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Kirill Doronin and Nikolay
Kirill Doronin and Nikolay
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Good morning. Good afternoon to those who have time different from Moscow. It is 11 a.m. Today we are analyzing cases. Yes, the main thing is to be number one not only for analysis. So, today we have two people.

N: I wanted to talk about my personal growth and the analysis of the business in general. K: Isn’t growth happening? Why have you decided to text me now?
N: Why? It is happening, but I want my personal case to be analyzed in detail.
K: Alright.

N: I want to analyze my thinking, development, and so forth. I want to improve my brain (laughs).

K: Nikolai, Karlin is pregnant by you. This is probably the best personal growth you could experience here and now. Well, we can finish here. You know what, I have a question. You seem to be growing well.

N: Yeah.

K: You have said you want to discuss your personal growth, business, and so on. You have listed quite a few areas, but what option do you need here and now? What are we talking about right now? What’s bothering you? I mean, why did you suddenly decide that you need to talk to me? The general idea is clear to me, but let’s find a specific one.

N: What bothers me specifically is that I do not work at my maximum. I want to be as efficient as possible with my team.

K: Yes, that is understandable.

N: Yes. So, I need to do some analysis. I need to change something in my head to maximize my result. I want to be as valuable as possible to my team.

K: I understand. So, now you are not doing your best, are you? N: Well, it seems to me that my efficiency is around 60-70%.

K: I think you overestimate yourself. Seriously. I know many people who say that they work at 60%, but in fact, their capacity is no more than 20%. Okay, come on. How do you understand that your efficiency is 60%?

N: Well, I feel like I am slowing down. For example, I may not do what I have planned. Or I may cancel the meeting that I have agreed on, for example. My partners and I also analyze the business. And, for example, I had to have a meeting the day before yesterday, but due to some circumstances, I could not make it. But I understand that I had to do it and so on

K: I get it. Let’s outline the current situation. What is your rating? Is it the eighth, ninth, or tenth star?

N: Yes, I need just a little bit to get the eighth star. K: So, you are the seventh star.
N: Yes, the seventh.
K: What do you want to achieve and when?

N: I want a maximum of one and a half months. K: One and a half months for what?
N: Well, to achieve the eighth star.
K: Why not tomorrow?

N: I do not know. Well, I have made a plan. I think that I will stick to it and manage to do as I have written.

K: Is the timing not important for you?

N: Well, I think that I might achieve it a bit earlier. I am a relative realist, but I always try to look forward. But still a realist.

K: Why do you consider yourself a realist? What does it mean? What does affect it?

N: I mean that I have put a realistic deadline for myself. It is not sky-high. I think that I will most likely meet it.

K: Why do you think it is not sky-high?
N: Well, that is an estimation based on my capabilities, team, calculations, and logic. K: And what do they have to do with it?
N: Well, based on this, I set myself a deadline.
K: You did not get me. What do they have to do with your plans?
N: (Long pause) Kirill, I am confused.

K: I just want you to understand that your speed does not depend on other people. I believe that your speed is just your decision. People whose speed arises from their decisions can say anything to you, but you see the result of their work perfectly. Do you make your plans dependent on them? Well, in that case, the responsibility is not on you. I want you to realize that, for some reason, you decided that your speed is determined by the speed of your team. Of course, it affects. But the decision about the speed is yours. Now the team is looking at you, and not you at them. And if you are not satisfied with the speed, you should be improving not the team, but yourself. In other words, you need to create another team member that will be going at the pace you want. Once again, if you have been to Sochi, you probably remember the question of “focus-attention”. What should you focus on? Are you trying to push others? They have their own speed. Of course, you need to motivate people sometimes, but what is your speed? And who should make that decision? Who should decide on your speed?

N: Well, yes, that is up to me.

K: Absolutely. Now the second question: living at such a speed, do you consider yourself a man who could be stronger? Do you understand what the point is? If you say that you are 60% effective, you are letting your inner child rule your life. In other words, you give yourself permission to that weakness. And why not? You are still making some money. The question is, can you, as a fighter in your life, complete the task in a month? Not in a month, but in two weeks? How much is left to the eighth star?

