8 May 2021
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Private club meeting by Kirill Doronin
Private club meeting by Kirill Doronin
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Nikita: Club 20. Day two. Hello, everyone. Today, we will not see the beautiful views of Sochi, although they can be seen from almost every window. But we are here with a different purpose: to tell you about Club 20 and introduce its members to you.

Each Club 20 gives an incredible personal growth here and now. So, for me, it is very significant and large-scale. I came here for new knowledge.

I would really like to learn how to build a long-term future for myself. For example, for the next 25-30 years.

Nikita: There are literally a few seconds left before the most important part begins. The participants are already here. Kirill will also come very soon, and such a productive, interesting, and even creative work will start. We will not be able to see it, as everything will be behind closed doors.

It was great, as always. It was great to be in a community of millionaires again. But I’m talking not about money in the wallet, but money in the head.

Sign up and come!

Nikita: The second day in Sochi has come to an end. These were two different days: the first was warm and clear, and the second was rainy and cold. Only one thing was unchangeable – Club 20. The participants received valuable information and were motivated by Kirill Doronin. And what the third day will bring – you will see on our channel.

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