18 June 2021
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Men’s challenge by Finiko
Men’s challenge by Finiko
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Man 1: When I heard that Kirill launched that charity token
It really attracted me when he said “poor people”, as I used to work with poor people before. I really want to work and help those in need in addition to other projects that will be implemented within the framework of this charitable foundation.

Life gave me such a chance. Today, I earn. I am a leader of a certain level, yes. It means I have to give something back to this life. That is why I have paid that $30,000 to be here.
In fact, I have prepared for the challenge. I used to work in the administration of Krasnoyarsk, and I have met with certain people. Those people are ready to implement projects with us. I think that this is what we will discuss today within the framework of this challenge.

Man 2: All Far-Eastern people say hello to our challenge, the competition of men. So, this is another step towards my personal development and additional benefits for my friends and me personally.

Well, it gives new emotions and an incentive for even higher achievements not only in those disciplines that we were studying today but also in new ones. I personally engage in professional diving, parachuting, and I am fond of extreme tourism. So, I think that the next challenge will include new additional disciplines. It gives you a thrill, a new desire to improve in different directions, personal growth, and of course, allows you to teach other people.

Man 3: Well, because I love charity and I love that it is a sensible charity. Roughly speaking, I only participate in this once, and my investment will consistently bring more value. This resonates with me. I like it.

Man 4: I am here to understand what charity can be. To put it bluntly, I have never engaged in charity, and I have never understood the point of donating money in order for that money to be spent. Here, in the Humanity token project, I have got the point. I have seen that charity money can be reused so that the number of good deeds can multiply over time. I have such a big mission to do something that will qualitatively change the standard of living of all people. And I believe that this project – Humanity – can become a part of this mission. It can help me. That is why I am here.

Man 5: I thought this was an excellent opportunity to try myself, to try something new in life. My personal participation and participation of others depends on the possibilities we can provide to this world. Therefore, everything we do, we do for someone and for something. And I want my contribution to be as helpful as possible for the world.

Man 6: In general, Humanity is a charitable project, and this is my contribution and my choice. This is the world of conscious people who develop themselves and give other people the opportunity to improve.

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