18 June 2021
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Online broadcast of the Return venture by Finiko exhibition-conference
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Kirill: Good afternoon. Today, we are starting in an unusual format. Today, there will be an experimental form of project presentation, which will show its promise, hopefully. Today it is a venture exhibition. They will be held regularly. We will be inviting different teams in which we can invest. We have chosen three topics: the first one is related to High Tech, the second one is related to the latest finance technologies, and the third one is medicine and biology. This will be the direction of our strategy. Now I will be talking about the principle of the return venture, which we have built for ourselves. We will discuss three specific projects. After that, you can ask questions to the managers of those projects, and then, I will announce what you can invest in. Let’s start.

I perfectly remember the motive for starting to search. One of my key questions was the following: “Do you know how you will be earning in 25 years?” I always drew such a graph, a timeline. In the 90s, people were making money by reselling. The first chewing gums and jeans appeared. Those people took a risk. An era when people were not afraid of taking risks began. Some were suffering but an adaptation was needed. Some people were buying jeans somewhere and then selling them. And that person took some kind of risk. Could people not buy jeans? Sure. Could they be even stolen? Yes. But he adapted to new conditions. Then he already began to develop. And what was going on? Others were looking and thinking whether they should have done the same. Then, the 2000s came. More civilized trade began. What did a person from whom people stopped buying jeans do? He didn’t understand the market at that point. In 2010, the collapse of those who worked in the 2000s occurred. By this example, I want to show that no one knows when this market will crash and which one will start to develop. Possibly, jeans that can wash themselves are currently being made. Who knows where the money is? When will it be? At that moment, I realized that if I continued to think using the old earning models, then I would not have any money. No one knows how exactly events will turn. I really started to worry about what would happen in 2030-2040. It is important to make a decision about your own behavior. Some algorithms to create financial abundance in the 2030s can be worked out now. How to do it? Our company has grown over the past 2.5 years, yes. But this is not forever. There is no guarantee. Uncertainty is the norm. What else besides Finiko can our department improve? We wanted to share our financial models. One of the ways not just to predict the markets, but to create them. We will present some of them today. How is this model built? Yes, we have capital. We earn it by trading. This capital can already be used as a component. For example, Business 1 will be presented. It has several parts for which some amount is needed. Will Business 1 work? All risks are included in the venture. The venture is funding when you are waiting to see whether it will work or not. And I wanted something different. When we form capital for the Business, we already start to invest not the capital itself, but income on it. And it is already funding a roadmap for the business. When I understand that I need to build a factory, then that income can be sent here. The next month passes. And we already send another income. As a result, we create Business 1 while preserving capital. Your money works for creation. The income is sent to you as a holder. What does it look like? It looks like our model of earning. But here you get income not from the stock market but create a mechanism for taking money from other markets. In other words, here we were working in a stock market, and there, it is already different money. For example, today we will also present the Doronium factory.

Imagine that now, part of your capital will be making money in other markets. You have a model when 25-30% of your money is at high risks, and part at low ones. Being in a structure of high-risk investments, you should always think about how you can protect your funds. Yes, you like our model, but you have to decide how to use the money by yourself. Here you have an awesome model for generating different types of investments. How? As long as your 1,000 works, you receive income from it. There will be an

infinite number of such businesses. What’s the advantage? The venture is a non-returnable thing, but we have developed a returnable one. This 1,000 is returnable. As soon as you withdraw money from the venture, you no longer receive income. We will present businesses that provide the answer to our most important question. Now you can form your strategy for the next 2-3 years. The number of businesses will grow every year, as will the amount of income. We decided not to depend on any other markets, but to create them. So, today we will have a presentation of projects that we can report on ourselves. Then we will invite other people who require scaling. That’s all from me. We will also have a Q&A block, where I will be able to answer everything in even more detail. Now I want to invite a representative of the first business to the stage. He will talk about a certain financial model. I will be asking some clarifying questions. Take notes of them for yourself. After that, the second project, agricultural aviation, will be presented. And Fin2Fin will conclude the presentation of venture projects. That’s the plan. I hope you will enjoy it. Valera, come here.

Valera: Hello, everyone.

Kirill: We are already familiar with the product. There are a lot of people sharing their results. Valera will tell you more about everything.

