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Kirill Doronin and Arthur
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-Good afternoon! We are starting our “Analysis” topic with a little delay. Today we will have a briefing with a randomly picked person. I am planning to start a case analysis at 11 a.m. with the right to choose any user who will send a request. There is one rule: I will express my own point of view on how I would act in the proposed circumstances. It does not mean that my vision is correct. I have seen the comments under my previous video, saying that I am rude. I believe that some things I do are effective, and it seems to me that people who want their cases to be analyzed want to hear this particular point of view. The fundamental condition is that there is no preparation before the meeting, it all happens live. I hope the “Analysis” topic will become more or less popular. And here is the first volunteer, introduce yourself.

-I am Arthur from Kazan. I have moved from Tatarstan. -What did attract you? Why do you need it?

-It is interesting to understand how it works. There is no certainty. There is nothing higher than Finiko.

-Are there any topics you would not like to discuss?


– Do you think such openness is beneficial for you?

– I do not know. It has never been bothering me in my life. People like me because I am an open person.

– What do you want?

– The first is to find myself and to create something new. I want it to be connected with people. I can gather a lot of people quickly.

– How?

– Through social media. Before I started working with Finiko, I had been making parties. In three months, I had organized sixty thousand parties in four cities.

– What exactly do you want to find yourself in? What do you mean by saying that? – I want to do what I really like, to find my calling.
– Can you formulate it differently?
– I want to be associated with something.

– Do you need an external or internal reaction? You are talking about the external one. While you are dependent on it, you will be chasing illusions. Do you need your own respect for yourself or external?

– Both
– And why do you need external respect?
– Ego?
– Your formulations do not make sense. You should fill them with meaning. What could it be? – I do not know.
– What kind of product do you think could be attractive to anyone?
– A product that is related to people.

– No. People are a consequence of the product. What is the product search usually related to?

– To the Internet.
– I will ask the question differently. At what point will you realize that you have a product? – Probably, on the internal level, I will understand that I have it.
– What will your product look like?
– I haven’t thought about it
– Will it be ready right away?
– Yes. If it is an idea, then the idea is a product.
– So, will it be immediately ready?
– Yes. It just will be needed to refine it.
– Thus, it will not be ready straight away, will it?
– No, it will not be ready immediately.
– What should it be like first?
– First?

– You have to create a measurable criterion. You will not be able to make a finished product right away. At first, it will be bad, then we will be testing it further. Any idea should be turned into a product. You move intuitively. What product do you have now? How do you make money?

– Finiko and Instagram courses.

– Why do you teach Instagram?

– People have bad Instagram accounts.

– They work and do something. I have bad Instagram too. What attracts you so much?

– A desire to do something.

– To do what?

– To help people.

– If your intuition has led you to Instagram, you need to do that. What have you started to do next?

– I have started attracting people.

– Have you got a lot? You do not have a product, and you make everything dependent on yourself. A product is anything that can be used without you. Then you will scale. And what is the first thing you should do? You have to make an offer – what people will get and for what price. What is the next step?

– Cases.
– How many?
– Five.
– What will your product look like?

– Better?
– No. Describe the product itself. What does it consist of? – Offer, case, terms of use, potential result.
– What else should there be?
– Something new.
– What exactly?
– How to use that product.

– That is terms of use, what else? You have to do something you have not done yet. You are trying to find an existing key. That is what millions of people do. You have to add something you do not have. Make ten cases instead of five. What else can you do? If you create the product of your desire, you will gain competence that no one else has. And then you will have new desires. You will have a unique commodity. You have to create a new product! What can be done better?

– Automation. I realized that people do not use a chance when they get it.

– How to make a product for lazy people who do not want to do anything? How to do it for them? Now look, you have got a plan. Work hard. People make dreams of their lives out of things they just need to think about. They are chasing those dreams but do not achieve it. You have to come up with a new mechanic of use. So that even if a person does nothing, they will still get a result. It will be very cool! And we can apply that to any tasks within Finiko. Imagine, your structure, regardless of whether they agree with you or disagree, converts into your Instagram clients. And you need to work hard once, to do your best. After that, you can exhale and recharge. And then you will have a product and competence that no one else will ever have. Such things happen to everyone. We all are lazy, full of self-pity, and we consider ourselves very cool. But we have no results. Everything we do now is a trifle. Well, at least I think so. That is what keeps me awake. I always want more. You have to be hungry for new achievements instead of enjoying what you already have. That is a very cool skill. Did you get the answer to your question?

– Yes
– What are you planning to do in the near future?
– To do the mechanics and the second launch. The cases will be there this week. – What do you feel right now? Do you practice affirmations?
– I feel that I do not understand.
– That is about your head. And what about your emotions?
– I feel the tension.

– Well. That is a very important criterion. Tension arises where nature begins to resist. There is one more point. Your head starts searching for simple solutions straight away. It does not want to work hard. You have to make it clear to your brain how to generate a solution to a new problem as cheaply as possible, and not to try to give you the old one. Do you understand? Therefore, tension is reasonable. What else do you feel?

– A bit of anger.

– Great. Perfect. There is a lot of energy in anger and tension. And now, you need to turn your desire for change into a product. Otherwise, you will be the product. And your desire may disappear in half a year, in a month, or tomorrow. You should use it while it is there. Is there any question you have not asked?


I analyze all cases without preparation and express my vision. I may be wrong, or someone may think that I am unethical, but those who want to grow are grateful.

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