23 January 2021
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Marketing plan for the products of Finiko
Marketing plan for the products of Finiko
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You can probably already hear and see me. Today I want to tell the story of Finiko products. My name is Anton Semyakin, and I am the head of the support service. I think we’ll go straight to the presentation, and I’ll show you what we have.

Finiko-life. What is it? The client makes one payment and receives regular transfers for 1 year at a selected frequency. The payment consists of the deposit plus a one percent office fee.

5% of the deposit amount is sent to the inviter immediately after the conclusion of the contract. 1% of the deposit amount is sent to the office owner instantly. 1% of the recurring payment is sent to upline partners up to level 10 at the time of payment.

Finiko-product. There is also 1 payment and 1 transfer after a certain period, depending on the tariff (2,4,6 months). The payment, in this case, is the deposit + 1% of the office service fee.

5% of the contribution amount is paid to the inviter instantly. 1% of the final amount is transferred to the owner of the office instantly. And 1% of the deposit amount is granted to higher-level partners up to level 10 a month after the contract conclusion (12 payments).

Personal and office promos do not count. Finiko-product and finiko-life do not affect the turnover in any way. The turnover is formed by Indexes.

With the LIFE program, you can cancel the contract before the first payment. If the contract is canceled, only the deposit amount is refunded, 1% office fee is not refundable.

According to the PRODUCT program, it is possible to cancel the contract until the client has received the final amount. If the contract is canceled, only the deposit amount is returned, 1% office fee is not refundable.

Transfer of the contract. If the contract was concluded at zero-office, then the transfer of the contract to another office is possible. If the contract was signed at the specific office, then transfer to another office is not possible.

A person who doesn’t have other products can receive referral payments for attracting a partner.

The minimum deposit amount in both programs is 500 CFR.

You must pay the product tax that exists in your country of residence (income tax). If the tax is more than 13%, then you will receive the final amount later than expected.

For these programs, you do not need to provide a report on purchases and expenses. You can use the Index accumulation products and participate in other programs.

If you want to purchase a certain product and you need to deposit money, you have to go to your personal account, select the program you want to sign up to, specify the final amount that you expect (it will be in CFR). You can deposit the amount with a small surplus. Then you will have a choice: either you deposit 50% of the price for 3 months, 40% of the price for 4 months, or 30% of the price for six months.

There is no maximum limit.

The payment for the product will be done within the program. It will be transferred to the wallet with a minimum fee of 0%. You will have to withdraw that amount to the bitcoin wallet and then deposit the money to the platform for reinvestment.

According to the PRODUCT program: After the payment receipt period passes, the amount of tax that must be paid accrues to you. After it is paid, you should upload supporting documents. Then, the operator will check your tax, and then you will be able to withdraw the money for your product.

Since payments within these programs are transferred to the program’s wallet, the commission is 0%. Thereafter, you get as much as you withdraw.

The withdrawal period is unlimited.

Refunds for these programs are done manually. So, if you cancel the product, the money will be returned within 3-5 days.

Funds are transferred to the wallets inside the programs, so you will have the opportunity to withdraw money to your crypto wallet yourself.

The Index sale period is 21 business days.

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