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Profitable loan repayment with Finiko
Profitable loan repayment with Finiko
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Viktoria, I would like to ask you probably an awkward question, but where have you heard about Finiko for the first time?
I believe in miracles, and I am very grateful to my husband. We have so many loans, and there is no help.

-Hello, everybody! Today, our guest, Viktoria, will tell us how she repays five loans with the program “Pay off the loan for 35% of the outstanding balance”. Viktoria, please, say hello to everyone.

-Hello, my name is Viktoria.

-Viktoria, tell me please about yourself in general. How old are you, what city are you from, what do you do?

-I was born in 1980. In 2004, I moved to Vasilyevo village from Uzbekistan, and I still live there.

-Did you move to Kazan with the whole family?

-Yes, we moved with the whole family: with parents, husband, and we also have three beautiful daughters. Our first daughter is twenty, the middle one is thirteen, and the youngest girl is five.

-Oh, she is only five years old? -Yes.

-You have moved from Uzbekistan to Kazan. Now you are here. What kind of occupation do you have?

-I am a music director. I have been working at school for some time, then in kindergarten. And now, I am an individual entrepreneur for six years so far.

– Have you decided to do your own thing? -Yes.

– Okay, Viktoria, let’s move on to the story about Finiko. Where did you hear about the Finiko company?

-Oh, it is a wonderful story. Friends of our family have called us and invited us to take part in something “very interesting”. On the phone, we asked: “What is it? Tell us!”. And they began to talk.

– Did they start telling you about everything on the phone?

-Initially, yes. And my husband and I replied: “Oh, how can you help us? No, this is unrealistic, we have so many loans, and we do not expect any help. It is unreal, this is impossible!”

-So, did your friends know about all your difficulties?

-Yes, they knew, and they have already shown us their small results. But after a while, my husband and I thought about it once again and made a final decision. That is a chance that only occurs once, after all. “Let’s try it! Let’s go to our friends and listen to their offer”, we thought. And given that they came to us, they do want to help. And I, my husband, and the children came to our friends’ place.

-So, you went there altogether. -Yes. We have been listening.

-How did it go? Did they tell you everything about the company in general or just about the program?

-They knew about our situation. We had three active loans, so the conversation went in this direction.

-How could they help you?

-Yes. The first thing we asked was: “Is there any office we can visit and have a look?”. Our friends replied: “Yes, of course!”. They invited us, and we arrived at the office. And on the same day, we made the deals.

-Did you make this decision instantly? -Yes, we did.
-Was it their own office?
-No, the office in Kazan.

-So, did you go to Kazan?

-Yes, we came to the Kazan office, and on the same day, we decided to repay our loans with such a useful platform.

-Now, let’s move on to the most interesting part. How did you pay off your three active loans? I see you have even prepared for the interview and written down all numbers. You can read it, I think.

-I have taken a notebook with me because I was worried that I would not remember all numbers correctly.

-Well, I think that is okay.
-Okay, what were the amounts of three active loans?

-Look, I have had three unpaid loans: one for $4,800, another one for $13,000, and the third one for $3,240.

-Alright, you have had those three debts. Why exactly did you get it? Three loans make up an impressive amount of money.

-Well, again, since we came from Uzbekistan, our family needed a car and a place to live. And we thought, like many families, that the only way out was to take out a loan, a mortgage and to enjoy life. But in reality, it only pulls you to the bottom.

-And makes things worse?
-Yes, that is right. And in our family, the monthly payment was about $648. -Only for repaying loans?
-Yes. Well, plus other costs like kindergartens, school expenses, classes. -So, other family-related expenses.
-Okay, how did you plan to repay your three loans?

– I’m just, I’m such a wonderful person. Of course, my husband has supported me. He told me: “Viktoria, what if we take more loans, as much as banks will allow us. And then we will deposit that money on this platform? This way, we will divide the money, and as a result, all our existing loans will be closed”. And our friends, our mentors, they said: “You are right!”.

-So, you have discussed this plan with your friends, and they said that you can do this, right?

-Yes, they said: “You have made the right decision!”. Indeed, our friends supported us and made us believe in success. And on that day, we submitted applications to two banks online, and we received approvals immediately. Thus, there have been three active loans, and two more loans have been recently approved. We have deposited the money from two new loans to the program, and it started working without spending extra money.

-So, it turns out that you were repaying your first three loans. And what about those two, which you have taken later?

-Yes, but our mentor has advised us to begin with repaying our two latest loans. I highly respect and appreciate our mentor. She has said: “It is better to start with your new loans so that you will not be indebted to these two banks”. So, the first thing we did was repayment of those debts. And after that, we started investing money to repay our first three loans. But it

happened so that we had deposited for the first and the second loan repayments, and then we still needed to invest $4,535 to pay off the third debt of $13,000. And we had only $1,300 left.

-So, you did not have enough money to repay the third loan, right?

-Yes, and then my mentor told me: “Viktoria, maybe you should repay it partly for now. I mean, you will repay not $13,000, but $3,887. And this way, the deposit will be 35% of this sum. Thereby, your family will not have to pay $648 monthly from its budget to pay off the debts”.

