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New Finiko office in Perm
New Finiko office in Perm
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A: Hello, everybody! We are in Perm. There are a lot of affiliate offices, car purchases, and loan repayment cases here. Today we will meet one girl who has opened a partner office. We have arrived at Ksenia’s wonderful workspace. Ksenia, nice to meet you! You can say hi to everyone.

K: Hello, everybody!

A: Ksenia, you have a very comfortable office. Let’s chat. To begin with, how did you hear about Finiko? And tell us about yourself in general. How old are you? You look so young and beautiful.

K: Hello, everyone, once again! My name is Ksenia Filippova. Actually, I am currently on maternity leave. I have two little children. And even though my kids were waiting for me at home, I decided to start this business and to build my team. With our beloved company Finiko.

A: And how did you hear about Finiko, Ksenia?

K: I heard about Finiko in November 2019 from our sponsor and mentor, Vlad Gritsenko, from Yekaterinburg. My husband and I were examining the operations of the company for a long time. It took us about four months to study the processes and the products.

A: So, you have researched everything thoroughly, right?

K: Yes.

A: Why did it take you so long – four months? Did you have doubts?

K: Yes, of course, we had. And the fact that we were the only clients in the city with a one-million population also affected it.

A: By the way, I know that you were the first to open an office here in Perm. Is it true? K: Yes.
A: You are the only one, congrats! Well done!
K: Thank you.

A: Well, let’s discuss how you and your husband have decided to open an office. Why the office? How does it help you in working with Finiko?

K: Initially, I was working online from home. The only things I needed were the Internet and my smartphone. But then, I realized that this company is promising. Its products do work, and I have checked it by myself. Then, I wanted more. I am a networker at heart, who wants to promote and develop. I get inspired by my own results. My husband and I have recently

attained the first qualification or the first level. We have something to strive for, so we decided to open an office.

A: How did the period of establishment go? Advise those who do not understand what to start with when opening an office. What are the first steps?

K: Actually, the main thing is desire. It is important to be in flow with yourself, your clients, and your partners. What to begin with? We have sent an application and received the instructions on what the office should be like. It did not take us much time to choose the premises.

A: And does the location of premises play an important role? Is it better to have an office in a good business center in a low traffic area, or in a place with high traffic, but not in such a cool building? What is your opinion?

K. We decided that since we are in a big city, Perm, and we are the first and only, we should open an office in the city center. It is located on Ekaterininskaya street, in the “Manhattan” apartments. We are on the eighth floor, office number sixty.

A: Do people come here at all? Do those who pass by ask something?

K: Well, actually, we opened the office just two days ago, on June 1, 2020. Therefore, now we are just settling down and organizing personal meetings. And we are planning to organize a big event – a group webinar or a conference. We invite everyone who has questions and who is interested in Finiko products to visit us. We will be waiting for everyone.

A: How is your team, by the way? Do you work under the affiliate program here? Have they already been here? Did they have time to visit your office?

K: We have just started. Our partners use the programs of the company. Not everyone, of course. Many people are still observing. And, of course, I can’t just be silent about such opportunities. I want my network and other people in general, to be a little more successful and happier. Because with Finiko, it is real!

A: Great! Well, on this note, we will say goodbye. Ksenia, thank you very much for the interview. Actually, it happened very spontaneously that we came to your office today. We were about to leave, but finally, we managed to contact you. And if you live in Perm and want to open an office or are just interested, please contact Ksenia. She will tell you about everything in detail and invites you to have a cup of coffee in her beautiful office. Bye-bye!

K: Thank you, Anastasia, for visiting our city and for inviting me to a personal meeting. I am very glad to meet you personally, as I do not miss a single video on the YouTube channel.

A: Probably soon, we will come back to visit your partners, who will receive their new cars. I have heard that there are people who have contracts for car purchases.

K: Yes.

A: Well, bye-bye! K: Bye, everyone!

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