Valera: Thank you. Hello everyone again. First, I would like to thank those who came to our booth. There were a lot of you. We managed to talk to many of you. Thank you for your positive feedback on our product. Hope everyone got their questions answered. Let me remind you what we produce. We produce an innovative product that can be described as a kind of mineral system, which includes two components: some mineral and water. Nothing more. Stable form, great concentration. This is done to allow a consumer to receive a mineral in an easily accessible bio-assimilable form. This is such a baby food for the body. Until today, all users of the platform had the opportunity to receive a nano first aid kit, which included silver. At the conference that took place on March 6, I declared that soon, you would be able to get other minerals. Particularly, zinc and magnesium. These minerals are essential for a proper metabolic process. So, I declare that all the necessary documents have been received, so you will be able to get the minerals soon. Congratulations. So, now let’s look a little ahead. Tests and launch of serial production of gold, selenium, and copper are in progress. Gold will already be available in a month. There are very cool things like platinum and chrome in development. I am personally waiting for chrome, as I am an overweight person. This will be in the near future. Now let me make another announcement. Now it will be possible to order a box with the program for 3 months. Let’s move on to the plant construction project. Now I will tell you what it is for and what the prospects are. It’s time for us to get out of children’s pants and build our own plant, which will be located in Russia and will meet all the requirements of the GMP standard. We need to do everything exactly according to the international standards to cover the whole world. It will be modern high-tech equipment that will help increase not only the quantity but also the quality. The location has already been selected. This land is located next to the highway. Now I’ll show you the roadmap. All the important and necessary steps. The construction is planned according to the most advanced technologies that will allow this object to be completed quickly and for a long time. Next is the installation of the foundation and production lines. What is a GMP workshop? It is a building inside another building with clean zones. It’s necessary. The launch is scheduled for November-December 2022. Research and production activities will be carried out in the same place. We understand that there is a huge amount of work, and it is necessary to develop a lot of minerals. We are creating a modern complex. Further, plans are also impressive. Following the example of this factory, we are planning to build similar complexes outside of Russia to improve logistics. What do we offer to you? Within the framework of the venture, you are invited to become participants in this transnational project, which has the prospect of duplication. The range will only grow because derivatives will also grow. I have told you everything, I guess. We are boldly looking not 25 but 50 years ahead.

Kirill: Well done, I expected it to be worse. Do I understand correctly that in December, we will achieve a production capacity that will allow venture holders to get income? Look, there is such a moment in a venture fund that we decide when to pay out the money. The moment a business starts to bear fruit. You invest not just in production, but you make a profit only from the moment the plant starts to work. What will it consist of? As you remember, we have decided to combine several technologies here. How does a first aid kit work? It is just a term with which we have designated a certain monthly complex that you need to maintain your own immunity. We have such an engineering approach to health. So, we have decided that old age is a disease, and it is treated with such a stable mineral composition of the body. We have a team of biochemists who have been working on this for the past 10 years. Our presentations often turn into consultations. For example, 3,000 CFR is a deposit. It allows you to receive a kit once a month, 12 times. This deposit is refundable. The minerals that you can add to the box currently cost $500 each. Every month you get a parcel. If you do not like how the first aid kit works, then you can simply take the deposit back and we will stop supplying it to you. On this model, a plant appears. Here we have generated income from 3,000,000 dollars, which is sent to the cost price and investors’ income. We have earned a million. 200,000 of it goes to cover the cost. The rest is spent between the venture holders. Once again, I’ll draw it separately. Let’s say we have 1,000 holders. We have sold 1,000 sets for $3,000 each. This means there is $3,000,000 in total. We have earned $1,000,000 from this production. And we have 800,000 remaining. 23% of income is $170,000 which is investors’ income fund. This is a model that an investor can count on. All this is absolutely transparent. It will be visible on the website, which we will show later. This is how it is built. Then, thank you very much.

Valera: Thank you.

Kirill: Now, task number 2 is to introduce the next business. Ilya Yarmolenko, my good old friend, with whom we have known each other for a long time, will come to the stage. I really wanted more equipment to fly because he was talking a lot about it. He is literally the first person who has explained to me why planes did not fall. He also has told me about how aviation could improve agricultural performance. When I made calculations and looked at how it should work, I realized that I needed to start. We found a model with which we could promote those planes and make a great financial model out of it. Ilya, where are you? The stage is yours.

