan any training from Finiko?

It’s all free now. On the Finiko channel. Some people have already watched everything and make money.

-Where can you buy cheap bitcoins?

What do you mean cheap?..
-About the blogger. Can you ask the blogger to dress more modestly?

No. We have decided that sexual context is important. So that someone says ‘wow’. -If I rename a cat to Finiko, will I get at least the first star?

A cat is nice, yes. It is inconvenient to call a cat ‘Finiko’. I call a cat ‘cat’. You can call it a pyramid.

-Tell me why live broadcasts take place during working hours?

This is how we work. That is working time for us. You can watch it later.

-The height of Zygmunt. Are you a former basketball player?


-Everything that is written in Russian about the company is read in the voice of Doronin. Who can relate?

-Are executives planning to take summer vacations? Who will replace them?

It has been two months of vacation. But it is unpaid. The greats said that the best rest is a change of activity.

How to convince a person that negative reviews of Finiko are paid?

They are not. You come up with something that is not true. A review is an opinion plus a fact. If Zygmunt ate the grapes and did not pay, then this is a fact. What is this opinion based on? In fact, we haven’t cheated on any client. Leave the person alone. Tell them about yourself: “I have bought a car, I will move to an apartment soon. You are here, and I am there”. Show how you live.

-Who made the decision on the contest? Who did have the last word? Me. Zygmunt.

I want to make a live video for partners and entrepreneurs. Now we can accept money from legal entities.

If you are an entrepreneur, then strike up a conversation with us. If you like it, we will collaborate. It is important for us that entrepreneurs appear at our company now. We want to form an entrepreneurial class.

We will hold it on Tuesday. We have two good news: we have 10,000 followers on Instagram and 14,000 subscribers on YouTube.
Thank you very much for subscribing. For watching and commenting. Any feedback is good.

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