18 June 2021
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Kirill Doronin and Zygmunt Zygmuntovich
Kirill Doronin and Zygmunt Zygmuntovich
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Hello again, thank you for waiting. Sorry to those who came on time, and we were not on time. We have a traditional Friday meeting with Zygmunt. I had to fly back today in the morning, and we were planning an event, a conference. There is nothing much to do in Moscow. We had to connect a taxi driver to corruption schemes and drive without a pass. We will add Zygmunt now. Yes, I am in Moscow. The restrictions piss me off. Hi. Do you hear me?

-Let’s talk about work.
-Yes, good afternoon, everyone.

-We are broadcasting like idiots. I have realized some things, we should pin the topic of the broadcast.

-Well, you are the host of the live video. So we won’t do it yet, cool. Here you can add … You have disappeared. So, whatever. How to remove it? So. Listen, you’re amazing. This lacks music. Well, I can’t talk to you like that.

-Tell me about what happened this week.

-There is something that works and something that does not work. I have prepared for the broadcast. I can tell you what doesn’t work and what is the time frame, why it doesn’t work, and I will show you some sneak peeks.

-The person who is working on the system has not approved the Life project. He has not approved it. We have already sent it back for rework four times. Roughly speaking, the programmer writes the code and sends it for review. If 50 thousand people make several transactions at the same time, an error occurs.

-Something is wrong with the connection, isn’t it?

-To put it shortly, Finiko.Life will be ready in 5-6 days. If Sergey approves it, then everything will be completed in 5-7 days. Finiko.Product is coming soon too. This makes me happy. We have deployed USDT, run a node. I think that next week, it will start working at full capacity. That is something that does not work yet, and I do everything to make it work.

-Continue, the connection was lost.

-Finiko shop – we are already working on it. We have developed the first prototypes of T-shirts and hoodies. The store is “Svyataya”, we have agreed with them. I can show you the first prototypes of T-shirts, but that is a regular Finiko T-shirt. There are two design versions. On the back, it says, “Do whatever you want, but money is a must”. We can make a separate version with a monkey. We will get the first samples of T-shirts on May 20. In three weeks, we will launch the Finiko shop.

-What is the price of the T-shirt?

-Honestly, I do not know. This is not for making money. We can make a limited edition T-shirt for Doronin. What else are we doing? A website for entrepreneurs. For people who want to read. Marketing there is still manual. Well, as usual. 5 percent can be obtained there. Plus another 5 percent office accruals.

-What do you think of an idea with bracelets? I like it so much. -Maybe.
-Three types of bracelets.

-Look, that is the first version of the Finiko shop for now. We will make a poll on what people want. We are also preparing the cashback service. Then, I wanted to say that if you have received a card, then you can activate it and you can replenish the deposit. To make it work for you.

-Any more good news?

-I talked to Ed, and we decided to sell the concrete and dentistry shares.

-What should be done?

-It’s needed just to make a statement.

-Well, I have already made it. I wrote on my Instagram about it.

-I will state all the numbers, all the data. How much it is possible to earn. How much a person will receive.

-Have you discussed it with the legal part already?
-Yes. With the help of a stockbroker.
-And if in another country?
-Good question, haven’t thought about it yet.
Someone has asked if Finiko is available on Play Market. -Yes, I have told you. It was launched yesterday.

-What is the name of the app?
-Very unexpectedly, I would call it “Croissant”, and then, guess yourself.

-The person says that they have signed a contract, but they weren’t told that it should be registered with their name.

-We say that it must be registered with your own name every time. I always think negatively. I will say that I have debts… I do not know what my options are. It means to take responsibility. We will increase the number of people who will deceive us. I do not know.

-Then, let us introduce one test parameter. That is regarding debts. Let’s test it for two weeks.

-I think we are talking about mechanics now.
-I understand, one week for that.
-Okay, fine.
-If in a week, it will be necessary to take one step. I have no other ideas. -Yes, I have heard you, okay. I will set the task.

-For a week, we will be only checking. If there are no such accounts, then we will remove it. You can say, “It’s your fault”. But here, it is already necessary to check.

-When you work with people, it is important to overload them with non-typical tasks. Then, that’s all.

-I will tell you about the support service separately.
-Yes, alright. See you.
That is how meetings go. Thank you for your participation and questions.

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