Ilya: Good afternoon, everyone. As far as I understand, there have already been some preliminary presentations on my project. So now I will tell you how everything works in more detail and what it looks like. I am glad to present my project to you. Its name is Farmer. Its task is to create a network of operators who will be involved in the conduct of aviation operations. It is important to make sure that everyone understands our actions. We all probably remember how a large number of aircraft were flying in the USSR. The challenge is to develop the network and bring it to the same level. We will be achieving the aim in squadrons consisting of 10 aircraft. The main function is spraying and protecting plants from weeds and diseases, thereby increasing the results of agricultural manufacturers.

Today, ground vehicles cannot deal with some difficulties. Each field has its own stages. The main consumers have already been mentioned. Those are not only private entrepreneurs, but also structures that are close to the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What will the squadrons be based on? The main instrument is a certified aircraft, not a brand-new one. What makes the plane unique, and why will we work with it? The aircraft was created by an enterprise that has the proper licenses, a wealth of experience, including rescue systems for aircraft. Modern weed control technologies for ultra-low spraying volumes imply methods of applying chemical elements. This technology is not new. It is used in ground vehicles. The aircraft is completely made of composite materials. It can be used in all climatic zones. I have briefly talked about the emergency rescue system. Its essence lies in the fact that the system is installed in the aircraft. It is a kind of capsule in which the parachute is hermetically sealed. It can save the entire plane and crew. This is very important because it will be necessary to work at a very low height. Concerning the competitors. It is often said that we are trying to compete with ground equipment, with old equipment. It is not really correct, because, firstly, we are the only ones who have all the required documents to legitimately carry out such works; secondly, the cost of work is guaranteed. The plane reaches a high output. The aircraft is made according to the classical scheme for performing work. The aircraft can be in close proximity to the field in which it is to operate. The tank is 500 liters, and the consumption of chemicals is about 15 liters. The aircraft performance ranges from 100 to 200 hectares per hour. Fuel consumption is up to 0.4 liters. The cost of plant treatment is from 200-350 rubles. This is a pessimistic plan because the market value is much higher. Currently, we are artificially creating the level of payback that would allow us to guarantee a return on investment and would not make the case seem too rosy. The engine is American. We just decided to use just the most common one. The plane sprays fields at a speed of 150-170 km per hour. Now all this is controlled by trackers, which allow us to show accurate data when reporting to the client. Our main goal is to create a project with high liquidity. The main instrument is an asset in the form of an aircraft worth $381,000. We are planning to create at least 10 aircraft units in one squadron. There will be a division based on one unit. The total cost of the aircraft and ancillary equipment. In terms of market capacity, processing cost, everything is here. 2,000,000 hectares. In total, there are about 16,000,000 hectares that are needed to be sprayed annually. The estimated breakeven is 3.6 years. Project efficiency calculations for different hectare processing prices are shown on this slide. There are no other tools nowadays. Thank you all very much. I was very pleased to present the project.

Kirill: Yes, how does it make money, can you formulate it again?
Ilya: Yes, the operator works to carry out work and receive money for the work performed.

Kirill: A company is being created, in which there will be 10 aircraft at first. We already have them. The first order will be in the Krasnodar Krai. We are also planning to execute several charity flights. What are we protecting from?

Ilya: We protect trees from silkworms and bark beetles because they completely destroy them.

Kirill: Yes, and I realized that it would be better to attract all this to the venture fund and to the charitable foundation as a forest protection project. We will be able to increase both the commercial components and the PR components, and even the charitable components. If you are a farmer, it is not profitable for you to keep an air squadron. That is, you yourself are interested in the service, but on the other hand, you cannot maintain it. It is easier to rent. So we have that unique business model. In fact, that’s it. We will answer all other questions later. Thank you very much.

Ilya: Thank you.

