26 January 2021
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Mercedes for 35% of the cost
Mercedes for 35% of the cost
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Yuri: They say that banks will be calling those who will watch this video but won’t like it every morning at 7 for the rest of their lives and offer the amount of the approved loan. Come on, I am just kidding. We are in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. And here, we have a lot of cool cases and people. So, we have something to tell and show you.

This is Arthur. Arthur, please introduce yourself first. How old are you, what do you do?

Arthur: My name is Arthur, I am from Novosibirsk, I will be 49 years old this month, in a few days. I came from Uzbekistan. For family reasons, I had to leave my comfort zone and come here.

Yuri: When did you move?

Arthur: It was 2012, on October 22nd, I flew to Novosibirsk.

Yuri: You even remember the date, that day, right?

Arthur: Yes, I remember even the weather. It was cloudy and, in principle, not even sunny because I was definitely not ready for this.

Yuri: Today, we also have arrived, and the fog greeted us. We were even a bit shocked by how local people move around in the morning.

Arthur: I even fell in love with winter here, although I haven’t really seen it before.

Yuri: Did you fall in love with -40?

Arthur: Yes, I loved the snow. The case is that I’m already a little fed up, the soul requires some kind of change. And in principle, it always did. This is what gives me such a drive in life.

Yuri: How did you get to know Finiko? What brought you exactly to this point?

Arthur: In principle, a call from friends led me to this point, as usual. But before that, I had started a business. I had a certain rule, my life credo: I knew how to save money. I knew how to do charity work, I have notebooks where from every salary, from every dollar, I gave 10% to charity.

Yuri: Where does this discipline come from? How did you cultivate it in yourself? After all, I can even say about myself that I do not know how to save. Money goes somewhere all the time. Share your secret with those people who are watching and with me.

Arthur: Most likely, everyone needs it, because you have to deal with the discipline of the spiritual component that you have inside as a spiritual person. It was just the cognition of this spirituality that has directed me to the biblical school, where I have learned about those aspects: that it is necessary to save, to correctly, let’s say, manage the resource of time, faith, and money.

Yuri: So, that is one of the possible ways.
Arthur: Yes, it will definitely lead to success for sure.
Yuri: Okay, then let’s go back. You have been saving money, and?

Arthur: Saving, yes. And the time when I was able to buy a car came. A used car, but a Japanese one. Because there are no foreign cars in Uzbekistan at all, I dreamed only about Zhiguli 6, for example. And I could not buy it, because life was like home-work, work-home.

Yuri: So, it is interesting that some time ago, Zhiguli 6 was the limit.

Arthur: The ultimate dream. I wanted to, but could not get to this position, because I was just doing a regular job. There was no way to do some kind of entrepreneurial action to get started. There was no such capital. I am the tenth child in the family, I don’t know four of them, but the other six are all in Finiko.

Yuri: All six?

Arthur: Yes, all six. And moreover, all the relatives and nephews are there too, they are already buying everything.

Yuri: It’s literally such a clan, takes over little by little. Okay, what star do you have?

Arthur: To date, I have the tenth star. I reached it on July 22nd. I entered at the end of November, and in 20 days, I gained 5 stars, completed all promotions that could be done, all the tips.

Yuri: In 20 days?

Arthur: Yes, and now my house is a warehouse of Apple gadgets, so to speak.

Yuri: It’s that simple, yes, not a house, but a warehouse.

Arthur: And now I’m expecting more to arrive.

Yuri: So, you are going straight along your path, I feel it. You have recently purchased a car, Mercedes.

Arthur: Yes, I can say more. This is the second car because the first one was a trial version as well as the first one-room apartment. Because I made the decision to open an office right away, we have opened three Finiko partner offices here.

Yuri: Three at once?

Arthur: Yes, in the beginning, we opened three partner offices at once. We established two, and then I decided to open my third personal one in the center of Novosibirsk.

Yuri: It turns out that you have three offices, an Apple equipment warehouse, this everything.

Arthur: Those are partner offices to clarify. We established them with a partner, we wanted to move together. Then, we realized that it was practically impossible to track the flow of money. And to eliminate such disagreements, we realized that it is a business for each of us. Thus, we had to move independently. And today, my partner, who is my superior, is about to reach the tenth level. His name is Vladimir. Hello Vladimir, I am glad, thank you for your call, for this meeting, when, in principle, I found out about Finiko.

Yuri: Okay, I was trying to figure out what products you are in. I was trying from the beginning, so…?

Arthur: I have received an apartment and a car simultaneously. That was the first case when we took both an apartment and a car. We had some kind of resource in another company, from which I withdrew money. And I had enough money to buy an apartment and a car for 35%. Although used and small, still a real case. That apartment will be for the children.

