18 June 2021
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Interview with a partner of the company
Interview with a partner of the company
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Andrey: Today is December 13, and I am in Moscow at the Club 20 event. As far as I am concerned, the purpose of Club 20 is to allow a person to develop himself, find the inner strength which he didn’t know he had to achieve some results. I have known this company from the first day, i.e. since 2019. And the most important thing for me is who I follow. So, I have known the person I followed for over 7 years. And, accordingly, I know all his good and bad traits. Then I look at the product, the opportunity, and, say, the remuneration the company gives for it. The marketing plan is an encouragement from the company for your hectic or not hectic activity. So, I believe that today, the company has the ability to promote and provide socially significant products for people. The products that a person wants to acquire in the first place. That is an opportunity for a stable salary that would allow you to cover some needs. Next, the opportunity to buy a car under the 35% program, real estate for 35%. A huge plus – the guys do not stand still. They are constantly developing new programs, new platforms on which they give us, partners, the opportunity to express ourselves by studying and using the programs. Of course, people always ask questions about guarantees when building a structure. Are there any guarantees? And so on. I always say that there are no guarantees, but that is the honesty. But there are the rules the company follows, and if you accept those rules, then go in and use the products. If you don’t accept them, then there are a lot of other opportunities and projects in which you can participate.

Since it is trading here and the guys work with their hands, therefore, there are different possible risks. People make their own decisions whether to use one or another product or not. A very important moment is that when you have grown in status, in general, status is good because others understand how much you have grown in the company. But when they come up to me and ask about how I have achieved such results, I always answer that I started from scratch and was like all of them, achieved the first star. For me, the status of vice president, which the company has introduced, does not mean putting on a crown. A crown can always be removed with a shovel. For me, this status is needed to analyze and understand personal growth only. A very important point – the status of the vice president and the 1st star are almost the same for me, but there is a system. Therefore, if there is a system, you begin to grow rapidly in status. The status of vice president is already the level when you have grown to a certain status yourself, for example, 7-8 stars. If you don’t share your knowledge with partners, it will push you as soon as they begin to grow in status. So, when you look at a person with a 10-star rating, you understand that it would have been impossible without the previous levels. It is very important to teach your partners below to grow in status. They will help you rise even higher. The status of the vice president makes the work bigger. A person who has already grown to 2 or 3 stars must identify his needs, what he wants. Honestly, it’s nice when everyone looks at you and when you stand out from the crowd.

I have been in network marketing since 1993, I really like it. I used to have a lot of mistakes and that’s okay. What kind of mistakes? Mistakes, when you have just grown up and taken on the work of other people increasing the volume. It turns out that the team is growing, and you are not enough for everyone. And when you go to rest somewhere, then your team just stands still without you. Nobody knows what to do. One person has taught me the system. I started working only according to it. It is a collection of simple steps that lead to great results. For

example, how I work: if you are building a team, then you invite people to the first line, give them information. You sign them up, and you already have partners. And then, you need to gather them and identify the needs of everyone. Everyone has their own needs. When you will have done that, you will already understand how to work with each of them. Each partner will have their own task that they will perform. Those people will form their own lines by doing everything you told them. And so one by one. You will be working only with the first line, and they will be working with their own lines thanks to this system. And it turns out that your people will know what to do even in the millionth generation. A very important point is to see stars that light up stronger and do not have a good sponsor. Yes, they go higher to ask questions. You also need to see such people and help them launch. But the main task of the system is to work with the first line. When everyone does it, everyone knows what to do.

Many people ask: “What are your plans for the company?” The plans are very simple: to use the products. And a very important point, which I have said earlier: our founders, they do not stand still. It is interesting when there are popular products and platforms. And since technologies do not stand still, using those products and introducing them is only for the benefit of people. Therefore, my personal plans in the company are to grow higher and higher in the same way. If a person says that everything is stable, then there is no growth. That is stagnation. It is just that a person has achieved something and does not develop. My plans in the company are always to develop.

So, today is this Club 20 event – what is its purpose? It was created to maximize the development of teams, of beginners. So that they generally understand what they are here for, what they want, and most importantly – to unlock their potential, which they did not even know about. I haven’t become a mentor on purpose. I just wanted to get knowledge. I have known the founders for 7 years. I have been watching them grow, and they watch me grow. And it was very important for me to understand how this event helps newcomers to grow, to advance in terms of new information. It was very interesting for me to come here and find out whether they will teach me something new, or do I already know everything? In fact, even in the first half of today’s training, I noted so many new things for myself that are really simple, but having realized them, you can interact in a different way and be useful to your team. I am very glad that today, I am taking this training as a student. I love to develop because I see how useful it is. This is really something new. This feeling of constant exhilaration does not allow you to sit still. Therefore, if you are a leader, and a leader is not the person who leads people, but the one people follow. It’s great to see that people are grateful to you. In short, all I can say is that Club 20 is awesome!

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