Kirill: These are the guys who are working for the benefit of various businesses. And now, finally, we are going to present a service that we have been testing for a long time to you. Now we are ready to launch the Fin2Fin service for the Russian Federation from tomorrow. So this is already my third attempt. It is a P2P platform. One has the money, and the other one needs it. A borrower and an investor. An international platform, 41% per annum. You can form an application. The borrower and the investor find each other on the website. It’s like a taxi app, where the system automatically picks a doer for you. It is very convenient and understandable. I remember the taxi app had crashed in Yekaterinburg, and everyone was confused remembering how they had been doing everything before. It once again shows how quickly changes enter our lives. With this project, I think it will be the same. The challenge was to ensure that an investor gets the money back. Here, an investor lends money. The task of the borrower is to return the money at a rate of 41%. That’s it, the business is clear. What do we offer people who want to invest? An investor is taking risks, right? And there will also be borrowers who will not return the money. A venture fund exists as capital and generates income, which is issued to a borrower. If we pay with capital, there will be a risk of no return, and if with income, then there will also be capital that replenishes the capital. Can we announce the date of the first issuance? We have a presentation model. Any investor can lend money to a borrower. We will invest not the venture money but income from it. As we are launching our own cards, the holders will obtain special conditions. This service has a lot of advantages that increase the turnover. As soon as you announce that the loan is available to everyone, the traffic will increase. Zygmunt, come on.

Zygmunt: Now there will be instructions. Anton will talk about it. The first 1,000 people will be able to borrow money tomorrow. We already have almost 500 applications. The system will randomly provide the first loans tomorrow.

Anton: I would like to discuss some aspects in more detail in order to simplify your life in the future. There is such a thing as login – it is a nickname you come up with for yourself. Next, a phone number, email, and password. Make sure to save it somewhere. When you get to the platform, you will have to confirm your email. Next, move on to the verification process. It takes place within the platform. Here you have to agree. There are two stages: a document and a photo are being checked. Here you can choose either an internal passport or an international passport. You can record a video here. Next, you will have to check everything. The next step is to verify your face, also with a video. The verification process takes up to 2 minutes. In order to get a loan, you need to click on the get button. Select a goal and an amount. Initially, you can get from 500 to 1,000 CFR. You have a fixed sponsorship term and a payment schedule. If you do not have delays, you will be able to receive 50% of the loan amount in the form of a cashback in the 13th month. This is the first loan that will enrich you. Then you should submit your application. After that, an investor will see your request. They can confirm it. Now we are waiting for your approval. Nothing will happen by accident here. It is possible to withdraw funds. You can’t withdraw them directly to the Finiko platform. You can do it only with a separate wallet. Here is the replenishment process so that you understand how to top it up. Make sure to take all the numbers into account. That’s all I wanted to say.

Kirill: Thank you very much. In general, this is the first platform where cashback is paid for fulfilling obligations on time. This is a separate benefit. At the same time, if someone disappears, then there are real assets that confirm their obligations to any investor who has lent money. We provide 2 insurance policies to a venture holder: the capital itself and real assets. Accordingly, if the investor understands that the borrower has disappeared, he is guaranteed a payment of 20-24% per annum. This is how the model is built. Thank you so much. So there was a presentation of three businesses that will provide additional opportunities for receiving money from these markets. Now I will invite everyone. We will also have instructions on how to replenish the venture. I want you to understand how the website will be arranged. There you will be able to monitor the life of all projects. Venture projects will appear regularly now, because we are processing everything. The most important thing is to have an understanding that the future of your capital will be created by enumerating various options. It is better to make 10

attempts. Even if 9 are unprofitable, one will still pay everything off. How to replenish the venture fund? Zygmunt, will you tell us?

Zygmunt: Concerning the venture fund and the display of the work and personal account of each person. Everyone will have their own personal account on our website, everyone will see their share. There is no personal account yet. It is being prepared. But we have made a separate website for replenishment, where you can take part in the venture. It will just be displayed a little later. It will be at the beginning of June. The website is called like this. Click Invest. Here you need to specify your ID, then select the amount for replenishment and currency. After that, a payment window opens, where you exchange the amount of cryptocurrency for CFR. All the details are saved, it will just be displayed a little later. If you are in doubt, you can contact support to check. But there shouldn’t be any mistakes. Let’s display the website domain slide separately. No? Okay, we’ll share the screen now. That’s all I wanted to say.

Kirill: Yes, that’s all. Come to the stage. We have a Q&A mode. Business representatives and directors are here now, so we can answer all your questions if you have any.

Zygmunt: Here are the microphones.

Question 1: Hello. I don’t want to ask questions, I understand everything. I really like everything. I would just like to thank you, Kirill. And all the guys too. A huge thank you from the whole team.

Kirill: Thank you.