Yuri: In another company. But now, you are in Finiko. What did affect this, why?

Arthur: Good marketing played a key role, open leadership, and, of course, interest. Interest: “How is it? We need to figure it out”. I just made a decision, pressed the button “buy a ticket” and flew to Yekaterinburg.

Yuri: You are a businessman, as I understand it.

Arthur: Probably so, because the results are making themselves felt. Sitting and thinking are definitely not about me. Therefore, I flew to Yekaterinburg, called my superior, discussed all questions with Zygmunt, thanks a lot to him.

Yuri: Were you personally in touch?

Arthur: Yes, we met personally. I had questions in my notebook. After the Club 100, we sat down and solved them all. And I saw that it all was transparent, I saw the company’s plans. I knew Kirill not in person, but only from Vladimir. He had known him even earlier, in another business.

Yuri: To clarify, for those who don’t know, Club 100 is one of Kirill’s projects on personality development.

Arthur: Yes, exactly after the first webinar. I was fortunate enough to attend the company’s webinar and the first Club 100, which was held in Yekaterinburg right away. I do not regret anything, except for one thing – I did not know about it earlier. That’s all I’m sorry about.

Yuri: Okay, now let’s move on to the most delicious part, i.e. to what has brought us here. It is your Mercedes GLE 350 car.

Arthur: Coupe, and that version.

Yuri: Okay, let’s talk numbers because everyone is interested. How much does it cost? How much have you contributed?

Arthur: Today, it costs $110,000. But they have applied a certain strategy of selling Mercedes cars, this makes it possible to make a certain discount, so it cost me $98,000.

Yuri: And how much have you deposited?

Arthur: Initially, I deposited not for a Mercedes, because in the beginning, there were fewer resources and not extended horizons, so there was a plan to buy for at least $68,000.

Yuri: And before, you dreamed of at least Zhiguli 6, right?

Arthur: Yes, and now, at least $68,000. I have contributed 35%. As far as I remember, that’s the equivalent of $20,000. Well, 1.500.000 rubles. And, in principle, I was calm. Why? Because I had already had an account with the company. And I went there very dignified, withdrew all the money that I had.

Yuri: You have completely trusted, so to speak.

Arthur: Yes, I have completely trusted. Why? Because on some intuitive level, I considered Kirill himself and the leadership, and to this day, I have no doubts. I just want to support this company more progressively.

Yuri: Okay, let’s go back to the car. You deposited that amount, you counted on $68,000.

Arthur: Yes, considering that time was passing, money was accumulating in accounts, some other things were being done. Roughly speaking, I do not stand still, I move in different directions. Therefore, I made a decision that if I succeed when I drive those cars, which, in principle, I had ordered. And then, the time when I took a ride on my dream, the desired Cadillac XT6 car came. It is also a complete restyling of 2020.

Yuri: Four months after you entered the company, right?

Arthur: Yes, yes, I mean, I was waiting for this car, they brought it. I ordered a test drive, drove a Cadillac for one day, and went to the Mercedes center just to compare. And I realized that Mercedes, of course, wins in terms of comfort. And the most important thing for me is to drive comfortably, move safely and dynamically. Which, in principle, corresponds to my life.

Yuri: Okay, you’ve got a Mercedes, how do you feel? What emotions do experience? It stands in front of you: beautiful, black, just perfect. How do you feel?

Arthur: I take it very lightly, to be honest. It is not my final goal, it is acquired. So, I’ve bought it and that’s fine. On the other hand, of course, when I sat down, it was a spaceship that had to be dealt with. It also, let’s say, listens to my voice, understands it.

Yuri: In the literal sense?
Arthur: Yes, you can talk to it.
Yuri: “Let’s go, Mercedes”, and it’s driving, right?

Arthur: Yes, like “Turn that on, call that one”, and it does it. I had to get used to it, but to date, I have not got used to it yet. And now, in principle, I drive it as if it was an ordinary car. You should keep up with the times.

Yuri: Arthur, now I will ask you to give advice, some wishes to those people who are watching this video because I am sure they want to hear it from a person who is dynamically changing all the time, who came and started from scratch. And even now, when you have the tenth star when you have the Mercedes GLE 350 Coupe, you are still moving forward.

Arthur: First, I want to thank the management of the company for their plans and actions. That is, you will get to know them by their actions. I got to know them by their actions. And my faith is getting stronger every day, and I pass this faith on to my partners, who are already in several countries. It is Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Cyprus, it is the whole of Russia. So just figure it out, don’t delay, move forward. I wish you success. God bless you in every path you begin.

Yuri: Thank you very much, Arthur! It was nice to talk to you. Well, think or do – the choice is yours.

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