N: About fifty thousand.

K: Fifty thousand of what? Dollars?

N: Yes, yes.

K: Are you serious? You can do it today.

N: Well, yes, of course, I can.

K: So what’s the matter? What do you need?

N: I need a push.

K: Come on, you don’t need a push. You live in a comfort, what do you want? Why are you doing all this?

N: Everything is for growth. I like to improve myself, to grow further. K: Why do you need to go further?
N: To achieve the next level.

K: Why? Why do you want it? There is no point in just growing. It is like going with the flow, which is kind of cool too. But imagine you can choose the direction you are interested in and follow it. You see, growth for the sake of growth is pointless. Are you satisfied with the competences you have? What do you consider growth? I believe that your growth will happen if you achieve the next star today. Well, at least tomorrow until the evening with no chance to fail this task at all. It should be fundamentally important, you know what I mean?

The fact is that the word “important” does not work for you at all. “I want”, “I do not want” – that works. But if a man achieves goals only when he wants – he turns into a woman. Because “I want” is an impulse, you know. A woman can do that, but you can’t. You start to postpone actions, your brain starts to dry out, and you get old. Today, that is unacceptable. There is a wide range of opportunities for evolution, and you can evolve only financially, creating resources and possibilities. And the concept you are talking about, being dependent on your “want”, is typical of girls. They can follow their impulses, but you need to break through the vector, you break through your state, and your team fills it. How many meetings do you have per day?

N: Currently I am trying to have five to seven or eight.

K: With new people?

N: Yes, I am currently focusing on new or potentially new clients.

K: How many new serious investors have you, let’s say, reserved for yourself?

N: Well, there are no such serious people yet, unfortunately.

K: How can you get them tomorrow? Who do you need to network with to meet such people?

N: I cannot answer this question.

K: You can. 100%. You just have to force yourself and stop building imaginary limits through your “want” and “I do not want”. It does not work like that, you know. The more difficult tasks we set ourselves, the more such “wants” begin to distract us and hinder us. But there is such a word as “important”. For instance, you might have no desire to fasten the belt today, but it is IMPORTANT for your health and security, isn’t it? This way, when something is really “important” to you, you do your best. And if it is not important, then calm down and stop looking for any growth just for the sake of growth. Let’s imagine that you will have a stable daily income of five thousand dollars from the company. Would you want it or would it be important to you?

N: That is important to me. Therefore, I have delved into this matter. I have surrounded myself with ten or twelve people who have stars and scheduled meetings with them. I have a detailed plan in my head on how to reach their next stars. I know how to work with them, what to do, and what actions should be taken. That plan is for about a month. Now I define that to be my main task.

K: Everyone is willing to work with someone else’s plans, believe me. So, do you need to do so that your team accomplishes the plan?

N: To demonstrate everything by my example, probably

K: Exactly. If you want your team to work hard, you must work even harder. If they see that, they will have no arguments to justify their low speed, they will begin to adjust to yours.

Therefore, if you want your team to grow, then you do not need to deal with their brains, but you need to deal with yourself first of all, and only then connect the brain work to this. Your team will always be a little bit slower than you are. The thing is that you can set yourself some kind of a sprint goal. For example, to achieve the 10th star during summer. Do you know how to do it? Just keep in mind a task of getting surrounded by people who will be ready to invest not $1,000, but $100,000 in your company. And for whom it will not be a problem, that is just how they try different businesses. Increase your internal average order value. Get into the environment of people who can contribute to this. And if you currently have no idea where and with whom to discuss those matters, try to create yourself an opportunity to get into such a society. And, believe me, you can find such people everywhere, even next to you.

N: Yes, of course, there are such people.

K: Of course. Come on, meet new people, create connections. You are charming, you know how to talk, you have money. What can stop you? Actually, I was surprised that you do not have connections with such people because that is a primary thing that should be done.

N: Yeah.

K: So when I hear the goal of “fifty thousand dollars in one and a half months”, that is not your level, don’t even think about it.

N: Yes, I have probably underestimated myself. Sometimes there can be even twenty or forty thousand dollars in one day.