Question 2: Hello. I have a question about Fin2Fin. In how many months is early repayment possible and what does the borrower earn in that case?

Anton: There is an early repayment, but only a complete one. A part cannot be repaid ahead of schedule. If you have paid for one month, and in the second you decide to pay it off in full, then you change the entire amount on the day of payment. To do so, you will have to contact support a few days beforehand so that your interest is not taken into account. Cashback is returned in the 13th month.

Question 2: Can there be one application?
Anton: One search application can be active. Everything depends on the limit. Question 2: Thank you.

Question 3: Hello. My name is Tatyana. I have a question about Doronium. How can a person know what exactly and in what amount they need? Will there be some kind of testable tool that can be seen? For example, a person has diabetes and needs more chromium, for example. Or will there be a set of all the elements, where the organism itself chooses what it needs and how much?

Kirill: Let’s discuss it one by one.

Valera: Let’s talk about whether there is testing. First, there is. You can get tested before and after. About serving sizes.

Kirill: A person can choose for himself. Actually, we worked with different people: someone had surgery beforehand, someone else had something else. I wanted an objective assessment. Everyone was doing well. Now we have people who take tests voluntarily before and after. But it does not answer the question of what exactly needs to be consumed in order to be in balance. It turns out that everything works.

Valera: 40 ml of silver per day is a prophylactic dose.
Kirill: Look, if we drink more selenium, will the body take as much as it needs?
Valera: Selenium? No. Magnesium, yes.
Kirill: There is such a thing with copper that it causes a laxative effect if you take too much. We admit it.

Valera: Let’s explain the concept again. There is a whole encyclopedia of all diseases in our world. We cannot prescribe exactly what to do in each case. Let me remind you that our product solves the issue of unbalanced work of the whole organism. We remove the reason. Lack of minerals and enzymes. A disease is a consequence of a deficiency.

Question 3: Look, if we have diabetes mellitus, every sick person has a device at home with which they measure the amount of insulin. I am talking about that.

Valera: You can measure the level of zinc and magnesium in the blood. Question 3: Are you planning to develop such a device?
Valera: Now it will be on our list as an idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Question 3: Thank you. The next question is for Kirill. I would also like to say thank you very much for your projects. They make me happy, especially medicine. I am concerned about the issue of nutrition. Do you have a project that can focus on producing healthy food?

Kirill: I don’t quite understand. I will say that there are a lot of projects that are promising something fantastic. I would like more projects that prove their own competence. Speaking of nutrition, I don’t have such projects, even close. But this is a very large industry. I have plunged into it. If it is some kind of project, then I will have a team that will respond to my value levels, and not just push their own concept.

Question 3: Thank you very much. There is another very important question. I faced the problem of withdrawing money. It turned out that there are intermediaries between you and us who exchange bitcoins. Do you have plans to make it so that we will give rubles and receive rubles too?

Kirill: You choose the intermediary by yourself. If you figured it out, then you would earn more. You simply voluntarily refuse to study. Now a whole system is being prepared for the FNK token, which will immediately convert tokens into rubles.

Question 3: Thank you very much for teaching us. Thank you, good luck, all the best. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 4: Hello. My name is Sergey. First of all, I would like to thank all the organizers. I have a question about the first and second projects. It seems that there are no competitors, and what will happen next?

Kirill: Show me them, show me the composition of their products. At most, we can talk about information competition. We periodically check their performance, but it’s just like chalk and cheese.

Question 4: Now everything is clear, thanks.

Question 5: Good evening, my name is Egor. The question is: if I deposited 50% of the loan, how quickly can I move to the next level?

Anton: The next day.
Kirill: If there is a proposal.

Question 5: The second question is about Doronium. On the bottle, it is said to take 10 drops. And you have said 40 ml.

Valera: It’s just that Russia has regulatory norms to register a particular product. There are norms that have not been updated for a long time.

Kirill: This corresponds to the requirements for this product. Question 5: Everything is clear. Thank you.

Question 6: Hello. Yaroslav. A question about Fin2Fin. Are there any restrictions on registration for citizens of other countries?

Kirill: Yes.

Zygmunt: First, the service will work for Russia, and only then the CIS and European countries will have access.

Question 6: Great, good. And does the money for withdrawal also come to the wallet in 3-4 days? Anton: Yes, on the 3rd business day. Withdrawal is in bitcoin.

