26 January 2021
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Profitable car purchase
Profitable car purchase
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Yuri: Hello, everyone. This is Novosibirsk. And these are Maxim and Elena next to me. Please, greet everyone.

Maxim: Hello, everyone!

Elena: Hello, everyone!

Yuri: Maxim, let’s begin with you. How old are you? What do you do?

Maxim: I am 22 years old, I have been swimming for 12 years so far, I am a candidate for master of sports. The main things are swimming and sports.

Yuri: Are you going to go there professionally?

Maxim: Yes, I will go there professionally, I will try.

Yuri: Okay, Elena, what do you do?

Elena: I work in real estate in Novosibirsk, I am a deputy director of an agency, and, in principle, a real estate agent.

Yuri: Okay, now let’s find out how you heard about Finiko.

Maxim: I was first to hear about it from a relative, from my uncle. He told, showed, I studied it.

Yuri: Showed what?

Maxim: He told me about the company in general, about investments, well, I have already been in a similar company. And he said, “There is another one, a new one, I tried it, it works, this is how it works”. So, I studied the company, saw how traders work, how they generally earn it. Thus, the most important thing for me was to find out how money appears in the company. I found out how.

Yuri: How to make money? It is the name of the conference. Have you watched it?

Maxim: Yes, I have watched everything, studied everything, it took me probably half a month. And in January, I bought Index for the first time.

Yuri: Okay, let’s continue the story, then. Bought Index, and?

Maxim: After that, I told my mom about it and she fully trusted me. You tell us your first impressions.

Elena: Well, yes, in principle, two smart men told me about it.

Yuri: All that remains is: “Well, great, let’s do it.”

Elena: Of course, I believed them, followed them. My son, mostly. I asked, “Let’s go further? Are we going?” That’s it, I did it.

Yuri: What were your following actions?

Maxim: After we invested in Indexes, I mean, I and my mother had it, I heard about the program, studied it in detail, and also told her. She said, “Let’s try”.

Yuri: About the “35% of the car price” program? Okay, so you entered it. Did you know which car you would buy?

Maxim: We already were selecting it by the price category.
Yuri: Between what and what?
Maxim: There were two options: GX, which we have taken, and Lexus RX.
Yuri: Why Lexus?
Maxim: Well, because of Siberia. It is convenient not to go to the service station.

Yuri: Yeah, I see. So, two Lexus and you have chosen GX 470, right? Okay, your next action, I mean, Maxim, you go to your mother and say: “We are buying a Lexus”, right? Or did you take care of everything yourself?

Maxim: No, we were choosing together, watching together. But, of course, the last word was for him.

Yuri: Cool, it turns out that then you have entered the program. What was the cost of the Lexus?

Maxim: In general, we have invested $4,700 and received $13,000 from the company, about $14,300. And we have added our $2,700. We have bought it for $16,300.

Yuri: So, then what were the dates?

Elena: It was 3 months, 95 days. We deposited in March, I don’t remember the exact date, somewhere at the beginning. And we received the money. On June 18, it came to us.

Yuri: So, everything went smooth. Then you withdrew everything and immediately went to the dealership. Did you buy it here, in Novosibirsk?

Elena: Almost.

Maxim: We were searching here, near the city, but nothing came up. We were choosing for about a week, I guess.

Yuri: Okay, what were your emotions when Lexus was finally yours? How did you feel?

Maxim: Emotions were just unique. I kind of didn’t believe it, I knew that the money would come, for some reason I was sure, but when you get into the Lexus, those are already different emotions.

Yuri: Max, tell me honestly, did you smile the same way, or was your smile wider? Maxim: It was wider. I probably didn’t get out from behind the wheel for two days. Yuri: You slept inside, right? And relatives were like: “Open it!”
Maxim: I guess, it was like that.

Yuri: Elena, what emotions did you have?

Elena: There were a lot of emotions, of course. Sometimes, I am allowed to drive. There are a lot of emotions, of course, because this is a completely different car, a different level. I really liked it, of course, there were a lot of emotions.

Yuri: So, whose car is it?

Elena: The car is common, but it is registered in my name. In principle, for now, we use the car together.

Yuri: What’s next? You have a cool Lexus, what’s next?

Maxim: Further, there will be a vacation under the Product program. We have already deposited. Literally the next month, in October, on October 8, the money will come from Product. We are going on vacation.

Yuri: Where?
Maxim: To Turkey, while Turkey is open. And the next goal is an apartment.
Yuri: Real estate.
Elena: Real estate and one more car, so that we do not use the same one.
Yuri: So that Maxim sits inside the car not for two days, but even longer.
Elena: He already does.
Yuri: Okay, you have plans, they are outlined. Are you still operating within your structure? Maxim: Yes, of course.

Yuri: How do you plan to scale there? Where is the limit now, and what do you see?

Maxim: There is no limit now, but there are goals.

Yuri: Great answer.

Maxim: I have goals. The goal for the end of the month is to reach the fifth star at the end of September. Well, then – more.

Yuri: The further the better. Don’t you think that it is kind of abstract or have you just not planned yet?

Maxim: No, there is a goal – the tenth star, so far. And there are goals in between. Yuri: Ok, Elena, what will you say?

Elena: Now, I am helping my son to build. I think I’ll start too, until the end of the year, I will achieve the first two stars anyway.

Yuri: So, what other products do you have? Finiko.PRODUCT, you are using it. Maxim: Cashback.
Yuri: Cool stuff.
Elena: Well, and also Indexes.

Yuri: Okay, I see. Now let’s say a few words to those people who are looking at you… Do you think they do not hear it? (Talk, talk, Maxim). Okay, Maxim, then the mission to give advice to those people who are watching this video will lie on your pumped-up shoulders.

Maxim: Guys, research everything. The most important thing is to figure out how the money is made, that it is not a large percentage. You should study the company and not be afraid of anything.

Yuri: I think everything is said. If you are interested in something else, I think you can find answers to all your questions on our YouTube channel. See you, bye!

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