9 March 2021
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Mercedes Benz GLE 300D purchase review
Mercedes Benz GLE 300D purchase review
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D: Hello, everyone! At the moment, Igor and I are driving his new Mercedes GLE for the first time. Am I right? I don’t know much about the models.

I: That’s okay.
D: It is a very cool car. Igor, you can say hello to everyone.
I: Hello, everyone, friends!
D: Now, we are finally going to interview Igor. Igor, tell us a little about yourself.

I: When I introduce myself, I just say “Igor” lately. It’s enough. Because I had quite a serious goal in my life. It was extremely important for me to be unemployed. I’ve probably spent my whole life in relationship marketing. In other words, what people call network marketing, I call relationship marketing. It means building solid, fairly serious consumer networks. And in general, let’s say, relationships between business owners and their customers. So, I got to know this industry in 2001, on December 17. It impressed me so much. I mean, I saw two aspects of it at once. The first is the pointlessness and futility of working for hire. The second thing I thought about was the enormous potential of life leverage in relationship marketing.

D: Based on our conversation, let’s slightly move on to Finiko now. I’m wondering. People come to the company and some of them manage to succeed right away. And they really do a very big thing and, in principle, get a lot of money. But some people do not succeed.

I: Yes. Someone finds oil, someone does not.

D: Yes, but it’s not a matter of luck. I’m watching others now. Someone works, studies, and knows how to communicate. How does it work in general?

I: Well, if we talk specifically about Finiko, then with Finiko, everything is actually very simple. In my subjective opinion, there is a large part of people, a very large part of people. They do not consider investing for themselves at all. So, they do not consider an option in their lives when it is not they who earn money, but money works for them. For example, personally for me, it is very important. It is extremely important that money works for me. And if we talk about our family, then 98% of the income we receive, comes either from businesses that do not belong to us. It means that we are not co-owners of those businesses or something. So, someone else owns them. And income from the money that works for us. Those are two points. So, the vast majority of people, in my subjective opinion, do not consider such an opportunity for themselves. They deny investing per se. And that is probably the reason, an internal one. We have already said that the internal need of a person to change himself, his own life, relationships. Now, if we take that small part of people who believe in investment and want to do it.

D: Faith is knowledge, right? Is faith knowledge? Faith in investment.

I: There is confidence. Yes, again, look. There are notions of competence in my world outlook. And there are concepts of energy, of world perception. In other words, a person and his philosophy of life. So, I am sure that people differ only in their way of thinking. That is the mental component that makes one person successful. And makes the other person make ends meet. Moreover, people can have very strong, good inner potential. And I believe that the majority of people make money out of proportion to their potential.

D: How long have you been in Finiko?
I: I have been in Finiko since September 27th. D: Do you already have 10 stars?
I: Yes, I have 10 stars.
D: Did you have any strategy?
I: Yes, of course, I have.
D: Can you share it?

I: For me, investing is a plan. The strategy consisted of two parts. The first one was preparatory. When my friend, Denis Chesnokov, to whom I am very grateful. He came to me and said, “I invested $5,400, it worked in a certain project for a month and I earned $892, plus that $5,400 remained available to me. I want to invest $20,000 in that project!”. I told him that I was very happy for him. But I was the type of person who didn’t believe in those insane interest rates.

D: Were you still that type of person in September?

I: It was September 25th. He said: “I want you to go with me to meet the person who sold this investment to me, who showed me this business opportunity. And you criticized it a little and told me where I was wrong.” And so, we met with Ilgiz Shakirov. Again, I am grateful to this person. I consider him my mentor and friend, a business partner. And it was, you know, a happy day when David met Goliath. But no one defeated anybody in our case. And there was a mutual and very strong enrichment. Ilgiz said: “How much time do you have?” That was an important moment for me because we met at 4 p.m., and at 7 p.m., I had a plane. We flew to Turkey for a very serious business event, where we were supposed to gather.

D: So, you had literally 40-60 minutes.