Question 7: Good evening, my name is Zina. Concerning the replenishment of the venture. Now we replenish it from a bitcoin wallet or a USDT one. Will it be in CFR then?

Zygmunt: Yes. We will show the website right now. Question 7: Alright, thank you.

Question 8: Hello. Svetlana. Thank you very much for the conscious business. I have a question about venture projects. What is the expected return on investment?

Kirill: For all projects? For the venture? We are counting on 50-70% in the first two years. I understand your question. But we expect 100% only in the 3rd year. It is such a strange model, we want it for the next 5 years. No one will be left without money.

Question 9: Hello. I want to thank you for all the opportunities that you provide. And to express gratitude to the traders. My question is about Fin2Fin. If a person, for example, declares to take out a loan and then buys Index 1. Doesn’t it turn out that it works for itself?

Kirill: They stand with their backs to each other. This is one market and another market. They don’t overlap.

Question 9: Okay, another question. Let’s assume I have a friend who needs money but has a business. Sometimes he has money, and sometimes he doesn’t. Can some other option for 41% be considered?

Kirill: Of course not. We have a system that must discipline everyone. If he cannot fulfill the offer, then he should not get involved in the contract.

Question 9: Thank you.
Question 10: Hello, my name is Sergey. The question is. What about promoting technology in teaching? Kirill: Why?
Question 10: It is profitable and interesting.

Kirill: Yes, we will. The commercial sector means you have to pay for it. It will be progressive and innovative. We want to find a model in which we will not go against the rules, but our system will also develop the skills of cooperation, business, etc. We have almost reached an agreement with one school. The methodological base of best practices will be built on the second model. It is colossal work because it is necessary not only to build it but also to find personnel. It is a very big job, we are still negotiating. You can pass what you want.

Question 10: Okay. Another question. You said that you were looking for an opportunity to somehow stabilize cryptocurrency. We offer green gold.

Kirill: It is not so.

Question 10: In general, it is possible to issue new products that will give 60-80% of the net profit.

Kirill: Okay.

Question 11: Hello. My question has already been answered while I was in a queue. I just wanted to thank you, Kirill. Thank you. I bow to you.

Kirill: Thank you.

Question 12: Hello. My name is Alexey. The first question to Kirill about the AT35 program. I have bought a car in Vladivostok. There is a vehicle license, a contract, but the car has not arrived. The carrier has violated the terms.

Kirill: And what is the question?
Question 12: I would like to apply for an extension of the account’s validity period.
Kirill: It is not the topic of the conference. Excuse me, please.
Question 12: And the second question about the squadron. It’s a very good idea, I would love to join it. Kirill: Thank you.
Question 13: Hello, guys. Will there be any venture referral bonuses?
Kirill: It is not the conference’s topic at all.
Zygmunt: There is no referral fee for ventures.
Kirill: Most likely it will be a turnover, but without referral fees.

Question 13: Okay, thanks. I also have a question for Anton about Fin2Fin. As for the limits, what are they?

Kirill: Starting – 1,500.

Zygmunt: For a loan. It must be achieved. A certain mechanism for creating a credit history. Everything will be there in the account.

Question 13: And one more thing. Can you tell me which email to use when writing about new projects? Zygmunt: Your own projects?

Kirill: I do not want to communicate with intermediaries. I am not interested in answering your question because the cost of time is very high. It is especially important for me to be ahead of the curve. If there are intermediaries already now, then I no longer like the project. I want to talk to people who are burning with an idea but need money. In general, I want people who don’t need me. This is the main criterion.

Zygmunt: Kirill, the clock is ticking. Should we extend?
Kirill: Yes, let’s do it. I just thought there would be no questions.

Question 14: Hello. Nadezhda. I have a question. If I deposit an amount in the venture now, when will it start working?

Kirill: My plan is this: you will see everything in the Finiko account. I don’t have an exact date. I think that the money will appear in two months. We are forming the reporting together with you by ourselves.

Question 14: Everything is very clear. And another question. Will there be some kind of team building for women, so that not only men participate, but also women?

Kirill: They say it will. I mean, it will actually be. Again, I repeat, nothing depends on gender for us. But if you need something, we will include women’s things.