K: Listen, I have a partner who arranges conversations only about deals starting from $100,000. What makes him different from you?

N: Nothing.

K: Exactly. And you are saying something about twenty or forty thousand dollars. You must understand that you are talking about such small numbers, which are the minimum of what you can achieve with your capabilities. There are a lot of rich people in any city. And they just need to figure out what to do with their money, you know.

N: Yes.

K: So, if you want your team to go fast, here you are, here’s your personal growth. All those tips like additional literature, etc. do not work anymore. You are well-read, and so on. Moreover, your creative activity charges you with positive energy. Therefore, you are full of it, and all this energy must be directed to destroying yourself with hard work. The body will think that you are ruining yourself, but in fact, you will truly grow and set your masculine consciousness to goal achievement. This way you will destroy your imaginary limitations and leave space behind you, where, by the way, your team or your woman will do management. The fact is that those “I want” and “I don’t want” take a lot of time for sentiments like “you have to listen to your heart”, “you need to listen to your soul,” … That all is great, but it

doesn’t work that way. After all, our energy comes not from goals, but from the process of achieving them.

N: Yes, indeed. You experience incredible emotions when gradually achieving a goal.

K: Of course. The process of achieving a goal itself brings more pleasure than the endpoint, you know. That is the attitude you need to strive for. And you should not waste your time on other things. You always need to act, and not to stop at anything achieved.

N: Got it.
K: What else did you want to ask?

N: Well, first of all, I wanted to get inspired by communicating with you. Thank you very much for responding to my request to go live and talk in person. Many thanks for the understanding that it is necessary not to feel sorry for yourself, and to work on yourself, do not give yourself any indulgences, and always strive for something more, without stopping there.

K: The thing is that sometimes you don’t want to do it. And that is why I highlight the word “want”. It is a very important word to define the object of desire. But then you should simply remove it and do something because that is “Important”. You should understand that in a day you may not want to do it anymore, and that must be prevented by emphasizing “Important”. I chose – I did. And from the rest of what you haven’t done, you get competencies, which you need to collect later and build something else, but this will remain with you forever. That is why I say that a man always needs to fight, to go all out. Even if something did not work out or if someone refused him. People will still appreciate his strength, which does not arise in another way. And the team will notice that. They will understand that they are weak and that there is what to strive for. Because the decision about the speed of work is not on the team and there is no need to rely on them. Each of them has their own opinion and it will be very difficult to influence it. Sometimes, it is completely impossible, so you need to start with yourself. Pay attention to all your gaps and delays. I assure you, you will accumulate time for a couple of meetings. Just live in this mode and then give yourself a little rest, take a day off. Or even better change your activity. This is the rule I call everyone for – “The best rest is a change of activity.”

N: Well, I dug the beds yesterday (laughs).

K: Yes, physical work is a great alternative.
Thank you very much. We do not go away, as there is one more person. And you set yourself up correctly and concentrate on important things.

N: Will the broadcast video be saved? Will you post it to your page? K: Yes. That’s all, thank you very much.
N: All the best.

K: Let’s sum up, once again. The task of Nikolay is to grow, and he has such an illusion that he will talk to someone and understand what kind of issue he has in his head. Yes, that is what happened, but what was he supposed to talk about? There was nothing to talk about, he knows what to do, he knows everything. But the fact is that he has no need, he is in comfort. It is simply unnecessary to explain the importance of growth to any person who has no money. The question is that he does not have an anchor, where to throw this problem, but at this moment you need to understand yourself that either there is not enough energy, or everything is comfortable. And if everything is comfortable, would such a thought arise? So, you need to catch it, find out where you feel discomfort that interferes with your acceleration.

(communicates with the chat)
K: We are chatting in an informal style, don’t you mind? G: No, everything is great.

K: Okay, tell me what questions you want to talk about.

G: Firstly, for me, this is a challenge to myself, a kind of way out of my comfort zone. Secondly, I am currently studying, and want to become a successful manager. In general, I understand that I devote a lot of time to studying. Therefore, I want to apply my knowledge and to achieve results, but I do not know how.

K: What is the field of your studies? Is it management or what is your specialization?

G: Yes, it is an MBA program.

