18 June 2021
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New Lexus ES250 for $10,000. Review of Finiko
New Lexus ES250 for $10,000. Review of Finiko
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“Hello, everyone. Today, we are filming the purchase of a car for 35 percent. Tell us how you have reached the 9th star. How have you entered the program, and what are your impressions?”
“What is your occupation? Tell me about yourself.”

“I work in Finiko. I am a former military officer from Yoshkar-Ola. I quit in 2009. I decided to change everything. I realized that there was no room for development. I moved. I had been living there for 7 years. ”

“Why did you change the city?”

“To change the environment. I always move. Thus, we have a year.”
“I have been interested in the topic of money since childhood. I love money. I had some prerequisites to make money. I was drying the fish and selling it. I got interested in the topic of investments in 2008 when everyone started saying that it was possible to make money on it. I went to Forex. There are also some trading platforms from Sberbank. I figured it out quickly.”

“How did you know about Finiko?” “Ilgiz Shakirov told me about Finiko.

I trusted him very much. So, I have deposited $1,000 without thinking. And within a month, I realized that everything was working. I immediately started calling my friends and acquaintances, advising the company, building my own structure. Because if not me, then someone else would definitely call them!”

“The total cost of the car was $ 30,000. The deposit to Finiko was $ 10,500, which is 35% + a 1% office fee + $130 for maintaining the contract. After 95 days, the full amount of the car price came to Rodion’s account.”

In a few months, you will meet my wife, since we want to buy a car for 35 percent of the cost for her as well.

“Those who are interested can watch the rest of the video reviews. Thanks, bye-bye.”

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