Question 15: Hello. Are ventures available only to “Finicians”?
Kirill: No, to anyone.
Question 15: Can we choose ventures?
Kirill: No, we’ve given up this idea. We choose them ourselves.
Question 15: And about the factories. Are you planning to build them in parallel or one after the other? Kirill: We already have a workshop.

Zygmunt: We will act according to the situation.

Valera: The plant that we are going to build now is such a template plant that can be later reproduced anywhere in the world.

Question 15: Everything is clear, thank you.

Question 16: Hello, dear speakers. Thank you for your lecture. My question is about agricultural aviation. Why is the classic airplane used in spraying in the age of technology? Why not use drones?

Ilya: Then let’s figure out what an airplane is and what a drone is. So, an airplane is a technically complex means of transport that can become a manned airplane in the future, and then an unmanned one. What we see in the development of unmanned aircraft is that the market faces various operating restrictions. Secondly, the technologies that are currently being introduced into agriculture. Yes, there are such drones already. Their carrying capacity is higher, but the problem is that the speed is lower. If you have a private vineyard of 10 hectares, then you should not call me because I won’t even start a plane for that. We are talking about systematic work that will give a good-quality effect. There are technical difficulties, but the evolution continues. Moreover, we do not use aircraft from the 60s. So.

Kirill: We expect that in a few years we will have such an aircraft that can be controlled from the ground, right?

Ilya: Not really. You have asked me to tell the truth. What’s the difference between a plane and a drone? I need one technician who will provide refueling and one pilot for one plane to work in the field. The drone must be delivered by a driver, and the operator must control it. So, what is the difference? They just don’t have a pilot in the cockpit, right?

Question 16: It is a kind of security. Ilya: Everything is certified here.

Kirill: The pilot will also be safe. Parachutes ensure the safety of the entire aircraft structure together with the pilot. You think correctly, but we give preference to functionality.

Question 16: Thank you very much. I wish you good luck.

Question 17: Hello. Yana. I have listened to a lot of conferences and partners. And so, I have come up with such an anecdote. Two people meet on the beach. One looks at the other and says: “You are kind of strange.”

– “Why?”
– “You don’t have a navel. Are you a Finician? How do you reproduce yourselves there?” – “This is how”.
Kirill: By touch. Thank you.

Question 18: Good evening. My name is Maxim, Bryansk. My question is for Valery about the factories. Two locations in Russia conduct similar research. And is there any training for specialists? I have an office in Bryansk. I would like to advise people on who and how much should take.

Kirill: Data on how silver affects our body is being collected In Kazan and Moscow. Those are not recommendations.

Question 18: But there are heavier basic elements, based on which zinc and magnesium will be better absorbed. This is some kind of education to explain to people what exactly they should drink.

Kirill: Some kind of educational center that gives knowledge on how to consume it? Will it be?

Question 18: Yes. Valera: It will.

Kirill: Do you need knowledge? Now we have notes on how to use them. Zinc deficiency won’t tell you anything. I had to study this because there is a lot to do with digestion. This is self-love. You can give more effect.

Question 18: Is it possible to study it somewhere?

Kirill: A Chemistry textbook.

Question 18: No, it’s a little different.

Valera: Do I understand correctly that you have a medical education? Biological. And you also want to get involved in research activities.

Question 18: Yes. The question is about more competent recommendations on who should take what. Kirill: Do you want to acquire diagnostic skills in order to sell this product to your customers? Question 18: Yes.

Kirill: Finally. I think we will do it soon. The method that we have is a little off our standards. You can also watch the video posted on my Instagram. There is a technology separate from us. If you like the mechanics, then you can master it.

Question 19: Hello. My name is Andrey. My question is about Fin2Fin. It was said here that when an investor invests money, the borrower is not given the amount itself, but the income from it.

Kirill: This is a business. The venture is a fund that invests in this business. Accordingly, this business lends out. What does it give out? What the foundation had given to it.

Question 19: It will take time, yes.
Kirill: Yes. If there is money, then it is provided immediately. The business is built on capital return.

Question 20: Good afternoon. I have two questions about Fin2Fin. How is the company going to work with borrowers who won’t have returned the money?

Kirill: We’ll block their account.

Zygmunt: Here the work is already not with the borrower but with the capital. This is actually a cool question because we faced it when we were creating the website. But we will still keep the declared profitability. We also have reinsurance.

Kirill: We do not have a collection model. It’s like a profitable loan. Question 20: Some kind of credit is included in the model, right? Kirill: Yes.

