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Kirill Doronin. The Finiko company
Kirill Doronin. The Finiko company
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Hello, everyone! I am a little bit nervous because today I will not be alone in this live video. I have already mentioned that today, I will introduce an interesting person to you. He has a few large companies, and he is an owner. Besides that, he has a huge experience in traditional business. As my audience is mostly people specializing in MLM, and I have just started investing because I have always been interested in it, I would like to chat with a person who is versed in this, to ask him questions and, of course, I will share it with you. That is why now we are waiting for him to join the video. This is Kirill Doronin, the founder of Finiko. He has assembled a very cool team. I would even say, an ingenious team that has found and implemented a cool mechanism that allows you to earn from 1% per day. And, of course, I have prepared the questions.

Kirill, hello. Thank you very much for accepting my offer to do this broadcast. It is very important to me, as I have just recently started to be in this company together with all of you. And, of course, I have a lot of questions, because I had nothing to do with investments before.

-Can I correct you right now? What does it mean that you had nothing to do with it? Do you have at least some kind of bank card? And for how long?
-Yes. Oh, well, for a long time.
-Is there at least one?

-Of course, I have several cards.
-Let me tell you that you are just a bad investor. It’s just that your money is there at a low-interest rate.
-Therefore, we are all connected with investments, absolutely everyone. The question is when do we focus on it and start to pay attention to it.
-Agree. And I have taken this first step in the right direction, I think. And it’s just that my audience is not so familiar with this area. And I would like you to tell us a little about yourself. I would be very glad.
-About myself? Well, if you have asked about something specific, it would be easier for me to answer.
-Yes-yes. I am interested in what you did before. How did you create such a company and gathered a team of geniuses? How did you come to this?

-I didn’t have such a desire “to assemble a team.” It all started when my wife became pregnant with our first son. I consider that the time of my fundamental growth. That is when I got a desire, an understanding that in 8-9 months, I would have a child, and I had a strong feeling that this would be the most resourceful boy. And, the best kid in the world needs a lot of resources. And since I was interested only in myself and my growth for my whole life, I was not particularly interested in any business or anything. I had been developing in the field of working with personnel and training. Respectively, I had been studying managerial topics more deeply, and I was good at transferring, teaching those things. And, at that moment, I got a desire to establish the first business. I scaled up and grew significantly. That was the first experience. Then it has painfully transformed into other types of business. That is also a very good experience of going from scale to smaller, automation and so on, management lessons, lessons on working with clients, and so on. You go through all those things, and then some kind of calm is born, and you even have some kind of income, $20,000-$26,000. But you had been used to earning that sum a day. It turned out to be a painful experience, you have an idea that you want to return to that comfortable state. I enjoy the state of tone. To be in good shape, you need to exercise. To train when you want, you have to work when you want. Accordingly, the things that I want to do are important to me. Therefore, taking into account the mistakes, I created a company that consists only of competent people. And even if they make mistakes, those mistakes can be corrected.

-Cool. I have actually prepared, but usually, I never prepare for live broadcasts. But here, it was important for me to communicate with you correctly, but I understand that this is not my format.
-If you want, I am ready to talk with you (subscribers) live, to discuss questions. There are no problems. You can text me directly, I am open to any dialogue.

-Actually, I can confirm this. I just have texted him on Instagram, and he has agreed. There is no such thing that someone has chosen a certain broadcast. It’s great. I like the way you conduct your live broadcasts, resolve some issues.
-That is a purely intuitive format. We do not have any strict plans. All content managers still work according to a certain standard, and it annoys me a little. The most important thing you need to understand is that we are not a trading platform.

-While researching companies, I have noticed for myself that you do not have robots, thus, you are against it, right?
-No, I’m not against it. Now I have a great state of mind because I work with people I absolutely trust and do not get involved in their business. They say, “I think robots are nonsense”. And they explain why. And I have been clearly informed: “Robots that cost less than $1.5 million cannot be considered, because only those who sell the robots make money on it”. Therefore, they work without using robots, they work with their intelligence.

-How did you even find such a team?
-I got lucky once. And then I had to not miss the chance. Fine, I got lucky twice. I have met two dudes. No, wait, three. There was the first meeting, which provoked the second, and then the third. And so it was scaling due to this pattern.
-How did that happen?
-Firstly, a clear desire to do something arises in your head. Secondly, I have learned the lesson of why the scale of the previous business did not succeed. Thus, you do not grow further due to incorrect strategic behavior. And at that stage, you start making contacts with people, to whom you formulate some tasks, and they do it the way you want. Plus, you should trust yourself.

-I have a question for you. Now, you are such a person who has great wealth, and so on. I move from the first level to the second. I have been working for two years to reach a new financial level. Please, tell us what factors precede the fact that such a thing is about to happen. That is, how to understand that I have passed this step or will pass it soon. -Explain again, what step? Step in what?

-Well, a step from one financial level to the second.
-And where did you get the idea that they exist?
-I don’t know, somewhere inside, it seems to me that they do.
-How do you define it? How do you measure it?
-Probably, in a material sense, in money, in understanding life, in responsibility.

-I understood. In fact, you need to determine what your wealth and comfort are. When you mentioned that you were working hard for two years, what were you fighting hard for? For monthly income, for owning something? In other words, how do you define it for yourself? -I want to have a permanent passive income for my freedom.

-Do you need it for yourself? Or for a family?
-For my ego personally. To understand that I did it.
-The best way is not just to sit and suffer for two years and think about how to raise your level. But to close all your tasks in six months. To start immediately creating a mechanism that will allow you to become a ruble millionaire within six months. How to do it? To build a business, for example. How can you legally get money if it is now with other people? Create a network that will help you. You must have 150 partners who will do the same things as you do.

-Why was the referral system chosen? And another question, what is the correct definition for such a company? What does it do? How to present it?
-This is a service that solves the financial problems of a person using certain algorithms. We are not an investment company, we have no right to be called like that, and we are not called like that. Your task is to show other people your case, the cases of other people. If you do not have it, then accumulate. Starting a business is not such a problem now as it was a year ago. We have the lowest referral payments per deal compared to so-called investment companies. Because we know the mathematical model.

-I would like to know a little bit about you. What are your goals for the near future?
-Firstly, not to screw up the deadlines for some startups. I am interested in finding quantum switch-based projects. Secondly, I am interested in biotechnology, that is, the synthesis of any plant or animal proteins to simplify production. And thirdly, technologies, associated with the development of human life extension.
-We were fighting to be able to work without investing in anything in Finiko. We teach how to buy and trade. In fact, you can make some money in the market and then invest in some other instruments. Not our own money, but from the capital. Your task is to keep moving if you want to create a business. To rely on people you don’t know because you have the goal of continuously increasing the space. If you only work with people you know, you immediately begin to limit yourself.
-Then the last question. I’ve been watching your case analysis videos for a few days, and I admire it. What are the reasons you are doing this?
-Firstly, it’s not difficult for me. Secondly, I want to create unique content that is not similar to anything else. What makes the content unique? The fact that it is born here and now. I started using Instagram as a tool, although I used to be against it. People like it, it’s watchable, it develops me. Now I am learning certain things.
-Thank you, this was a very valuable live broadcast for me. I will save it, and I am so pleased to develop in such a company with such a founder. So, let’s set goals and enjoy this wonderful life.


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