18 June 2021
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News about the Finiko company. Questions and answers
News about the Finiko company. Questions and answers
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Hello, my name is Ilgiz Shakirov, and I am an active partner of Finiko. This is going to be a brief Zoom. We do Zooms weekly. I would like to share some information, and our meeting today will be divided into three parts. I am going to talk about news, training, and I will also answer your questions. I’ll probably start with the news.

Over the past week, we have had several events. I would like to congratulate those who achieved the qualifications: Valery Kuznetsov, Valery Samodelkin, Sergey Kanygin. It is a pleasure to congratulate you on your 6-star-qualification. It’s nice that I know them personally. We always see each other at events. I have asked, “Why do you attend events?”. Everyone expressed their opinion. To get results, you have to be a leader. There were several events in February. On the 1st of February, there was an event in Moscow. On the 2nd, it was also in Moscow. There were about 70 people. There were 150 people in Perm. Kazan was on fire, there were 570 people. Tomorrow, on the 19th, there will be a presentation in Ufa.

Notify others that the location has changed. It will take place in the Hilton hotel. On the 20th, an event in Naberezhnye Chelny is going to happen. We hold as many “How to make money?” conferences as possible. On 24th, 25th, and 26th, there will be important events. From 11 am to 7 pm there will be Club 100 for office owners. There will be training from Kirill. On the 25th, there will be Club 100 for everyone. On the 26th, there will be “How to make money?”. When Kirill outlined a goal of $300 billion for St. Petersburg. He said that he needs a team, he can’t do that alone. That contributed to the opening of the club. Kirill said that he was ready to share information. The first Club 100 took place in Yekaterinburg. I have found a specific tool for making money.

I clearly understand for myself that events are important. In 2005, our management said, “We are going to the training”. I went to a partner and said, “Let’s go”. He replied, “Let’s stay. There is no money left.” Then I realized and said that we had to go because we had no money. The next time, I shouted at him, I said that he would never get out of this hole. I motivated my partners to go. I thought I would never see him again. But no, the next day, I saw him on the bus. The first day, we did not speak. Then, he came to me and said, “I have realized why I had to go”.

Without fully understanding everything, you will have an inner fear. We are located in different cities. When you are alone in a big city, there is no motivation, it is difficult to process information. Traveling to an event is the effect of a dead battery. Events help you recharge yourself. They ask me, “Do I have to go to Sochi?” I say that it doesn’t matter to me whether you go or not. It is important whether your partners will go. You see the contingent there. There are wealthy people, and you can see it, and it motivates. Studying on the Internet, you do not always get what you need.

I summed up the statistics, we went around the cities. Read the book “10 Lessons on Napkins”. I came to the training and asked who had read this book. People watching online training don’t do the right thing. At home, watching the training, someone is distracting you. Who worked with me or works with me knows that I do not give tips online. I am sharing everything in person. Do not record the training. People say, “I’ll watch the live stream”. But

besides this, I have the opportunity to get tips and knowledge. Leaders always share. Feel free to come up to conferences. I go there and ask.

Friends, ask questions in the chat. If someone does not have information on Sochi, request to join Club 100. So, we have no questions at all or what?

-When will it be possible to pay for prosthetics?

The question of medicine has already been raised, the team of programmers is working, they are doing it. There are some issues with the support service. The department will expand.

-Who to contact regarding the trading school? Send an email to the support. They will answer you. -Will there be a video from Sochi?
Most likely, no.
-What will I do there? Walk around Sochi?
Why not.
-More questions?

Well, it was a quick Zoom meeting. Let’s meet at events. I invite everyone, on the 25th of February in Sochi.

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