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Kirill Doronin. The flow. Club 100 from Finiko
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Kirill Doronin. The flow. Club 100 from Finiko

“Club 100” is the community of effective people. I teach my team some concepts which are often useful for them in life, no matter what they do. If you are an entrepreneur who wants significant growth – please, send a request to the case analysis. If you are not an entrepreneur and think about changing your life – apply for the analysis, get a kick in the pants, and you will either start moving or understand that everything is fine in your life.

Effectiveness is my favorite topic. I have been researching it since I was born, I guess. That is just the way I am. It seems to me that the task of each person is to be as effective as possible. If you do not strive for perfection, you begin to fade – the proximity to death is determined by your acceptance of imperfection. On one hand, you should accept the reality. On the other hand, it is important to be in a slight positive dissatisfaction that you can still achieve something.

The concept of Club 100 is based on practice without theory which you can easily find on the Internet or in books. Sometimes a specific case analysis allows me to quickly understand a person and give him an idea of how to act here and now. Moreover, it is interesting to other people. You get analyzed, people look at you and learn from your example.

Today’s topic is goal setting. A reason to remember what you want, how you act, and how effective you are.

– What is your name?

– Artyom

– What is the problem? What do you want?

– I want money like everyone else, to achieve my goals and to get a magic kick in my pants.

– Yes, I’ve got it. What is the subject of the conversation? Why so sudden? You already know that you need money.

– Yes, but I was also interested to learn about FIniko and about the opportunities to reach goals with the company. Because I heard about Finiko literally yesterday. I had a call with my friend, and he said: “You have an opportunity to participate in case analysis”, and that’s all. Everything is very fast and simple.

– Did you know anything about Finiko before?

– I heard somewhere. From time to time, interest rates appeared on the Instagram Stories feed. In general, I am interested in investment programs.

– What is the subject of our conversation? What would you like to get from our dialogue?

– When I learned about the capabilities of Finiko, I got a more accurate idea of ​how to reach my short-term targets: a car and an apartment. A more detailed, step by step plan is what I

am interested in. Now I can roughly imagine what steps I should take towards those goals. If you could tell me in more detail about the Finiko tools: “you take such an amount – you put it here, there you buy it …” it would be great.

– Everything that you mentioned, any partner will tell you. It is called a “tool”. What goal have you faced? What have you been doing before? How to combine something with what you do? “Finiko” is not the purpose of life, it is an instrument.

– All my life I have been self-employed and during some period my business has been connected with photography and video shooting. My current business is related to social media: Instagram, promotion, targeting. Now I have faced the problem that I cannot do all the work by myself. I have a certain limit that I reach when I take a lot of orders. The only option I have found is to hire assistants. But that is one side. Another one is that I am interested in the opportunities of network marketing, but I have never been developing networking skills. I have no experience in building a large team.

– Why have you decided that you will come to “Finiko” and your behavior model will change?

– Perhaps it will not change. But I want to master and understand the concept of building teams. I would like to learn that skill. On one hand, I like to chat, on the other hand, I am quite an introverted person.

– You have goals and some kind of conversation about your effectiveness. Can you say that team building skill is your target?

– Yes. That is something I do not know how to do, and I am interested in it. – And how did you determine that you do not know how to do it?
– The fact that I haven’t tried doesn’t mean that I can’t, right?

– Most likely, yes. What criteria do you define for yourself? We often talk a lot, and words can form our reality. You say “I can’t” – well, okay, but what does “I can” mean then? Sometimes, when you define what “I can’t” means, it immediately forms a criterion for determining what you “can”. Then you can clearly determine the goal. How do you understand “I can’t”? Is it, for example, “I tried to work with someone, they all turned away from me, and I still work alone”?

– More or less like that. Firstly, when I tried to call friends and invite them to a meeting, it did not result in anything effective. And secondly, when people refuse me once, then five times, and ten times – I feel uncomfortable. I started to search for networking opportunities online. On the web, you also need to understand what is effective, how to present yourself, and how to build a personal brand. Now I’m thinking about working with a team through online resources.

– Do you love people in general? Who are people for you? Who are people in terms of a team?

– A specific resource that helps you achieve your goals.

– Why do you have such an idea that “If people are a resource, then I don’t want to meet them personally, I feel uncomfortable”? What does your comfort have to do with that? Why is it more important to you than resources?

– Apparently, I am not in such circumstances when I am “ready to do anything”. Most likely, I do not have enough motivation. I can afford bread and butter, I can afford caviar.

– Do you want an apartment that is $130,000 more expensive? Would you move there? – Yes
– And what about a car that is three or four times more expensive?
– Yes, of course

– Would you like to earn from five to ten thousand dollars a day without much effort? – I am totally up for it.
– Thus, everything is alright with your motivation, isn’t it?
– Yes, it turns out so.

– Have we solved the motivation issue? We always know what we want. The question is, what kind of behavior we broadcast on a daily basis towards our own goals. Why do you need the goal of acquiring the team-building skill?

– To reach the resource state quickly. When a team is working and I help them, my income increases significantly thanks to the efforts of all members.

– Now we solve your problems. You can help others when you clearly know what you are doing for yourself. I still have not heard what the goal is. What is the purpose of building a team?

– High income – How much?

– At least $15,000 a month, $500 a day. With an income from five hundred dollars a day I will feel comfortable.

– By what date are you planning to reach that income?

– Considering how the situation is developing now, I have the opportunity to reach such an income in six months or a year.

– Have you studied the marketing plan?

– No.

– I mean, how many people should there be in your team to achieve that?

