8 May 2021
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Men’s challenge and instructions
Men’s challenge and instructions
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Kirill: In short, we had an idea of gathering here and going for a drive, having a party, just for fun. And then, we thought that it would be better to arrange something useful. Whom will we invite? I remembered that Club tickets were usually sold out very quickly. And the thing for which I am ready to work now can be extended to people who are also interested in it. We have come up with a model. Since this is not about money, we have decided to accept the first 100 people. The program will be as follows: April 26-27. What will we be doing? We will go to Krasnodar to wakesurf there. In 15-20 minutes, your brain will reboot. Then, we will move to a conference hall. What are we going to talk about? First of all, about the word – if you give your word, keep it. Secondly, getting rid of pessimistic thinking. Getting rid of thoughts that something will not work out for you. On the second day, there will be moto training. Those who have never tried riding at all can try it because it will be a safe area. Next, we will continue to talk about obligations. We will also discuss the projects I have mentioned. Now, I need people in different regions who could negotiate with the administration on how we could strengthen those areas. For example, now we have two projects on the kids camp construction. The administration is responsible for it. Such people should be everywhere, so this is a great opportunity to appear at our party. The conditions of the challenge are not simple. The first 100 men. For now, we will do it like this. Don’t ask why. The first 100 people. Men. Those who will buy Hi Tokens for $30,000. The first fund that will allow us to implement our projects. We need hands, legs, and heads. Those people will come with us. We will provide only the location, so please be prepared. We will ride and discuss. It won’t be easy. Those who are interested are welcome. It is important for me to have a strong start now. A person can grow only through the ability to influence others.

Greetings to everyone on the website of the Smart Charitable Capital project. In this video, we will explore how to contribute and donate. To begin with, we have to go through the account registration procedure. It is intuitive and will only take you a few minutes to complete. On the main page of the project, we have two active links. We go through any of them, and there, you will see an offer to create an account. We will have to fill in the fields that will appear: indicate your name and surname, as well as your email, and come up with a password. We have to confirm that we accept the user agreement, and then confirm the registration. Now you can go to your personal account. The total balance of your donations will be displayed here. And there is also a Donate button. Get acquainted with the information. At the moment, donations are available in three currencies: Bitcoin, USDT, and ETH. The amount is indicated above. For example, I want to make an investment of $100, and below, I select the currency. One Hi Token equals 1 dollar. All the information appears here. I click Continue. I have received a wallet address I have to send $100 to in order to make a donation. I copy this address. Now, I have to go to any crypto wallet that has money. The donation is made by a classic transfer from one wallet to another. I have received the address in my personal account. I indicate the amount, copy the address, and confirm the transfer of funds. Alright! After the transaction goes through all the network confirmations, the balance will be updated and the amount of your donations will be displayed. You can make a large contribution to smart charitable capital in a fairly simple way. At this stage, I want to express my deep gratitude to each of you personally. Thanks a lot to everyone.

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