I: I said that I had 12 minutes. And Ilgiz held a meeting in 11 minutes 40 seconds for me, after which I had to cancel my taxi. And for another 30 minutes, I was asking questions. After that, I called my wife and said: “Honey, there is a project, and I want to participate in it!” But how did I want to participate? I wanted to invest. At that time, it was 70,000 rubles, it was equal to one CTI. And that price seemed extremely high because, at that time, the dollar rate was something around 64-65 rubles. That imposed additional commissions, bitcoin conversion. It all seemed very expensive, very unfair. But we did it! I mean, she was against

it, because we discuss everything with her and make only mutual decisions regarding investing. And here, I made the decision alone, that is, I bought the CTI Index. I wanted to understand three things. Firstly, I wanted to understand the profit generation system. And what was important for me is that Ilgiz Shakirov showed me how 3-5% a day were made. He managed to explain in simple terms in 11 minutes how any person can make 3-5% a day without giving their money to the company. He did a very good thing, he introduced me to Zygmunt. We had a very short conversation, a lightning-fast one.

D: Was that before you made your decision?
I: No, I already bought the Index and we went, yes. D: Why was that meeting important to you?

I: It was important for me to get to know all the founders. When I returned from Turkey, I mean, they organized a meeting with the guys for me. And a very serious X meeting with Kirill Doronin took place. He answered all of my questions. I mean, I saw a person in front of me, who was a strong negotiator, a motivator who knew how to be highly professional, conduct a dialogue neither haughtily nor from below, but to build that parallel. Equal, sincere, honest. And I was amazed by the openness of the project, its transparency.

D: You’ve said it took a very long time to make a decision. How much is that?

I: That is a month. So, for a month I was studying their background, I talked with all of them in person. It was important for me to understand the business model. It was extremely important for me to understand where the money came from. The second point is that I personally was trading. I have made over 1,000 trades.

D: In a month?

I: No, that was for a longer period of time. There were about 600-700 transactions per month. I have made a lot of trades in which I bought bitcoin. I was dividing and selling it. I was buying bitcoin, collecting, and selling it. When I had an opportunity, I was studying and performing those actions by myself.

D: I am delighted. I rarely interview someone who has immersed in that so much. I think it will be useful for many people to watch this video in terms of that.
I: Maybe. We have made some mistakes. I bought two Indexes for myself and seven Indexes for Venera, whom I registered under me.

D: And what was the mistake?

I: Because as someone who is familiar with network marketing, you usually need to build golden triangles. To register people below, create a lot of accounts, duplicate these things. So, I did not fully understand Finiko’s marketing strategies back then. I did not understand that it was necessary to concentrate the CTI indexes in one account, and not distribute them. Finiko is the most powerful project in my life. The next point is to study marketing. I allocated a month for it. Firstly, I calculated it myself. I have a certain education to do that, I am a

manager of network systems. I studied this profession in China. Thus, I belong to the category of people who are able to calculate it.

D: Let’s go back to the marketing plan.

I: I have realized that there is a lot of money in this marketing plan. It was extremely important for me to achieve the lifestyle we were used to. In which we were used to developing. And, looking ahead, it took me less than 200 days in the Finiko project to double my best performance in previous projects.

D: Igor, let’s talk about the product “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. Actually, we are currently in this car. Why did you decide to use the program?

I: Well, I must say that this is the second car. And there will be the third one. The reason is very simple. I understand how the program works.

D: How does the program work?

I: Most people don’t understand how CTI works. Because they don’t want to figure it out, they just have a consumer mindset. I invested in Indexes, got CFR, and then invested it in ZFZ, and I received a car.

D: How much does the car cost?

I: Around $71,000-73,000. This car cost me $24,000. We invested it in the program, waited 120 days, received our interest, increased it by 15%, that is, we had an additional month of waiting. And moreover, the Irbis car dealership gave us a very good discount, because we bought a car for cash.

D: What was your first car?

I: The first car was a Range Rover, also under this program.
Also, I would like to thank Zygmunt and Kirill Doronin for everything they do, for explaining everything to me.

D: Bye, everyone! And don’t forget to like, subscribe, and make sure to send this video to your friends and acquaintances.

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