-I agree. Oh, there are so many numbers! Let’s go through them once again. So, let’s start with the two loans that you have taken to close the older three debts, I guess. I don’t know what to begin with anymore. Because usually, people have a maximum of 1-2 loans, which are not interconnected. But your story is interesting. I suppose that there may be many large families like yours, for whom your case will be very useful. There are a lot of people with such problems. Let’s cover the amount you have taken from two banks to repay your older debt. How much was each loan?

-In one bank, they have approved a loan of $9,000 for me, and a loan of $2,500 in another bank.

-How much were your 35% investments to repay these loans? -We have deposited $3,150 and $868 accordingly.

-So, 35% of $9,000 is $3,150. And what is the monthly payment you get from Finiko for each loan?

-For the loan of $2,500 I receive $260 per month, of which $70 I spend to make the monthly payment, and the rest $190 goes to partial early repayment. I have already received two payments to close this loan. I am currently waiting for the third one.

-Of course, you will receive the third one! And what about the second loan? Has it also been two months since you have entered the program to repay it?

-How much is the monthly payment?

-For this loan, I receive $945 per month, of which $205 goes to the monthly payment, and $740 I spend on partial early repayment. I also expect the third payment to come on June 5 or 1, if I remember correctly.

– Will it be the third one? And what is the due date for all your loans to be repaid? Do you have an agreement for ten months?

-The due date is probably in December or January, something like that.

-Thus, it is somewhere in winter, right? -Yes, I will have a wonderful New Year.

-Let’s quickly cover these three loans in terms of numbers too. In the first case, what was the sum?

-So, the sum of the first loan was $4800. And 35% of this sum is $1680. I receive $500 per month from Finiko, of which 50$ I spend on the monthly payment, and $450 goes to partial early repayment. The second loan amount was $3,240, and I have deposited 35% of it, which is $1,130. From the program, I receive $340 per month, of which $84 I spend on the monthly payment.

-You have prepared thoroughly!
-Yes, yes, I knew that it would be interesting for our viewers.

-No, I mean that, as a rule, people remember the number they receive monthly, but they do not cover the rest of the numbers in such detail. Thank you! It is really interesting. I have interrupted you, sorry.

-I will be glad if this information is very useful to someone. And, let’s cover the last loan. -This is the third one, which is the largest, right?
-You have divided that loan, right? You have said that you repay only $3,887.

-Yes, and next year, in January, this sum will be fully repaid, and I will have an outstanding balance of $9000. But I already know how to pay it off, and I will definitely do it. And now I breathe freely and literally fly.

-Really? Is that what you feel? -I’m happy.

-So, it turns out that you are saving about $650 monthly only due to the fact that you are repaying the loans under this program. It is very cool, in my opinion. And what do your friends say? Did they know about your situation? What was the reaction of your close people?

-Someone has also joined the company, someone did not believe in this at first, but when the payments came…

-Do you show them receipts?

-Yes, of course. I have been writing down everything and showing it to my friends. Of course, this is so joyful. And they said to me: “Viktoria, this sounds like a fairy tale!”. And I replied: “Yes, like a fairy tale, but with a happy ending!”. I believe in fairy tales, and look what a fairy tale has come into my life.

-It’s very good that your dreams are coming true. What else do you do? I know that you have decided to develop further within Finiko. I mean, you don’t only use our services, but you also have opened an office. We did not have enough time to film the office, but we will definitely come back after the pandemic to do it.


-Tell us more about your office. How have you decided to open it, why, and where is it located? We will make a small announcement.

-Once again, I am very grateful to my husband. As soon as we deposited money to the platform, my husband said: “Viktoria, if there is an opportunity to open an office, let’s do so. Let’s figure everything out and do it. We must help others because there are so many people like us, who have the same problems”.

-Really? Was this his initial intention?

-Yes. The office is located in Vasilyevo village. We will be happy to see you there. I will send you the full address. We will be glad if you come to the opening!

– Sure, we will come to film everything when you open. This information should be useful for everyone from Vasilyevo village and for those who live nearby.

-But we keep working online, we are working!
-Do you continue to work online? How does it go?

-It is very convenient now. We communicate by phone, via Zoom, and on Instagram. Everything is good. If we need to meet with relatives or close friends, then, of course, we do it at home.

-You tell them everything in person by yourself, right?


-Viktoria, thank you very much for the interview. I am so thankful that you have managed to visit us and that you have found the time to tell your story. I think that it will be interesting to many people. This is a true-life story. Thank you for telling us this all. Anyone interested in the program “Pay off the loan for 35% of the outstanding balance”, – please, watch our other videos on the YouTube channel. Subscribe, like, and share.

-Viktoria, you can say goodbye to everyone too. Or, if you have something to say, please do so.

– Of course. First of all, I would like to say thanks to Kirill Doronin and his team. Thank you so much. You are doing a good thing, indeed. And I wish everyone good health, happiness, and prosperity. And if someone tells you about the company or makes an offer, then this is a chance. And you must use it. Then, everything will work out great for you. Thank you!

-Thank you very much, bye-bye, everyone!


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