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Kirill Doronin and Vlad. Personal effectiveness analysis
Kirill Doronin and Vlad. Personal effectiveness analysis
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Well, it is 11 a.m., analysis time.

We will spend from half an hour to 40-50 minutes on some person. I can already see our communicator. I will briefly tell you about the rules.

-What does analysis mean? The analysis is absolutely not about what each of you is used to. What have I understood from people’s comments? Questions that worry them are: why do you attack people, why do you use profanity, why do you ruthlessly not let the person speak, and something else. My analysis is not related to what you already know, my analysis is related to how I see the effectiveness of a person. Thus, here I invite people who are interested in hearing my vision of efficiency. I do not insist that this vision of efficiency is the only and correct one. I insist that if you are on my profile, then just listen and see how I would do it if it was about me. Secondly, if a person asks me for feedback, then I give it to him. But I don’t give feedback until I’m asked. Thirdly, if I do the analysis, I do it with the utmost respect for the strength of a person. I want to be heard and understood.

The moment I talk to a person, I see him as exclusively strong. If I feel his strength in a conversation, I will not allow a single moment associated with weakness, laziness, or unwillingness to work to be a part of our dialogue. Then he chooses to live as he wants.

I know the person who has requested to be analyzed today. We have communicated with him. Respectively, we have a dialogue history.

-I was concerned about the material world very much. For me, it was my weak point. In other words, I was in survival mode. I understand that I have a potential, brain, a lot of energy, but there is no result. And now, thanks to communication and your company, there is growth, and I want to increase it at times.

-How did you understand that there had been growth?

-I have recently come across a book by Gandapas. An interesting product. There are various diagrams, the wheel of life – everything is strongly adapted to Russia, to the Russian mentality. I went through the pages and saw that I have a huge imbalance in the matter of the material world, and everything else is more or less good. And the material world is a failure.

-I ask, at what point did you realize that there had been growth? What happened?

-My daily and monthly income has increased significantly. Not a little bit, but significantly due to the company’s communications. I am strengthening my positions within the company.

-Are you calmer at heart now?

-I would rather say that I have a different feeling. All the years when I was in a state of survival, I had a feeling of fear. Whenever I got some opportunity, there was a fear that it

would be over. I always had a fear of loss. And now I am working on it through different techniques. Now I set goals, let’s say, for growth, i.e. for achieving higher material aims.

-What do these material goals include?

-My current task is to buy an apartment. I used to have an apartment, but my business went bankrupt, and I had big debts. We live in a rented apartment, I have a wife and two children.

-Why did you create such a challenge for them?
-Good question. I do not know.
-Do you have responsibility for the family? Why do you need growth now? -In some aspects, I’m more interested in “drive”. Be in a state of “drive”. -“Drive” has absolutely nothing to do with money.
-Being “drive” with money is much more interesting than without it.

-It’s not accurate. In fact, not depending on money is a wonderful ability. And excessive self-education prevents you from linking money with the drive. And in general, it is better not to associate them. “Drive” separately, money separately. Things you are listing create a jump mechanism for you to have a “drive”.

-What things will you create today in terms of discipline? -Sports for at least half an hour a day.

-Why dealing with your health is not “drive” for you? Do you understand what you were talking about? You have associated “drive” with completely wrong things. You haven’t linked “drive” to yourself. When you have a woman and two children, this “drive” is related to money, but don’t involve them. Roughly speaking, give them stability.

What kind of father do you want to be for your children? You understand that children learn at the level of imitation, namely informal imitation. That means that you create your image not from words, but from your behavior. Therefore, if it does not motivate you, then you create that challenge for their future.

One more question about sport. How many calories should you intake to lose weight?

-2500 calories. Regularly. If it was important to me, I would have a different weight. Therefore, we conclude that apparently, it is not so important.

-If that is important to you, then watch the consequences: are you ready to accept them or not.

The next question is about finance. Why do you need it? To buy an apartment, what else?

– We already have a family car, now we need a car for the soul – to realize a dream, it will be such a loud and beautiful car.

-Isn’t that teenage crap? I had a mania, I used to have 8 cars, I understood that this was something unhealthy. As a result, I have kept a couple of cars for the soul. But you have to go through some things, the most important aspect is that you understand that it is something teenage. I don’t want to analyze deeply. If necessary, do it. Did it – go on. I mean, I try not to turn the analysis into searching for the reasons.

