23 January 2021
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Lesson No4. Putting the trading strategy into practice. Working on the platform as a trader
Lesson No4. Putting the trading strategy into practice. Working on the platform as a trader
November 12, 2020    198 Views     0 Shares

Hello. In this video, I will show you how to trade and how to work with competitors. I want to remind you that your wallet balance must be positive, more than 0.4 Bitcoin. If there is less money in the wallet, then your ad will be inactive, even if you change the status.

Thus, in principle, if you have contractors with whom you have had a history of relations, they will be able to follow the link and open. But it will not be accessible for anyone else. The first rule is that the balance must be over 0.4. The condition is fulfilled. The second is that you have to allocate time for trading. The average duration is from half an hour to two hours. It all depends on your trading strategy. You have to do everything from start to finish.

If you bought yesterday and decided to trade today. There is a possibility that the rate has changed. Then you will get a negative value and lose money. You bought, received money, and started trading. Next, decide what rate to set. To do this, go to the quick buy section. This is where users make purchases. Those who just wanted to buy. This is where your ad will appear. Switch to this tab and set the amount. Today, we will trade using Sberbank cards.

To sell, you need to lower the price. $8,600. At the moment, if people search for ads over $13, my ad will be displayed first in the list. We also have to monitor the rate if it goes up. Adjust the price of your ad so you don’t sell out cheaper. We see a message that we have received the first offer. We can immediately click and switch to the deal. We see two requests. For a start, it is better to take no more than two or three inquiries.

After the sale, we leave a comment and hope that he will leave us a comment too.

We are now in the third line in terms of transactions in the ranking. In the first place for sale through Sberbank. We have it with the lowest rate. We can open the request. If a person does not answer for a long time, you can message him.

“Are you planning to make a payment?”

Sometimes, it happens that a person is silent. We have time for a deal, we can dispute it. In any controversial situation.

We check the status of the application, it has changed. The person has sent us the amount, I’m sure I have received it. I send him bitcoins. Next, I ask him to leave a review and a nice comment.

We can check the profile to see if someone has left a review. Great, someone has done it. One of the contractors. That is how we grow our rating.

This video tutorial is over for today. There is a question about when, how much, the percentage of profitability. We will answer this question in the next video. Thank you for your attention, all the best. Bye.

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