18 June 2021
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KD training in Moscow. Vlog from the recent event
KD training in Moscow. Vlog from the recent event
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. This is Moscow, and we are in the Crocus City Hall. This is one of the most coveted venues for both Russian and foreign artists. And today, about 5,000 people will gather here to listen to the training by Kirill Doronin. Do you want to know how it will go? Stay tuned!

Nadezhda: Actually, when I looked at the marketing plan and saw what the turnover should be to get the first star, I thought it was unrealistic. Literally a month later, I achieved my first star and the second one in another month. It somehow started developing very fast, as I was very inspired. This project has changed my life radically.

Tatyana: I have been in Finiko for exactly three months. Literally in the first month, I achieved an income that I had never even dreamed of before. So I am very happy with the result.

Nikita: Today’s event will last all day. It started early in the morning and will end late in the evening. Participants are not just listening to and perceiving information – they are working with it.

Vlad: I came to the conference on September 7 for the first time. I have been a client of the Finiko company since May. So I could not miss this event. I am so excited. I can feel that an incredible job has been done.

Angela: Everything that Kirill says must be applied immediately. That is the most valuable thing.

Maxim: I have expected such emotions. I really am delighted. I have been convinced of the professionalism of this person one more time. There is still something to learn and something to strive for.

Malika: I remember one of the Club 100 events when there were 50 of us. And now there are already so many people here. It means we have achieved everything. We are still gaining insights.

Nikita: At today’s training, there was room for everything. There were complex educational parts. And also, there was simple human reasoning. The part when the participants could discuss their questions personally with Kirill became traditional and bright. Light and pleasant tiredness is a result of such a busy day. Thank you for being with us. Subscribe to our channel and see you soon!

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