What are you creating?

-I teach people to be freer. To have a better life, i.e. to have money. To eat healthier, more delicious food, travel more.

When I entered the affiliate industry, I was shocked that I could earn a lot within this model, creating a win-win model on the other side. When I realized this after my traditional business, I was wondering why I hadn’t been doing this for so many years. I needed to compare living according to this model and another one. When I came to the first MLM company presentation, it was like a switch had turned on in my head. There was a feeling that something big had come to my life. I understand that for me this is growth, I can influence many people.

-To influence in what sense? What exactly are you going to do? -To teach them how to make more money.

-Why do you need it? You are in tough illusions, that’s why you don’t grow. Yes, people drive expensive cars, eat in expensive restaurants, but they spend more, you know, and do not earn. What are you creating? Ok, what are you planning to create?
We are not creating anything but simply consuming. Therefore, I would like you to spend all this energy not on simple consumption and on “creating other people” who consume, but creating a moment when you can give something to the world. This is a very difficult thing, not everyone goes through it, but you have tremendous potential, which you stick to over and over again, but you just consume it. You had a business, what was it?

-I was working with cars. I was a wholesaler of right-hand drive vehicles, I had a company for 8 years. Also, besides transporting cars, I was repairing them. I was also engaged in motorsport.

-I think that you should keep doing that: you will lose weight, there will be a rebirth of energy. I don’t have any ready answer, but I try to find energy points in every person.
If you have quit that, then find a mechanism that will allow you to do that without breaking family relations and without risking much. Because you have 3 responsibilities: a wife and children. And then, stop saying that you influence people. What do you influence?

-The volume of their consumption.

-I would think about whether your point is in consumption. Maybe you run into such a point, and it turns you around for a reason. You will be earning 3-5 thousand dollars a day, so what? Is it about an apartment? What about creating space for other people? After all, they can receive happiness not from money, but from some of your products, repairs, studies, your personal experience. You are at the age when you can do a lot, tell a lot. You will become a millionaire because you set the right direction, but you should add yourself to the world. And not to hide behind the stories that you influence the world. You definitely influence it. But how exactly, what do you influence?

-I have a task. With the help of the MLM model, by building a team, by improving the quality of their life, I increase my income level, satisfying my material needs, created over the years.

-What did you do it for? Without understanding the reasons. -I wanted to make money.

-It’s not true, you needed the “drive”. You linked drive to money, but they are not connected. And people often associate them and get bad consequences. Then they cannot get “drive” from other things.

Now the question is: do you want to influence? What do you want to influence? The people so that they consume more? Is that all? Is that your limit?

Very often, we want something different, but we think in the old way. The habit of thinking is old, but we want something different all the time.

-I have a desire to create something big, but I don’t know what exactly.
-What will be the vector of this? Will it be about people, about tools, about products? -It will definitely be some kind of communication with people.
-What is it like?
-Creation of some interesting product.
-Next, what kind of product will it be? For example, what does it look like?
-I don’t know, something innovative.
-Innovative in what? Which area is close to you? What will it be?
-The cashback cards have appeared. Something like your business.
-That is my product. What product are you going to create?

-I do not know. Once, I decided that being number two is cool. I understood why – because it is more secure.

-In fact, I respect this position, this is also normal, but it doesn’t prevent you from being number one in your area. In what, for example? What kind of innovative product?

– I don’t know for sure, I live with feelings, I try to do what I feel comfortable with as much as possible.

-There is no growth in comfort.

-Comfort in a different sense. That can be compared to Muay Thai training when getting hit is uncomfortable, but after that, the feeling is heartbreaking. And then I realized that this could be useful to me in life. Or that is just the internal energy raising. I cannot do my best now because I have a fear of past failures.

-And why? What will not work? -The business will not work.

-How am I different from you? I am not. I just put the responsibility to the world as a priority and found out that in fact, the responsibility to the world is a responsibility to oneself. You need a source of energy – this is a change of state. The best rest is a change of activity.

-I have the intention to work with you. -Alright, what do you want to do? -For a start, I want to help.

-You have to create a product, and that is a habit. You should find the simplest way to create a product. What can you give to other people? Try to think that way. Then you will have the habit of creating a product. That requires a source of energy.

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