K: Do you have any experience in the field?

G: Yes, I had a traditional business. I had been running it for two years in Kazan. Then, I stopped the operations. And now I am studying to scale.

K: What is the purpose of our conversation for the next thirty minutes? What shall we talk about?

G: I want to learn how to see opportunities, to acquire the skill of multitasking, to overcome all fears.

K: Do you understand that this all is quite abstract? G: Yes, I do.

K: Let’s find some specific concept, from which we will start our dialogue. I will tell you one thing now: I’m a fan of Nietzsche and the whole classical philosophy, let’s call it applied. And there is such an important point that says: “Theory without practice is dead”. You have probably heard it, right?

G: Yes, that’s what worries me. Therefore, I want to find an application for all my knowledge and go towards my goals.

K: I understand. Which goal, for example, let’s discuss one of them?

G: My goal is to be a successful leader in a large corporation, and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s my business, or I’ll just be in a leadership position.

K: Okay, a large corporation, no matter the owner or the manager. Are your management skills good enough to get into this kind of position right now?

G: No, that’s why I’m learning.

K: Okay, you are not ready. When will you realize that you are ready?

G: The fact is that I also have a problem of constantly underestimating my capabilities.

K: Don’t shy away from the answer. What must happen so that you realize that you are already competent enough to run a large corporation.

G: Experience.

K: Experience, okay. Now we are getting to the experience, what should it be and where can you get it in the near future?

G: Well, I don’t see an opportunity to get such an experience in the near future.

K: Okay, so what specific competencies would you like to get through that experience? Let us analyze the experience in even more detail.

G: Management accounting.

K: Management accounting is not exactly managerial competence. Management accounting is about finances and building financial models. And what kind of experience do you need specifically? I thought that you want to get managerial experience, not managerial accounting, these are completely different things.

G: I want to get it, but basically I already have it.

K: Experience in management accounting? You mean, budgeting and building financial models?

G: Well, in general, in everything. A leader must have at least an understanding of how everything works.

K: Specify, please. Let us find the skills you need to become a leader of a large corporation. Then you will have a plan. Because now this is just a conversation: “I can do it, and I want that, and I can do something else”. Specify at least one thing. Let’s build a line of concrete actions of yours so that this plan can be implemented. Otherwise, you and I will talk about all the possibilities in the world until morning. We have half an hour, so in thirty minutes we can generate a plan. For instance, management accounting, okay. You have mentioned it. Is it important to you? Is it the most important competence?

G: It’s not super important, because I’m already studying it.

K: Okay, what else then? What qualification would you like to obtain?

G: It feels like I can do everything (laughs).

K: You can do everything, but you do nothing?

G: Yes.

K: Are you satisfied with your current income?

G: No.

K: So, your skills are useless, right?

G: Yes.

K: Okay, when will you do something?

G: I have another difficulty. I want to do it not in Kazan, but Moscow. Moving and scaling myself in Moscow is very important for me, but now I cannot go there.

K: I get it. What are you going to scale? G: My personality.

K: Personality? So it turns out that you are no longer going to do business, are you? Build a personality? Are you going to be a blogger or who are you going to be?

G: I want to be a person in the business.

K: Look, you are doing everything not to answer the question. I say again, management accounting is great, you say that you already know it. Specifically, what other skills would you like to develop as a manager? In other words, what skills do you lack as a manager?

G: An ability to assemble a team.

K: The ability to assemble a team, fine. How can you practice it? You need to somehow get this experience, right? Where can you practice without consequences? If you come to a corporation and start learning how to make a team and screw up, you will simply be fired with an unpleasant entry in the labor book. And now you need to get a specific skill that you can later sell as a competence, right?

G: Yes.
K: How are we going to practice it? Where can you create a team in your environment? G: In a community of interest.
K: As an option. Do you have any assistant or someone who can do some of your tasks? G: Yes.
K: What are you good at?
G: Well, actually, I know a little bit of everything.

K: I have already understood that, and that is your biggest problem. Knowing is not enough, you need to be able to do it. What can you do? Or what are you interested in? Where can you gather people? Where can you train your team, create some kind of skill – uniting people around an idea should be inexpensive and quick. And you will understand whether you can manage people or not if you don’t know how …

G: To assemble a skydiving team.

