26 January 2021
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Online training for Finiko partner offices
Online training for Finiko partner offices
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Hello everyone, let me know in the comments if you can see me.

Today we discuss office-related questions. What do you need to open an office, what should it look like? How to conclude contracts? I will also tell you about the new program and answer your questions.

To establish an office, you have to apply via three telephone numbers. WhatsApp and Telegram. You have to find non-residential premises, conclude a lease contract, and we will add your address to our database. What are the referral awards? One percent per each deal. Three percent of your office after 4 months.

An office must be decorated according to our style. Dasha will tell and show the business cards and design.

“There should be three elements inside. Information banners: we have also described what they should be made of. A sign should be at eye height. There is also an extended version. Business cards in three designs. You have to change the address and phone number to your own.”

“You have to log in to your personal account and go through verification. Technical support will confirm. Let’s discuss loans and receipts. You can go to the calculator. Select the type of debt. Fill in the total amount of the loan, calculate for what period it was concluded, and how it can be repaid, for what period. Further, if everything suits you, then you conclude an agreement. ”

For a house and an apartment, the term is 120 days.

“We cover any kind of expenditure. For example, rent payment. $100,000 is the payment amount. You can pay it off for 50 percent. We provide all supporting documents. In the second month, we pay you 100,000 CFR. In May, we entered into an agreement. In July, we started crediting the account. An upline partner receives 5 percent. If a legal entity has been attracted by an office, then they earn one percent.”

You can learn more by calling me on the phone number. I accept applications for this program. That’s all I wanted to tell you.

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