Question 20: And the second thing. It will be possible to get another 1,000 after receiving the first loan and returning half of it, right?

Zygmunt: The limit will increase.
Question 20: The payment schedule is recalculated. How does cashback work?

Anton: Let’s assume, you take out one loan and repay it. Then the second loan. Those are two different contracts.

Zygmunt: In the 13th month, you will get cashback on the first and second contracts. Question 20: Two different. Thank you.

Question 21: Good evening. I wanted to say thank you to Kirill. You are a bomb, your whole team is a bomb. I have left my request to the girl on paper in order not to take up your time. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of you. We need this like air. I am also very grateful that you have developed a tax return. Thank you for respecting our state.

Question 22: Hi, guys. If Fin2Fin starts working tomorrow, when will the support of this service work properly? Many people can’t receive a code.

Zygmunt: It was not ready for work when we announced it. So the codes did not come. Now it is finished, so everything should come. We just were in a hurry at that moment.

Anton: Support will start working from next week.

Zygmunt: We will publish the signing-up instructions.

Question 22: Thank you.

Question 23: I have a question about fin2Fin. When you showed the application for replenishment, was there the same commission as in Finiko?

Zygmunt: There will be 1%.

Question 23: In addition to the interest?

Zygmunt: Yes.

Question 23: I would also like to say that many people were noticing that their address was being changed when transferring funds.

Kirill: Well, it is necessary to deal with security. That’s right.

Zygmunt: And the domain.

Kirill: The points of control should be the highest for you.

Question 23: Will you allow using cashback from 16 years old?

Kirill: Only 18+. In fact, all of my acquaintances who have children over 15 years old have several accounts.

Question 24: Good evening. Thanks to all of you. We are happy with all the tools. Would you like to make it possible for people to withdraw funds directly to the card?

Zygmunt: We will make it a little differently.

Kirill: Income withdrawal? We will have a token exchanger and a card to simplify all this just a little later.

Question 25: Hello, thanks. I have a question about Fin2Fin. Tell me one thing. Not only Finiko clients will come to this platform, therefore the return rate is low. Is it possible to make more favorable conditions for the “Finicians”?

Kirill: At this stage of development, we do not want to introduce innovations yet. The first stage will be acceleration. An investor doesn’t care about clients or non-clients. The key indicator is the viability of the project.

Question 25: I know an investor who could lend money. What guarantees does he have? Kirill: We have a contract. There is a deposit. It will be, but it won’t have full power. Question 25: Thank you.
Question 26: Good evening. A question about aviation.

Kirill: Let’s have two more questions.
Question 26: What is the composition of the substances to be sprayed? Kirill: We will spray any chemical they tell us.

Ilya: No, no. There are registered chemicals that can be sprayed in the Russian Federation. We are not doing classification. We are told what to work with, therefore an employer bears the risks himself. This issue has been settled.

Question 26: What about the environmental damage that you can cause?

Ilya: One more time. There are a number of substances that should kill something and not touch something else.

Question 26: I understand. But it may rain and this chemical will enter the water source.

Ilya: This question is not for us. What product do you have on your table? We are talking about a different variety. There you need to keep track of everything. We are increasing yields. We do not make a decision.

Kirill: Is there any assessment of ours? Ilya: No, this is a state regulator.

Question 26: Okay, I understand. May I also ask a question about Fin2Fin? There is some kind of rating system on the website. I haven’t heard anything about the social platform lately.

Kirill: What are you talking about?
Question 26: Did Marat talk about the social platform?

Kirill: Social things are fully integrated into Humanity tokens. We may have been talking about ideas. It is difficult to deduce it yet. All commercial items remain there. The final question.

Question 27: I have a question about Doronium. For example, a person comes to a therapist and receives a recommendation to take silver. This is both a benefit to the world and business expansion.

Valera: Are you talking about registration of the drug? We have to undergo clinical trials. This is exactly what we are doing.

Kirill: We are heading for this.
Question 26: An investor invests, the venture chooses a direction.
Kirill: No, you don’t choose. The criterion for the selection of the project is on us. Question 26: Thank you, thank you.

Kirill: Thank you, guys. We will do more venture exhibitions where we will be presenting projects. That’s all. Get rich, manage your capital, think about the future. Bye!

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