– I haven’t counted yet

– Why have you applied for the analysis? Are you planning to continue working or are you moving according to the information?

– I’m going to work

– How many meetings do you have today?

– None. I haven’t even joined the company yet. I’m an absolute newbie.

– What of our products turn you on the most right now?

– The car program, the apartment program. I used to have a goal for this year – a good car. But now I see the opportunity to buy it three times cheaper and faster.

– Your team – what will they believe the most?

– Probably, they will believe me, if I’m an example.

– What is your plan regarding that?

– To gain expertise and trust in the eyes of people so that they believe me.

– What actions will you take today or tomorrow to increase the expertise?

– I think I should prepare a series of posts that will tell about myself, about my experience, about my capabilities. About my point “A” and point “B” I am striving for.

– Has anyone told you that your thoughts are very scattered? – Maybe
– Is your goal an apartment or a car?
– First, the car.

– What will be the car?
– Volkswagen Tiguan
– Have you already accumulated the initial deposit?

– No, I haven’t.

– How much money do you have to earn?

– $13,000

– What’s the plan?

– To begin with, to reach an income of at least $4,000 per month, and to be saving money for three to four months.

– How will you reach an income of $4,000? What is your plan? – To sell a product

– When you formulate the goal “to sell a product”, who is the main in your formulation: you or the client?

– Probably, I am.

– When you set goals, you form them around yourself. There is almost no movement. When I want to create a situation in which a hundred people will buy from me, with such formulations of goals, the awareness of what you should do is born. In any formulation, you should consider the world where you are going to reach the result. If you’re going to deliver results in the customer world, then think about goals from the customer perspective. “I want to make $13,000 – that means, two hundred people have to buy something from me”. Why do you need goals? To determine and fix the chaos in the brain: “I want an apartment, and that is not an unrealistic thing, that is twenty clients who have bought from me”. You said, “six months”. When can you obtain twenty clients?

– Even if I talk to one person a day, I think that it is possible to meet the goal in three months.

– I think you will get twenty clients during the next week if you need a car. The decision when you have a car is completely yours. Have you been satisfied with the speed at which you have been living? I do not think so. Otherwise, you would not have been looking for other possibilities. You have found another option, but if you take it with the same habits as before, will there be new results? I doubt it very much. There is a market, there are needs, there is the company fulfilling the obligations. How will you use that? Great if you have your own business. But what if there is no “your own”? Train the teamworking skill, the skill of making big money, the skill of speaking – you can train a lot of things until you get to “your own”. At the same time, there is money, there is a car, there is an apartment, a team. Is the team also a target? What does a “team” mean? A team is a person who works towards one of your goals. A team is the creation of the first agreement. When I started, I tried all the sales models on myself. We sat down at the phones, set four desks, and did everything so that there was not a single opportunity to exhale. We were making appointments from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Every 30 mins we had meetings. Can you create an agreement proposal for at least ten people today?

– Today definitely not, but tomorrow, I think, yes. There are a lot of obligations for tonight, which have to be fulfilled in time. I will not have time to talk.

– Make appointments for tomorrow.
– I think I will manage to schedule it today. And tomorrow I’ll talk to people.

– The subject of the meeting: “Let’s do business”. Now the question is – where to get the energy for everything? Where do you get energy?

– I get energy when I am in nature. But due to my work, I spend most of the time at home. – Is there anything that boosts your efficiency?
– Good electronic music.

– You want more money, but you work towards the product tool. At the moment when you are listening to music, you cannot talk to people. You need to understand that you have a set of habits, connected with the fact that you are self-employed. Instagram is comfortable for you because you do not need to communicate with anyone. You have clearly and sincerely said that you feel more comfortable without people. At the same time, you want money, and people have it. Money is a resource, and people are a resource with money. A comfort zone does not allow you to move further. The only solution is to get involved in the unknown, which is uncomfortable, of course. You have a family, responsibility, and a feeling of a cool guy who wants a Mercedes. I think you would like to broadcast that “cool” feeling to your children. They learn it from your behavior. What kind of behavior do they observe now?

– They see that their father is at the computer for the whole day.

– Do you think that is the picture that says “dad is cool”? The things you are talking about are not related to the image that you are actually broadcasting. A model of behavior is remembered. You will either pass on this karma of “wild perseverance” to them or, by your own behavior, you will be showing something else. I think that you can add more energy. What is the situation with sports?

– I haven’t been doing sports for the last year

– Are there any places where you can show aggression now?

– No, I need to look for a gym

– What had you been doing before?

– I used to go to the gym and have been fighting during the last couple of years. During the fighting training, I had a powerful release of energy.

– How did you feel after the training?

– Very cool
– Those things are very important, there must be repetition. You should be a role model to your son and a role model to a man your daughter will choose when she grows up. A person who is constantly at the computer, who has not even been to the gym for a year, or a person who demonstrates employment, involvement, work with people, attention to people by his behavior. If you are not motivating yourself, look at the behavior pattern your child observes. I will summarize: you have goals of buying the car, an apartment, an aim to build a team and to earn money – this is all achievable. The tasks of positioning yourself as a “dad” in the eyes of your children are at your arm’s length. Try to live in a superman mode for a week, just pretend to be a superman for another week, and then get back to normal. Then you will see the difference: will you like it or not? You literally will not notice how you stopped willing to return to old habits. Everyone has the opportunity to earn a million in the first month. Thank you very much. Do you have at least one or two insightful thoughts?

– Yes. I have to think less and act more. I should change my daily routine and myself through it. I need to change my life completely in small steps.

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