K: Okay, super. Jump with a parachute. When are you going to do this?

G: I need to find out when there will be an opportunity …

K: No, specifically your date, when will YOU skydive?

G: Well, first of all, I need to know when it will be possible …

K: No, when exactly do you want to jump with a parachute?

G: I’ll call, find out, make an agreement and we’ll go.

K: Do you feel it? You are constantly moving away from the topic, and you do this all the time.

G: No, I’m off-topic because I don’t know when everyone will be ready. Indeed, to jump with a parachute in Kazan, it is necessary in any case to collect a certain number of people and to agree on a date, but soon, I will deal with this issue.

K: Do you realize that you haven’t answered the question again? You have a wonderful explanation of why not, but no one in life cares about it, not even you. Because if you said that you want to jump on the first of August, and when you call today and it turns out that it will not be the first of August, but the third, there is no fundamental difference. You have already programmed a certain event and then you start guessing on the first of August. Do you understand what I mean?

G: On June 1st!

K: Will you jump on June 1st? Alright, tag me, please, on June 1st, okay? I’ll see how you implemented it.

G: Yes.
K: Okay, we have found out the date. How many people will there be with you? G: Well, at least ten people.

K: Great, ten people. Is that quantity enough to consider yourself capable of organizing a team? Or should there be thirty people? Should those ten people call someone too? We need to train the team, right? Let’s try this, the first ten are not a team. This is your direct sale. You have sold the idea, and those ten people will come, but try to make it so that there are thirty, so that those people invite two more people each, and you would jump altogether. Well, or one by one. Do you understand what I mean?

G: Super, yes.

K: If you say that you want to train teams, here is an actual task for you, which is not about business, but about skills. It makes no difference where you apply those skills. You should create relationships with ten people so that they go with you. And the second stage is to make them invite two more people. Thus, what is a “team”? If you are planning to work in a corporation, you need the skill when you manage a large number of people through the key people. Do you understand? When you implement this small task, you will have the competence. And when they ask you at the interview if you are a leader, you can even answer “yes”, using this task as an example. Thanks to such an insignificant event, you can both entertain yourself, and practice the skill, and generate interest in your capabilities. And if it works out, something else will work out too. If I were you, right after the end of the broadcast, I would begin to perform this task by self-organization in the first place. These are management skills. Eighty-five percent of people do not notice the processes that are happening around them. If you do not know how to notice it, then the impulse will not go further from you. All those illusions can be thrown away at once until you have learned to see the base. Without this base, you simply will not move up. You will be diving into theory, you will cause slight smiles because you are visually pretty. People will maintain a dialogue with you, it will seem to you that you are negotiating. But in fact, they will think about how to invite you on a date, for example, or something else. You will get a bunch of illusions of your business activity. And then, in two years, you will find yourself on a stage where you are trying to communicate in a business-like manner, but, unfortunately, everyone will consider you in another aspect. Here’s another cognitive dissonance due to which you cannot do it.

But you really can’t, just because, first of all, you must demonstrate only your skills. There are a lot of gender things in this world, but competencies work and are sold. If you have competencies, plus an attractive appearance, then you have twenty-five times more chances, of course. But in reality, any less attractive, but more competent person will be preferred instead of you. Only competence is bought, and nothing else. The business world is built solely on the possession of skills because everything else is temporary and not fundamental. Therefore, I recommend you to start organizing the jump straight away. This will be your product, plus team-building training.

G: Super, yes, I’ll do it.

K: That’s all, thank you very much. That is all for today. If you wish, you can revise, repeat something for yourself.

G: Thanks, bye!

K: I will say it again, I do not try to be a super-competent “dialogue maker”. My task is simply to see the possibility of growth and to analyze someone’s either wrong logic, or wrong actions, or inaction. After all, boys and girls act differently. But what I like is that sometimes we can be like boys, and sometimes like girls. Each of us, whether you are a girl or a boy. This is what I like about a person, that he has a set of both male and female competencies, which must be used simultaneously to achieve goals.

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